Even a pedophile doesn’t enjoy this kind of ball squeeze: A molestin’ Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin update.

Grand Isle’s favorite perverted geezer has problems beyond his upcoming criminal retrial for molesting a 5-year-old boy because the problems associated with the inside fix Euris Dubois at the Grand Isle PD tried to put in on Dantin’s behalf is coming into much sharper focus. You see folks Dantin confessed to his crimes in front of Dubois and step son David Carmadelle last year but Dubois’ story that the department’s tape recorder did not work and that his secretary is functionally illiterate thus unable to take notes keeps getting curiousier and curiousier. I personally can’t wait to hear why Mayor Carmadelle fell out that day requiring an ambulance but that factoid will come another day while we visit with Paul Purpura’s Times Picayune story on Judge Zainey allowing the suit to continue as Team Dantin’s lost a big round of procedural motions in the related civil suit against Dantin, Dubois, Carmadelle and the Town of Grand Isle.

Our own Patricia has been questioning the wisdom of parents taking children to Grand Isle in light of the events that have thus far unfolded in the Dantin saga and the one involving Dantin’s buddy Patrick Walsh who also appears to like his sex very young.  If it was me I’d keep my kids close on Grand Isle because it is also clear you can’t trust law enforcement on Grand Isle to do anything other than botch the investigation, as it strongly appears they purposely did in the case of Mayor Caramdelle’s step dad.

Caveat Emptor.


26 thoughts on “Even a pedophile doesn’t enjoy this kind of ball squeeze: A molestin’ Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin update.”

  1. BRING the BABIES !
    On the stern of one vessel, a nude woman performed a sex act upon another in full view of the crowd. Seemingly oblivious, a group of about seven middle-aged women began doing the Cupid Shuffle on the marina balcony. Cajun music sung in French wafted toward the marine from somewhere in a parking lot while a classic rock beat boomed on the dock. Uniformed police officers performing security details watched from a distance but no one asked them to intervene.

    There were plenty of cellphones with video and still cameras, and some of the wilder aspects of the rodeo are making their way to YouTube and other Internet sites.


  2. Patricia, think we could get a silk screen done on that spread eagle shot for next year’s Grand Isle poster.Could also screen some hairy T’s for all the JP councilmen to wear to their pre-party council meeting.

    Decadence Week/Rev.Storm and The Nude Bicycle Race eat your family outing hearts out.

    You know, kinda’ looked like Dr.Magoo’s big boat with his infamous outdoor gynecological stirrups. Just sayin’

  3. I think that video conclusively proves the Tarpon Rodeo is NOT a family type of event. That the Jefferson Parish taxpayers would subsidize such debauchery is beyond obscene.


  4. That is not the only thing thats happens on grand Isle.how do he Buy all the Property and tractor ,four wheelers Etc on the Chiefs pay why he was not Investedgated by the Metropolatin Crime Commis

  5. Probably the same way he was able to take several weeks off, and run his boats, etc. He was paid a big by BP for the use of his boat. Btw, before you speculate, no he was not on “vacation”, while ignoring his duties. Just a typical day in GI. Supposedly that is why he is not seeking re-election, HE made so much off of BP. Go figure.

  6. Taxpayers should be ENRAGED that their money pays for PSA’s by City & LAW ENFORCEMENT Officials (Sheriffs NEWELL NORMAND & GREG CHAMPAGNE), who lure families into a DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENT! Famous for public sex acts, bused-in prostitutes & drunken debauchery, this event is a disgusting display of PERVERSION, as is the audacity of THOSE WHO PROFESS to PROTECT the PUBLIC, yet misrepresent this DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY as a FAMILY EVENT!



    MICHELE BRANIGAN Wins Tarpon Rodeo Competition ~ MILF FISH QUEEN ~ Photos at 11!

  7. More Evidence that Higher Education is Highly Overrated ~ LSU Blog

    There is an old camp on GI named the “Riptide” that once belonged to Carlos Marcellos. I stayed there a few times and often wondered what was hidden in the walls and better yet, what the walls would have to say if they could talk……………..

    ow yeah claude rome….the owner of romes lounge. all the old people around the island said its true. back then it was easy to murder some one and get away with it. b/c the mafia controlled alot of what went on down here. grand isle was used to import drugs into louisiana. it still is a mjor port for drug trafficing. every year at least once or twice bails of weed or bricks off coke wash up on the beach b/c of drug boats hiting sand bars and sinking. we are use to seeing fbi here all the time also. a guy i went to high school with just had his 90 something foot shrimp boat seized b/c he was importing drugs and money to mexico. this just happened about a month ago. dude the shite that goes on here is just unbelieaveable.


  8. Ya know: I don’t give a rat’s ass if those fools want to spend THEIR money on SEX, DRUGS AND BOOZE.
    I am mad as hell if any of the taxpayer’s money is spent to subsidize it.
    Oh and the title of that movie SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPES…y’all might want to take that as a warning shot across the bow of the Oldest Professional Rodeo.

  9. Also, why doesn’t someone ask who is paying for Dantin’s atty, and who is paying for the Neilson Law Firm, who is representing the Mayor & Chief. Guess who is footing those bills???

  10. I think of Grand Isle as a dirty water, brown sand beach which only stupid low life natives travel to because the real pretty water and beaches are the same 3 – 4 hours travel time but east instead of south..

    I would encourage the Decadence Festival and Nude Bicycle Race work with Sissy Roberts so that all the debauchery could happen on one weekend and pray the Lord open the bowels of hell and consume the entire Grand, political shit hole Island including Sissy engineering his mini -me locomotive along with his antique firetruck and parade floats in tow.

  11. It’s SO funny….I didn’t even have to EDIT these…On this particular “dress-up” night…AB…was consistently photographed with that saber pointed at sissy crissy!…& Mayor Moron even had a special “swashbuckler cup” made to hold his libations!…A photo of carmadelle WITHOUT a drink in hand….IS RARE!

  12. I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again…something’s not right with this relationship between Aaron and mini-me…

    It reminds me of the classic video news clip of Clinton pressing Monica’s hands (she was in that black dress) … her eye contact with Clinton told us all we were to learn later…

    Aaron’s son, Troy, sells a minority interest to Roberts in his rag publications…Aaron backs a fundraiser for Roberts in Kenner that raises $50,000…Aaron walks mini-me around to his money backers on the Eastbank for $$$…

    Hmmm…it must have been the costumes…or maybe the shades !!!

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