7 thoughts on “Ashton O’Dwyer in his own words as Slabbed presents Conspiracy and Betrayal Part II.”

  1. To remove a U.S. citizen from peaceable habitation of his home without reason or warrant, to jail and torture him in a cage not befitting even the terrorists in Cuba.and to suspend his professional license without due process are all constitutional crimes Ms Kitty Kumball and you should be imprisoned and tried as a co-conspirator for said high crimes.

    Yet you Kitty Kumball, Ms Chief Supreme Justice Asshole, thinks its your Supreme duty to go out of your way to meet and marry EWE, another Supreme asshole convicted felon.

    What about restoring EWE's law license , is that next on your Supreme abomination bucket list.

  2. Ashton, I believe your unfortunate experience(s) is not the canard many want to believe, but a conundrum laid bear by the facts.

    Yes, a rapacious political dilemma,“… a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma …" (This phrase was originally coined by Winston Churchill, commenting on upcoming elections in Russia; Winston Churchill's famous quip about Russia itself – a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. It's a platform shrouded, the cynics chime in, by a brutal military campaign in Chechnya that has claimed thousands of lives and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.)

    And I suggest that the siege of illegal conduct by Government Officials, both State and Federal, upon the person of Ashton O’Dwyer is similar to the totalitarian tactics that define the evils of Russian politics we so readily disdain !!! A brutal domestic Governmental assault akin to a military campaign under the fallacious guise of National Security that has decimated the constitutional rights of hundreds of thousands of US citizens…

    Ashton O’Dwyer was and continues to be a victim of a callous and unconstitutional criminal conspiracy by and of those who committed such heinous acts to his person, physically and mentally; those who have joined to pervert the Justice System of both the State of Louisiana and the United States, so as to deny him redress for these most reprehensible wrongs inflicted by the very same Government Officials sworn to uphold the law.

    This strident ‘draconian’ cover-up by State and Federal Officials is the antithesis of our very core belief in those constitutional rights that are ours; and the dignity and respect that we as human beings are deserving of from our public officials.

    All of the Public Officials and individuals who have conspired in this most despicable criminal conduct thrusted upon Ashton O’Dwyer should not only be considered as an anathema to our very sense of common decency, but brought to a guillotine for justice to be done !!!

    “…vers le bas avec la tyrannie…”

  3. What is more amazing than the FACT that this actually happened is the disappointing fact that no level of government, state or federal, has done anything about it. In fact, they have attempted to muzzle AROD via criminal prosecution. He has been shut down in all directions to a now near corner. It is amazing, frustrating, and frightening. So, they are finally prosecuting the Danzinger Bridge, just prosecuted the Glover case, etc . . . yes, it takes a while, obviously. But, is there hope for prosecution in the AROD matter against those who abducted and tortured him. Not likely. After all, he is neither black nor dead. Yes, I said it. In the pursuit of justice and frustrated . . . .

  4. Hitler was rejected by the voters yet was made Chancellor of Germany a few short months later by the very elected officials to whom the voters gave their votes. He was the wrong messenger but everyone loved his message. As time evidenced the Sheeple kept looking the other way, grateful it was not them being grabbed by the Blackshirts in the middle of the night.
    Oh , those Goldfeins! no one liked them: they were Jews, or black or crazy or pick-your-poison….we're not like them….we have nothing to fear from the Nazis…just don't make eye contact with anyone, keep to yourself. Or conversely for some it was the opportunity to collaborate and 'cash in on' the DEAL.
    So to all those UPTOWN HIGHBROW LAWYERS AND POLITICIANS a question: Will you be the next Ashton? Is your law firm feeling the economic heat and looking to dump the heavies? Do you see the younger lions licking their chops and salivating as you drag in after a tough day in the trenches? Or are they glaring at you as they drag in after a tough day in the trenches to see you sipping 100 year old whiskey and cavorting with the help?

    Ashton may have been the first, but I predict he will not be the last.

    Surveillez votre dos.

  5. WTF…This is just plain WIERD… AND HYPOCRITICAL…

    ‘Bizarro’ Letten writing a piece about diversity and assimilation couched in figurative constitutional warranties for all…

    Letten’s focus is on the Muslim Community…as to where or why I have no idea:

    “…That is not to say that we need not remain ever more vigilant by fiercely, courageously and intelligently defending this great nation. It does mean, however, that our uniquely American way of life and our freedoms must be preserved as well — intact and for all who lawfully and in good faith embrace it and seek its protection and freedoms.”

    and then this personal projection of a duty sworn obligation:

    “…To deny this truth would be not only unfair to the people who embrace the liberties of this great country but would perversely give a victory to those whose primary goal is to destroy our way of life. Equality and civil liberties for all citizens must never become a casualty of terrorism.”

    Embracing the diversity of our nation: U.S. Attorney Jim Letten
    Published: Sunday, July 31, 2011, 7:46 AM
    By Contributing Op-Ed columnist http://www.nola.com/opinions/index.ssf/2011/07/em

    WEIRD, in that there is no context of these concerns as it relates to this metropolitan area…a community that is being and has been devastated by the corruption of it’s own native citizens…and this is particularly true in Jefferson Parish where Letten’s white homeboys continue to subvert the principles of law and order to satisfy their greed for political power and the public’s money…no telling what he might allow the Muslim Community to get away with after reading this article !!!

    HYPOCRITICAL, in the way that Letten has conspired with other State and Federal Officials to deny Ashton O’Dwyer, who, in seeking the protection of our laws, has steadfastly been denied the equality of standing to defend his civil rights…a political criminal conspiracy to cover up the illegal actions of all parties, official and in their individual capacity…establishing Ashton O’Dwyer as a legitimate victim of domestic terrorism …euphemistically labeled Homeland Security !!!

    Obviously Letten has chosen to put his head in the sand along with his new found friends…

  6. Ok how about a few scenarios:
    1. Letten has converted to Muslim
    2. Letten's child(ren) has/have converted to Muslim
    3. Letten's wife converted to Muslim
    4. Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff ( married to DA WEINER) is Muslim and Letten wants a post in the US State Dept and thinks his refusal to go after David Vitter plays well with the Stand By Your Man crowd
    5. Letten's been approached by the Muslim community with a deal ( deals) he cannot refuse
    and thinks this is his big opportunity
    6. Letten is nuts.

    Any other ideas?

  7. Just listened to the live WWL radio feed of the Danzinger bridge verdict with all civil rights charges upheld relative to all defendants.

    But the real shocker was to listen to the words of Letten who said ' the Katrina aftermath was no excuse for law enforcement to deprive citizens of their civil rights'.

    AROD, I hope you were able to record those infamous words from his spontaneous address which pretty much indicts the state police officers who deprived you of your civil rights.

    Oops, i forgot about reverse racial discrimination and selective prosecution.

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