The Joe Stagni sexting investigation reveals the name of Stagni’s weiner isn’t Johnson….

Folks no matter who is sourcing the continuing press accounts of Kenner City Councilman Joe Stagni’s proclivities toward sexting, the details keep getting worser and worser for Team Stagni who is considered a reformer in the snake pit that is Kenner City Government. Public interest in this Stagni trainwreck is intense as witnessed by the 71 comments and counting on our first post on the topic, which featured the WDSU scoop on the subject.

The latest report on the topic by the T-P’s Mary Sparacello, which features the statements (albeit second hand) of the former city employee that was the object of Stagni’s lustful desires, is frankly daming IMHO because if Stagni and former Kenner internal auditor Annamaria Pizzolato’s relationship was not consentual, then the local version of Weinergate has all sorts of new ramifications none of which are good for Stagni, especially now that we know his pecker is evidently a woman trapped in a man’s tubing.

Now Stagni was dumb for doing any of this and I’m fairly certain he’d agree with that statement in spades but he is a big boy that can take it.  I do feel bad for his wife and family as they are being victimized by his bad behavior for a second time.  As the pressure ratchets up for Stagni to resign I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention councilmate Michelle Branigan is guilty of some of the very same boorish behavior as Zelda’s new avatar indictates.

In any event these latest revelations are certain to keep the pot boiling over Kenner way.


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  1. I cannot find a trace of any writings attributed to Michele Branigan for The Times Picayune. Maybe she “embellished” her bio? …

    Also, huge efforts for fund raising ….
    I would LOVE to be proven wrong on this…–La–Various-fundraisers-over-next-few-weeks-will-aid-Katrina-victims

    Letten began investigating KENNER & Hurricane $$$$$$ in 2006?

    New hurricane fraud investigations are being opened “sometimes by the day,” said Jim Letten, the United States attorney in New Orleans.

    Additional investigations focus on everything from fake charities to identity theft to contractors behaving fraudulently to public corruption cases,” Mr. Letten said.

    Published: March 18, 2006
    KENNER, La.

  2. WTF?
    What’s all this talk about PUBLIC SAFETY, huh? %)

    Information on Car Donations to the Blind Kenner LA
    To donate cars to the blind, you simply select a relevant charity and make the donation. Under new tax rules, the charity will provide you a receipt when they pick up the car. The charity will then sell the car at an auction, essentially turning your old hunk of junk into money that can help the blind. Read on for details.

  3. Z, she was, starting in 1992.

    She came out of Chateau Estates, wrote a bunch of social fluff on the Kenner beat…

    …and then Louie Congemi pegged her to replace him.

    The truthiness of her bio was challenged at that time though:

    9.11.96 TP:

    “The gloves came off at Tuesday night’s forum for the Kenner City Council’s 4th District, when four candidates attacked front-runner Michele Branigan ‘s qualifications, experience and independence from City Hall.

    The five candidates are seeking the seat Louis Congemi vacated when he was elected mayor earlier this year. Branigan, who has received Congemi’s support, told the 130 people in the audience that she “chose to attack the issues” rather than the other candidates.

    But in a segment that allowed candidates to direct questions at one another, Branigan asked Maria DeFrancesch, who has touted her own political independence, about DeFrancesch’s contributions to and support from other political leaders.

    Branigan, a civic association leader, also called DeFrancesch hypocritical for implying that only Branigan’s candidacy would be undermined by political connections.

    DeFrancesch, an educator, said she has contributed to political campaigns in the past, mainly in the form of loans, but she has not received any endorsements or accepted any contributions.

    Branigan’s record overshadowed the usual issues – crime, drainage and controlled growth. Private investigator Howell “Howie” Farrell, civic association leader Mike Palamone and educator Chris Centanni also attended the forum, sponsored by the Chateau Estates Lakefront, Westwood/Holly Heights, and Cannes Brulee civic associations and Chateau Estates Civic Organization.

    Centanni asked Branigan how she could claim to be independent when she received large campaign donations from companies that do business with the city.

    “I do not expect to give anyone anything because they have given something to me,” she said. “If you expect something else, please do not write me another check.”

    But Centanni remained skeptical.

    “I haven’t met a politician in this state that hasn’t returned favors for campaign contributions,” he said.

