Slabbed Rapid Fire Segment: Lets start with a Dean Kelly update

Well folks, let’s just say things have gone from bad to worse for Team Kelly since my first post on this topic last week. To recap what has happened since then, Sheriff Guzman did confirm Kelly did get shitkicked at Parish Prison though he described a different set of circumstances than Team Kelly’s version of events. That said when inmates can let themselves out of their own cells it is clear Parish Prison could be confused with the jail in Maybury which means it is a good thing a new one eventually will be built.

Then on Friday we get word via the Times Picayune’s John Simerman that Kelly went to a court hearing on Friday to have his bail reduced so he could check out of OPP only to find the State has added another rape charge to go along with a child pornography charge. His newest alleged rape victim was 14 when at the time and folks something tells me it only gets worse from here. Simerman’s story was well written journalistically but the normally dull Joe Friday like style of genre was nicely enhanced here IMHO. As a bonus we also learn Slabbed’s old friend Michael Fawer is handling the defense for Team Kelly.

I suspect whatever chance Team Kelly has will be at the appellate level. I’ll keep an eye on this story due to back story and/or enhancement potential.


One thought on “Slabbed Rapid Fire Segment: Lets start with a Dean Kelly update”

  1. For what it is worth… anyone that is hands on… might want to follow-up some of the other venues that are not aware of Dean's (finally!) incarceration.

    As is stalking grounds were NY, Miami, Louisiana, Dallas, and L.A., … those areas should be looked into.

    I personally know that NY, Miami and LA were on the look-out for him to raise his head again.

    Anyone in Miami, follow this up: MBPD:
    Det Yvette Dominguez (sex crimes div.)
    305 673-7776 ext:5080

    In Beverly Hills (BHPD it was (can't remember!) I think a Detective 'Mitch'… something.

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