I’ve just been informed…..

That the newest chapter of the Slabbed Nation has been formed in Nova Scotia and those good folks are wanting to see a conclusion of some kind to our earlier posts on Trout Point Lodge and its connections to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal.  How can I deny our newest fans such a request? Simple I can’t.

Along those lines I was watching Dennis Woltering’s Sunday morning show on WWL TeeVee and man o man did the segment on Coastal Shoring have some old friends of Slabbed in it from State Senator Julie Quinn, who was looking particularly hot in her mini skirt, to Danny Abel who evidently represents Coastal Shoring. That case may be worth following on PACER given the circumstances.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Name Type City Status
    COASTAL SHORING, L.L.C. Limited Liability Company METAIRIE Active

    Previous Names
    2 K CONSTRUCTION, L.L.C. (Changed: 10/13/2009)
    Business: COASTAL SHORING, L.L.C.
    Charter Number: 36192601 K
    Registration Date: 5/25/2006
    Domicile Address
    2313 N. HULLEN ST.
    METAIRIE, LA 70001
    Mailing Address
    2313 N. HULLEN ST.
    METAIRIE, LA 70001
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
    File Date: 5/25/2006
    Last Report Filed: 6/9/2011
    Type: Limited Liability Company

    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: MICHAEL A. TUSA
    Address 1: 2313 N. HULLEN ST.
    City, State, Zip: METAIRIE, LA 70001
    Appointment Date: 4/20/2011

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: Manager, Member
    Address 1: 100 ARNOULT ROAD
    City, State, Zip: JEFFERSON, LA 70121
    Title: Member, Manager
    Address 1: 100 ARNOULT ROAD
    City, State, Zip: METAIRIE, LA 70121

    Amendments on File (4)
    Description Date
    Name Change 10/13/2009
    Domestic LLC Agent/Domicile Change 6/17/2010
    Domestic LLC Agent/Domicile Change 11/10/2010
    Domestic LLC Agent/Domicile Change 4/20/2011

  2. Yes, Quinn’s contributors’ list reads like a who’s who of the usual suspects…here is a sample:

    100 Arnoult Rd.
    Jefferson, LA 70121 12/16/2010 $1,000.00

    P.O. Box 697
    Harvey, LA 70059 12/16/2010 $500.00

    The River Birch $$$ is particularly disturbing considering the high profile of the Federal Investigation !

  3. “Sunday Edition: Elevation Consumer Protection

    by Lesley Simpson / Eyewitness News
    Posted on July 31, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    With the State of Louisiana handing out millions of dollars in hazard mitigation grants to elevate houses in low lying areas, questions arise as to whether there are any safeguards to protect the consumer.

    Recently, one Algiers couple's home was allegedly destroyed by a firm called Coastal Shoring, who told us it didn't know the house was not a candidate for elevation until it was too late, until crews excavated under the house.

    State Senator Julie Quinn sits down with Dennis to discuss an urgent need for consumer protection in the house elevation industry.” http://www.wwltv.com/news/consumer/Sunday-Edition

    I have watched the interview 4 times…

    You're right Sop…Quinn is hot…she is one leggy lying hot hypocrite…and having her head buried between Young's legs apparently isn’t enough to cure her cough during the interview with Woltering…

    That cough is a tell…

  4. Name Type City Status

    Charter Number: 40519853 N
    Registration Date: 5/26/2011
    Domicile Address
    100 ARNAULT
    JEFFERSON, LA 70121
    Mailing Address
    100 ARNAULT
    JEFFERSON, LA 70121
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
    File Date: 5/26/2011
    Last Report Filed: N/A
    Type: Non-Profit Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 100 ARNAULT
    City, State, Zip: JEFFERSON, LA 70121
    Appointment Date: 5/26/2011

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: Yes
    Title: Director, President
    Address 1: 100 ARNAULT
    City, State, Zip: JEFFERSON, LA 70121
    Title: Director
    Address 1: 100 ARNAULT
    City, State, Zip: JEFFERSON, LA 70121
    Officer: CARL MONVOISIN, JR.
    Title: Director
    Address 1: 100 ARNAULT
    City, State, Zip: JEFFERSON, LA 70121

    Amendments on File
    No Amendments on file

  5. One wonders if the Senatress might have an interest in a shoring company. Maybe one with all the "recommended" (air quotes just like Julie) stuff.