    ++++++++++++And Farrell questioned her business experience and asked her to provide documentation that she owned and operated a small catering business from her home in the mid-1980s, as she has said.

    Branigan said her catering business was a professional service, and occupational licenses weren’t required for such businesses then. Farrell said catering didn’t fall under professional services and that there are no records to prove the business existed. “

  4. Let’s review:

    1. Kenner’s not releasing the investigative report/memo/file to PRR. How, why is that justifiable?

    2. Shocker – more news is revealed. Let’s guess, or bet, is Pizzolatta the only one… or not? See Weiner for one way this could play out.

    3. The TP reports this, very salacious. Front pager, Sunday paper. Yep.

    But the Laketown Fest itself? Who profits? Let’s guess – is it on Shane / Favrot or Krantz land or do their businesses do the selling? All subsidized and promoted by city dollars?

    And let’s guess again – who wants to bet that the Broussard & Pals Kenner Star gets City of Kenner $$$$$ for ad revenue from Laketown Fest, right?

    Right, TP let’s not delve into that. they have not even reported the Broussard ownership connection to the Star in the first place.

    4. The TP reports the kennerite pols all go to a “Laketown” sports bar after the Laketown festivities. Guess who owns the bar? A guy named Robbie or Rob Lawson. Why does that name sound familiar? Related to Jimmy Lawson, Art Lawson, and family? Gee what are the chances.

    But hey TP don’t look at that either.

    5. “Sources” are the root of this “report.” Walt said that the prior PRR response was hand delievered over to the TP. Gee it’s almost like a news feed here.

    6. This comes out after the citizens showed up for Stagni by a 90% margin.

    The Stagni report first came out before the TP report about Congemi campaign collusion in Kenner city hall.

    7. Stagni has a LOT of enemies in that asps’ nest;

    “Meanwhile, it costs Kenner $192,939 in the current fiscal year to cover the employees’ share of pension costs for ++++++++++ 33 people in the executive pay plan. Those ++++++++++++include 11 administrative department directors, seven assistant directors, two City Council clerks, six members of Muniz’s executive staff, the fire chief, four city attorneys and two council members.”

    Stagni led the way to KILL that program.

  5. Well, if there is a politician out there who means to change things, I expect this is the sort of manipulated media assault he/she would incur. “They” (the elected criminal syndicate) are unprincipled, uncouth & insatiable.
    There is NEVER ENOUGH ……
    MONEY aka POWER.
    NEVER does the PUBLIC get a RETURN for their INVESTMENT…
    The result is directly OPPOSITE to the EFFORT!
    Taxpayers really have NO choice.
    They can’t be trusted on ANY LEVEL…& THIS is one of the MOST UTILIZED SOURCES for diversion via INFIGHTING which EXISTS… Oh, well, ya’ll voted ’em in…SO YOU DESERVE IT!
    NO I DON’T BECAUSE I DON’T VOTE!…I mean …maybe if they served beer or had a decent stereo system…otherwise…IT’S TOO MUCH LIKE GOING TO COURT!
    (then there is the FOOTBALL mentality of democrats vs republicans.) ….
    Let us just PRETEND….that the numbers in an election are accurate,,,,
    STILL, the MAJORITY of the TAXPAYERS…Those who actually FINANCE this fiasco….HAVE NO VOICE in it.
    …From the qualification process to the reprobates who are ELECTED
    to the REDISTRICTING…& party designations….& MEDIA MANIPULATION…
    One of the most disturbing images burned in MY MIND…After the hurricane…is….POLITICAL SIGNS….
    Take a moment to imagine this…..

    TOO many of those flimsy funky campaign signs on 2 wire legs…
    Stuck in the ground the ALREADY LITTERED STREETS &
    bouncin’ along the common ground while
    the stench of rotten refrigerators (THAT SMELL)
    WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE……in the streets & the people scattered all over the country…the WORLD…SUFFERING…STARVING…



    The AUDACITY of making Stagni’s PHOTO…an ISSUE…is an INSULT to REALITY…

    HOWEVER, the photo of MICHELE BRANIGAN….on her knees with hair tucked behind ears …YOU KNOW THE DRILL, GIRL!….in a BAR (Bull’s Corner in LaPlace as most BUSINESSES WERE NOT OPERATIVE DUE TO THE STORM) in the MIDST of a NATURAL DISASTER…AN EMERGENCY SITUATION…..I


    I make this MY PERSONAL MISSION!


