I’ve just been informed…..

That the newest chapter of the Slabbed Nation has been formed in Nova Scotia and those good folks are wanting to see a conclusion of some kind to our earlier posts on Trout Point Lodge and its connections to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal.  How can I deny our newest fans such a request? Simple I can’t.

Along those lines I was watching Dennis Woltering’s Sunday morning show on WWL TeeVee and man o man did the segment on Coastal Shoring have some old friends of Slabbed in it from State Senator Julie Quinn, who was looking particularly hot in her mini skirt, to Danny Abel who evidently represents Coastal Shoring. That case may be worth following on PACER given the circumstances.

Stay tuned.


The new winner of the Slabbed cock shot of the week belongs to a church assistant in Jackson County.

That’s right folks, Jimmy Ray Pratt Jr. of Pascagoula is this week’s winner of Slabbed’s cock shot of the week replacing “Audrey” the Weiner. Besides sending the incriminating photo to a 17 year old, Pratt is also charged with touching the children kinda like Grand Isle’s own Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin. I can’t help but think about the interesting things the folks at large photo labs used to see back in the olden days before digital photography. Whew…..


From the two dogs fighting over the same piece of meat files….

I present today’s column by James Gill, which I found curious.  While Sir James stops well short of outright extolling the virtues of blind Judge Frank Marullo, the fact that brown paper bags have always been part of the local prostitution scene leaves me wondering why anyone is worried about the cost of room and board at parish prison for 30 street whores when the associated graft is likely staggering by comparison.

Back in the day whenever someone new took over vice at NOPD all the clubs would be raided so the proprietors understood who they needed to pay.  I wonder if something like that is in play here beyond the fine and forfeits.  All this is a fancy way of saying my instincts tell me there is a back story here worth knowing.


The Times Picayune becomes hip to why legal conflicts of interest are not in the public’s interest.

And they even wrote an editorial yesterday to prove it.  Here at Slabbed we’ve been hip to that concept for quite some time most recently in the case of BP using a middle man to purchase certain Louisiana politicians such as Bobby Jindal, Mary Landrieu and such.  I bet USA v St Pierre left an impression with the folks at the T-P as well as ol’ Marky Mark used Jackson based lawyer Danny Drake to do some of his dirty work. Welcome aboard guys.  😉