  6. Quinn… ubiquitous and tractable…character traits that define, and melds the templet of the politician…

    God help us…she’s probably going to be anointed to the La. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals…

  7. ‘…the legs made him lazy…’

    How could Dennis Woltering not have known about Julie Quinn’s connection with Coastal Shoring … which segues into Kershenstine and his shill non-profit, the Louisiana Association of Structural Movers…

    Professional Jounalism ? …what a disgraceful pretense !!!

  8. Julie, coughing usually results from inhalation of something that was in your mouth that you should have swallowed . Just sayin'

    Kershentine is infamous for his bar-e-que restaurant, his odor killing granules pyramid scheme and then post Katrina he and his son Adam aggressively drove the streets of Metairie looking for downed trees/limbs and then accosting and raping home onwers with their novice tree trimming prices. When that money maker dried up now they are experts in the elevation of homes. Right.

    They need to go back to elevating bar-e-que wings where they can do the least damage to the consuming public.

  9. Julie … just in case you want to know who wrote the check to you for your campaign…

    “Fazzio, who is River Birch's chief financial officer and runs two construction firms, allegedly created phony invoices for services never provided and sent them to Garner Services, which paid the bills, according to the indictment.”

    River Birch landfill financial officer due in court to respond to money laundering charges
    Published: Thursday, August 04, 2011, 9:30 PM
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2011/08/river

  10. Hey Julie…I know you are a blond…but does that mean you’re blind too ?…

    This is your campaign contributor, Coastal Shoring, and how the scam works:

    “But Boutte is far more concerned about what happens next.

    “My house is basically destroyed and these people did it,” Boutte said. “And I think they should do something about it.”

    Coastal Shoring has returned to the state the $70,000 it has been provided to get the work started, but so far, it has refused to do what its own engineer recommended: demolish the house and rebuild it.

    “Somewhere in their system someone owes him a house that he can live in, that he can sell, that is equivalent to what he had before they started,” Gurtler said.

    Coastal Shoring declined our request for an interview on camera and did not answer a list of questions we sent them.

    Attorney Danny Abel did issue a statement, saying in part that Boutte's house had defects that "were not evident upon initial inspection” and “the house was structurally unsound as built, and (was) damaged before."

    He added that “Coastal did not cause the damage, therefore there is no claim."

    Man says company, paid to raise home, destroyed foundation
    Posted on July 28, 2011 at 10:28 PM
    Updated Friday, Jul 29 at 9:48 AM
    Dennis Woltering / Eyewitness News
    NEW ORLEANS — In its ads, Coastal Shoring promises to "raise your home to new standards." http://www.wwltv.com/video/yahoo-video/Man-says-c

  11. "Gate: Such sad irony in Coastal Shoring's oxymoronic motto – Raising Your House to New Standards- Ok , I believe it but I'm adding they're raising the standards to the lowest I've heard of considering they got $70,000 from the state mitigation fund to help destroy someone's domicile and leaving it in a jacked up state.

    Where the hell is their liability insurer's position in this consumer problem. I'm guessing when you are as big (ego) as they think they are maybe they are possibly self insured. It is even more foolish to think they can hire an arrogant attorney to erroneously state there's no existing tort involved in such an outrageous act.

    And your latest avatar is the best yet though I thought the solitary Rebel Yell bottle spoke volumes by itself. There's only one thing on this planet earth that smells worst than an old hot, well used diaper full of oozing crap and that's the entire present Jefferson Council.

    1. A typical package policy for a contractor that includes general liability does not include an endorsement that covers this type of situation Locke. That is why Coastal Shoring is using a trial lawyer in Abel to represent them. Take this to the bank, no insurer would hire him.

      If restitution is to be made it is coming out of Coastal Shoring's pocket and rightfully so I'll add.


  12. 4.19.11 TP:

    "House crushes worker to death in N.O. – Metairie man was elevating home

    A 32-year-old Metairie man died Monday after a house he and other workers were raising crushed part of his body.