    PROVE THAT YOU ARE NOT A PIG, lest your the history you’ve created until now, SPEAK FOR YOU!

  7. Not to jump into the fray but, I don’t believe that Robbie Lawson (Laketown Grill) is in any way associated with the Lawson’s on the West Bank. In fact, I believe Robbie Lawson is from Missouri. The Laketown Grill is a popular spot in Kenner. In fact, this past Friday I was there to shoot a cover shot for the August issue of Inside Jefferson Parish Magazine. We’re doing a story on the best burgers in JP and they’ve sold over 200,000 at Laketown Grill.

    Also, Debra Miller Yenni is Mike Yenni’s cousin via marriage. As I’m sure you know, Mike Yenni changed his name to his mother’s maiden name when he was 19 or 20.

    Regarding the Laketown Fest, it was supposed to raise money for Kenner Recreation. I’m told (and I haven’t confirmed this) that the first Laketown Fest generated several hundred thousand dollars (I was told different figures ranging from $250k-425k) and the fest made a whopping $5,000 in profit that was donated to Kenner Rec for uniforms. For the record, I promoted the Laketown Fest on as a public service and did not ask or receive $.01 for advertising. We promote many events as a public service. We promote Family Gras and have never asked or received $.01 from the Parish.

  8. Walt, thanks for the clarification. I try to phrase questions as questions (though JP politics can make me a little sarcastic in the phrasing sometimes). Nothing wrong with a good sports & burger bar, I will patronize and check out the fare when I get a chance next.


    Who owns Laketown?

    Mr. Potter? At times Kenner looks a lot like Potterville.

    And what of the festival, where does that money *go*, exactly, Walt?

    The Villas at Laketown is a Shane development built on Marie and Bryan Krantz’s old Jefferson Downs property, right?

    And that’s right across from the Pothchartrain Center and that whole huge development north of Yenni Blvd (what with parking lots and the Treasure Chest casino, etc.).

    Who owned all that land once or who owns it now? It wasn’t the Krantzes was (is) it? Because they did have that almost equivalent giant parcel right next door and even to this day part of that swath is “Horseshoe Road.”

    Then there is Laketown Development Co, LLC, run by a Jody Glass, who also has one or more businesses with a guy named Thomas Capitano. Hey there was a mayor Phil Capitano, wasn’t there?

    In one place Laketown Fest is registered under City of Kenner at City Hall, but at another it is registered under:

    “Registered Name: KENNER FEST AT LAKETOWN
    P.O. BOX 916
    KENNER, LA 70063 ”

    So, is this a PUBLIC festival, or a private one?

    In other words, who gets the money and where does it go?

  9. Uhm, yeah.

    9.5.07 TP:

    “In advance of Laketown Fest, a nonprofit corporation, Kenner City Events, was created to raise money for Laketown and seek sponsors for Laketown Fest. The group of citizens and business leaders includes ++++Bryan Krantz, whose family, formerly owned the Fair Grounds race track and now owns the Gabriel subdivision, which is located near Laketown.”


    “Kenner master plan for Laketown released – Festival to start raising money

    Next month’s Laketown Festival will raise money to start improvements to the waterfront park in north Kenner, Mayor Ed Muniz announced Tuesday.

    “It’s going to be a big event,” Muniz said at a news conference in Laketown during which he unveiled the city’s master plan for Laketown.

    Laketown Fest, which will take place Oct. 27 and 28, will feature country and western performers Gretchen Wilson and Lonestar, ageless rockers Three Dog Night and Grand Funk Railroad, and a host of regional bands such as Cowboy Mouth, The Bucktown All Stars and Rockin’ Dopsie.

    Tickets for Laketown Fest will be available in advance or at the gate. The costs are $18 at the gate or $15 in advance for adults 17 to 64; $5 in advance or $7 at the gate for youngsters 6 to 16; $10 in advance or $12 at the gate for seniors 65 and older and free for children 5 and under.

    During the news conference, conceptual drawings of a fully developed Laketown Park were displayed. The Laketown master plan was developed by the city’s Planning and Zoning Department after more than 130 residents responded to an Internet survey asking for input, said Planning and Zoning Department Director Jay Hebert.

