OK folks I’ll come clean


I have several bottles of my favorite liquor and an extensive date with the hot tub on tap for the next few days as Slabbed once again spends part of the summer in the mountains.

I’ll be posting some too so stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “OK folks I’ll come clean”

    1. Many thanks for all the well wishes plus we get the treat of having Lileth the Apologist post with us for the first time. Neat.

      I am in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Next week I’ll write a travel post as the area is both super nice and a bargain plus is over 2 hours closer than Gatlinburg.


  1. For fun or general interest:

    I have recently become of a general old fashioned Mississippi throw down.

    Put down yer cherry limeaides boys, Starkville has declared itself “Mississippi’s College Town.”

    Anybody in particular have a problem with that?

    “You threw Johnny Cash in jail. You think

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