    "The house penned him from the waist down," said John Gagliano, chief investigator for the Orleans Parish coroner's office, which will perform an autopsy Tuesday to determine the official cause of death.

    The apparent accident in eastern New Orleans occurred shortly before 1:21 p.m. He was extricated shortly after 3 p.m., according to the New Orleans Fire Department.

    "After a loud thump I peeked out of the window and saw workers running into the street, and then they ran back to help him," said a neighbor.

    Firefighters — about eight of them — used shovels to dig the man from underneath the one-story red-brick home at 8001 Mercier St.

    He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Capt. Edwin Holmes Jr. of the New Orleans Fire Department said two companies had workers at the site and it wasn't clear which on the Metairie man worked for.

    +++++++++++++++A sign in front of the house says work is being performed by Fusion Construction Inc. Workers who arrived later that evening to inspect the work said the shoring is being done by Coastal Shoring, a subcontractor.

    The dead man was caught under a front section of the house nearest Lake Pontchartrain. No one else was injured, Holmes said.

    No details about the cause of the accident were available Monday. New Orleans police and the city's Office of Safety and Permits are investigating the incident."

    ======= 7.24.11 TP:

    "Home-raising grants set off local gold rush – Houses may get shoddy foundations

    The state's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program languished for three long years, failing to help many Hurricane Katrina victims elevate and storm-proof their rebuilt homes.

    Then this year, Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration finally found the key to unlock some of the federally financed program's riches. It has paid more than $289 million to cover more than 6,300 mitigation jobs. That's a far cry from the nearly 50,000 applicants cleared by FEMA, but a significant boost for an effort that a year ago had paid out only about $10 million to fewer than 500 homeowners and was cited for poor management in 2010 by a recent legislative auditor's report.

    Much of the program's recent relative success stems from the state working more closely with elevation companies. Having already started the ball rolling by offering advances, it began issuing two-party grant checks to home elevation companies and homeowners, to make sure homeowners didn't sit on the money. It increased advance payments from 50 percent to 80 percent to give the contractors more cash upfront. It let the companies accept promissory notes from homeowners as a stand-in for Road Home grant money long since spent.

    The result has been a home elevation boom that's making a lot of aggressive, entrepreneurial contractors rich — but not without opening a whole new Pandora's box of problems for the state and for homeowners.

    Owing in great part to the state's 2008 announcement that it would use most of the program's $750 million for elevation work, a local elevation and shoring industry that numbered about 20 companies before Katrina suddenly has more than 665 companies — all accepting Hazard Mitigation payments for this specialized work, even though fewer than 30 of them own the jacking equipment necessary to do the job.

    State spokeswoman Christina Stephens declined to provide any data about how many jobs specific companies are working and how much federal money they've been paid, saying that the state's relationship is with the homeowners, not the contractors.

    But the state's Disaster Recovery Unit's relationship with contractors is undeniable. The agency just started an online contractor registry, and a policy change this month requires homeowners who want to change elevation companies to get their current contractor's signature on a state form.

    'Katrina foundations'

    Meanwhile, with no limits on which contractors can participate, more experienced companies say shoddy elevation work is becoming a major concern.

    Bret Crochet, an owner of Clesi Foundations, a 31-year-old company, calls the work by newer contractors "Katrina foundations."

    Instead of using thick piers and deep concrete foundations like most houses raised before the storm, these jobs are "designed to be built as fast and cheap as possible and presented to homeowners and inspectors as meeting industry standards," Crochet said.

    The state should have protected homeowners better, said David Torkanowsky of JCON, whose principal subcontractor, Davie Shoring, has been operating for 20 years and, along with Orleans Shoring, has the most contracts for Hazard Mitigation elevation jobs.

    "The program should have assessed contractor capabilities in advance," Torkanowsky said. "That was a huge, huge mistake in this program."

    Although there has been no official finding of fault in the case, one house being raised in eastern New Orleans as a part of the program collapsed on April 18 and killed one of the workers. The contract for the work was with Fusion Shoring, a division of a company called Fusion Construction that has been registered with the state for three years. +++++++++++++Fusion had hired a more experienced contractor, Coastal Shoring, to do at least some of the job.

