The irresistible force meets the immovable object as coastal Honey Badger goes on the PR offensive.

I’ve been following the legal travails of alleged rapist and former model Dean Kelly from afar and the closest analogy that I can find to describe Team Kelly is Dambala’s Honey Badger as Kelly’s iron willed parents continued their fight to free their boy from Parish Prison Friday via Fox 8 where he was remanded after his probation was revoked back in March.

Now the new story line per his Mom is that Dean is a social media addict and that he never threatened the multitude of women at Tulane that came forward with the harassment allegations against him and I’m assuming ostensibly never raped the 2 girls that are at the root of his larger legal problems.  They are a very cyber savvy group as the astroturfing in comments to the T-P reporting and this TMZ report on Kelly’s rape arrest attests.  On the other hand are a legion of pissed off Tulane students along with the alleged rape victims.  Feelings on the subject are quite strong as witnessed by the Facebook page and blog dedicated to seeing Kelly incarcerated for a very long stretch of time.  The conflict is tailor-made for the TeeVee news in particular and public interest sufficient for the T-P to devote an entire photo gallery to the courtroom theatrics in NOLA back in March.

Far more intriguing IMHO is the fact there is a major back story at play here that has thus far not surfaced anywhere in the media that in my mind explains Dean’s problems with sex as well as those of his notorious step brother Joe, who’s sexual exploits were well talked about in pre Katrina Bay St Louis. I’d submit those problems stem from their upbringing in the family business, which prior to Hurricane Katrina was owing the coast’s most notorious whore house in the Tivoli Hotel in Biloxi.  IMHO that type of life experience just does not lend itself to fostering positive relationships with members of the fairer sex and I think it is born out by the wreckage left by step brother Joe in Bay St Louis and now the well documented problems Dean has forging constructive relationships with women. A lifetime of no consequences actually sometimes results in them as this recent case involving a politically connected yet still convicted rapist illustrates (link broken).

I’m not looking to cheerlead a lynch mob which appears not to need any help from a publicity standpoint, but I also do not think the Team Kelly theatrics help son Dean’s cause. Parish prison is no picnic folks and the Sheriff needs to insure all the inmates are kept safe, especially those in protective custody. That said, with the rape trial slated for next month I’m certain it will have all the elements that will insure it remains in the public eye until a verdict is rendered.


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  1. I grew up with Dean Kelly and my family knew his crazy family very well. I don't know if you have been told how accurate your summation of Dean's upbringing. He and his brother and sister ran wild on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. During their high school years, the three of them actually lived on their own in one of the many homes that their father owned (his money comes from property). It was Animal House on the bayou. They had a maid to keep the place clean, but otherwise it was a keg party 7 days of the week.

    The fact that Jerry Kelly and his brood have stayed out of prison for so long is all the proof that we need that in Mississippi the wealthy and the connected make their own law.

    1. I too well remember the Kellys from back in the day though I'm most familiar with Deans older brothers.

      From all appearances Dean's past adventures are coming back to haunt him in spades.


  2. The whole family is still an entitled, privelaged brood in New Orleans & Miss, due to parents enabling the “above the law” behavior. They bribe tax assessors office every year to keep their taxes and property values far below reality. And every male in family has issues with women.

  3. sop You obviously don’t know that family very well and have formed your opinions from what the corrupt N.O. media is telling you.

  4. Doug, who is the sick person who authored that piece from the Slidell Sentry. I’ve not paid much attention to this story until today. Obviously, that particular piece mentioning a politically connected who is still convicted caught my eye. God Bless all of these victims.

  5. I came across this site after looking up the tivoli hotel today showing a friend the historical hotels that once stood on our beach . Took a tour of the new White House hotel today and the tivoli came up in a conversation . Brought back memories of the son Jerry Kelly jr. I remember him so well !! We would hang out at the hotel in the ball room around 2:00 am with our own liquor ! He had free roam of the hotel! The fun we had !! Jerry was very good looking and fun to be with !! Haven’t seen him in thirty years ! I grew up went off to college a little late (24) but better late than never .i live in Canada with my husband and we both practice law . It was nice visiting here but sad to see the coast not the same !!

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