    A foreman on the job, David Burnett, told WDSU-TV in April that no one would listen when he warned about structural problems with the job hours before the house shifted and fell — killing Alexander Cardona Figueroa, 33, of Metairie. Fusion Construction owner Judith Weatherly told the station at the time that Fusion and its subcontractor "followed proper and established safety procedures at all times in the shoring of this home."

    Weatherly told The Times-Picayune that she has been involved in construction for more than 30 years and employs the "highest standards of quality control" at Fusion.

    "No agency has advised us of any fault found with our engineering plan or in our safety procedures for this contract," she said.

    ++++++++++++Michael Tusa, a lawyer for Coastal Shoring , declined comment.

    One thing that worries Crochet is that many of the companies that formed recently to take advantage of all the federal aid are subsidiaries or divisions of other companies and can simply dissolve in a year or two. That way, if the foundations are poorly constructed, the homeowners won't have any recourse if the effects of settling earth and cracking piers and walls come to light. Most of the firms are offering lifetime or 30-year warranties on their work, but the guarantees aren't good if the entity offering it soon disbands, Crochet said.

    Unscrupulous behavior

    And the quality of the work aside, state officials have also had to crack down on a rash of unscrupulous behavior by contractors.

    Gregg Huskey, the owner of Celebrity Contractors, was arrested earlier this month in Jefferson Parish for allegedly taking payment for an elevation job and never doing the work, and the Sheriff's Office has been inundated with complaints by other homeowners who hired Celebrity under the Hazard Mitigation program.

    Huskey and a consultant, Ricky Davis, who cannot be a contractor because he's a convicted felon, are out on bond. Huskey said delays are part of the program and state officials are targeting his company because he's black, while letting larger, white-owned companies sit on advance payments just as long.

    New rules for grant advances

    The state's Disaster Recovery Unit also just unveiled a new policy telling contractors that they won't get any more advance payments if they fail to finish more than half of their elevation projects within six months of the homeowner receiving an advance. Stephens said the state is about to freeze advances for 139 of the 809 contractors handling elevation and other Hazard Mitigation projects because they have completed fewer than 25 percent of their jobs on time. Another 74 firms will be getting letters warning them that they are not meeting the deadlines.

    It also took until this month for the state to change the grant covenants to state that the financed work must be in compliance with international building code standards.

    Promissory notes, promises

    Another change to the covenants seeks to address what Stephens said are potentially fraudulent acts by contractors: improperly promising to forgive a homeowner's obligation to use their previous Road Home elevation funds to pay for the work; offering to tack on freebies such as cash back, decks, porches, flat-screen televisions and vacations; and seeking business via ads that make erroneous or misleading statements about the Hazard Mitigation program.

    The first issue stems from Road Home elevation grants of up to $30,000 that all of the Hazard Mitigation applicants received years ago. That money wasn't nearly enough to lift a typical slab home. The Hazard Mitigation program was designed to fix all that. It's only for Road Home grant recipients, intended specifically as a supplement. But because it took so long for the current program to pay, few homeowners saved their original $30,000 for what it was intended. A 2010 audit by the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the source of the Road Home funds, found that less than 20 percent of a sample of Road Home elevation grantees had even begun to elevate.

    By rule, the Hazard Mitigation program will cover only the elevation costs that exceed Road Home grant funds. To help address that issue, the state allowed contractors to bill clients for that $30,000 portion separately using promissory notes. That has helped lower-income homeowners ink deals they wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford. But it also raises big questions about whether the promissory notes are enforceable and whether they'll ever be paid.

    Stephens said the state is concerned about reports that some contractors are roping in clients with upfront offers to forgive the promissory notes, essentially giving homeowners a free pass to misuse federal funds. The state has warned contractors not to give any more inducements or freebies that could jeopardize the homeowner's grant. Cajun Elevation and Shoring, a Metairie firm that registered with the state just two months ago, has had to stop offering free cruises. It was running a television ad showing a cruise ship and three cruise tickets marked "free" as the voiceover blared: "Sign up now and Cajun Elevation and Shoring can send you on a cruise while we elevate your home for free. Aiyeeee!"

    Cajun Elevation owner Praveen Kailas said he'd removed the ad from the company's website. But he said he never meant the perk to run afoul of grant rules.

    "We had offered the cruise to homeowners utilizing the relocation expenses allowed under the HMGP," he said. "Homeowners must vacate their homes for a few days as per standard safety procedures during the home elevation process. By working with the cruise company, we thought we could offer the cruise as a comparable expense to a hotel stay. However, we stopped the cruise relocation as to eliminate any confusion regarding this issue. We have not sent any homeowners on a cruise and cannot plan to do so."

    Stephens said the state has referred three other advertisements to the attorney general for investigation. One was a glossy Internet video by Elevation Masters, a New Orleans firm that has been registered as a corporation with the state for six months. It opens with this tantalizing voiceover: "If you spent the 30, don't worry … call the Masters." The ad appears on the company's website and Facebook page. Messages left with Elevation Masters and owner Terrence Mitchell were not returned.

    Another ad referred to the attorney general appeared twice in The Times-Picayune this month. It says that people who have been denied for elevation grants or who have never applied are "still eligible to fill out this form" to something called the "HMGP Home Elevation Call Center." Stephens said those people are not actually eligible for grants and said the name of the call center suggests falsely that it's part of the state program. Messages left at the call center last week were not returned. The newspaper's advertising department would not provide further information about who purchased the ad."


  13. Aaron Bennett … Aaron Broussard … what’s the difference … and really think about it : WHAT REPUTABLE COMPANY would hire Aaron Broussard for their attorney unless it is to buy some perceived political clout run the inside in obtaining business …

    Can we all say BENETECH !!!

    Broussard and the Kershentine brothers are as brazen as Bennett himself … and hopefully will go to jail along with Bennett in quick suit …


    “ … In an ironic twist, Coastal has hired former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard as a lawyer and Tom Rodrigue, the parish's former floodplain manager, as a consultant. Many residents blamed Broussard for Hurricane Katrina flooding that happened after he sent home pump station operators.

    "The guy who let the parish flood after Katrina ends up working for Coastal to make money off the flooding," said Jay Warner, a former Coastal sales manager and one of the ex-employees Coastal accuses of stealing customers.

    Coastal has pursued federally financed lift jobs under Jefferson Parish's Severe Repetitive Loss program, which Rodrigue oversaw from 2000 through the end of 2010. State law prohibits a former parish official, within two years of leaving his post, from helping a private company collect public funds he controlled. Rodrigue said he works part-time for Coastal and has been sure to not solicit any contracts or attend any Jefferson Parish contractor outreach hearings to avoid the perception of impropriety. He said he helps Coastal's grant specialists understand program regulations "so they can give homeowners the best possible information.

    "It's all procedures," he said. "I'm not a salesman and have not solicited any homeowners, especially in Jefferson Parish."

    Asked if he provided Coastal with any information about which properties qualify for the parish grants, Rodrigue said the amount of information was simply too vast for him to have provided his employer with any special advantage. "With the hundreds of properties I dealt with, I'd have to be Houdini to remember all of that," he said.

    Coastal also acknowledges hiring a member of the State Licensing Board for Contractors, Donald Lambert, as a consultant last year. After Coastal received cease-and-desist orders because it did not have a residential contractor's license, the board granted Coastal the license last September and waived the requirement to pass an examination first. Lambert abstained from the vote. … “

    Home-elevation contractors jack up competition
    Published: Thursday, October 13, 2011, 10:15 PM
    By David Hammer, The Times-Picayune http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2011/10/ho

    The Feds have got to be all over this don't you think ???

    Was it Aaron Broussard that Aaron Bennett made "contact" with to get those contracts in Jefferson Parish … and why aren't the JP contracts referenced in the media when doing their run down on Bennett ???

  14. There were a couple of T-P stories about Aaron Bennett paying some of Ricky Davis's legal fees, and hoping to take over at least part of his stake in the elevations game.

    Pray God (and the Feds) will protect those poor homeowners who are being harmed by dishonest builders and people my grandmother would have called "slick operators."

    Quinn does have nice legs.

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