    “We’re looking at this as a 20-year master plan,” he said.

    Among the plans are an amphitheater, a skate park, a BMX track, a volleyball complex, a nature trail and environmental center, a spray garden, a swimming beach, a dog park, grass play areas and mixed-use developments, with office, retail and restaurant space.

    “This is our dream list,” Muniz said, adding that improvements to Laketown began years ago. The park at the end of Williams Boulevard just west of the Treasure Chest Casino remains mostly open green space, however.

    Hebert said the focal point of the plan is the amphitheater, modeled after one in Bakersfield, Calif., and located on land the city hopes to reclaim from the lake. It would be situated to provide audiences a good view of the lakefront but avoid glare from the sun.

    However, the plans are not set in stone. They will be reviewed by an architectural firm to determine cost, said Muniz’s chief administrative officer, Mike Yenni. Muniz said he hopes to get state and federal grants.

    In advance of Laketown Fest, a nonprofit corporation, Kenner City Events, was created to raise money for Laketown and seek sponsors for Laketown Fest. The group of citizens and business leaders includes Bryan Krantz, whose family, formerly owned the Fair Grounds race track and now owns the Gabriel subdivision, which is located near Laketown.

    Muniz said he hopes to get enough sponsors to pay for the festival’s expenses. He said local nonprofits, such as the Lions Club and booster clubs, will run booths and make a percentage of the profit.

    Sponsors named at the news conference were Omni Bank; Louis Armstrong International Airport; the Treasure Chest Casino; Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana; The Esplanade mall; Ramelli Waste; the Kenner Convention and Visitors Bureau; the Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau; SMG, which runs the Pontchartrain Center; Lamarque Ford; Coca-Cola; Budweiser; and Pelican Graphics.

    Kenner Councilman Ben Zahn eyed the artist’s drawings and renderings with approval at Tuesday’s news conference.

    “If we get what we envision here, it will be north Kenner’s focal point,” he said.

    Muniz mentioned that in addition to the master plan for Laketown, another is under way in Rivertown, which is at the southern end of Williams Boulevard, and one for the vacant land at West Esplanade Avenue and Williams Boulevard, formerly the site of the Redwood Apartments.

    “Keep your eyes on Kenner,” he said. ”


    The Krantzes. Who shared certain Canadian development interests with certain Kenner ex-mayor and JP president?

    Resulting Headline 4 years later: In other news a Kenner City councilman was caught engaging in bra-snapping shananigans with the CITY’S INTERNAL ***AUDITOR*** at a burger joint after Lakefest.

    Film at 10.

  10. And come to think of it, Mayor Ed Muniz also shared in those interests in the great white north didn’t he?

    Well never mind that, CFABK, let’s work on the important stuff.

  11. Yet another Canadian co-investor makes an appearance:

    Larry Stoulig: Laketown’s consultant.

    10.13.99 TP:


    A decade ago, Kenner’s lakefront was mostly a barren strip of silt and riprap. But with the recent groundbreaking for a new hotel and impending construction of what could be one of Jefferson Parish’s most expensive subdivisions, the area is quickly becoming a destination for people who want to get back to the lake.

    “We’d certainly like to see more people using Lake Pontchartrain, and we believe Laketown is one of the best places to do it,” said Carlton Dufrechou, executive director of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.

    Kenner’s lakefront is attracting more attention these days because it is one of the few places in East Jefferson with room left for development, said Wade Ragas, director of a real estate research center at the University of New Orleans.

    “It’s clearly investors saying, ‘We’re confident in the future of Jefferson Parish,'” Ragas said.

    The revitalization began in 1990 when the Pontchartrain Center opened. In 1994, +++++++++ then-Mayor Aaron Broussard dubbed the area Laketown , and the Treasure Chest Casino docked there beside the old Williams Boulevard boat launch. The boat launch was refurbished, and two years later, with money from the casino, Kenner turned the barren West Peninsula shoreline into a neatly landscaped jetty with playgrounds, picnic pavilions and a fishing pier.

    This past week, ground was broken for a 121-room, three-story Hilton Garden Inn hotel that will be built east of the Pontchartrain Center on land leased from the city. It took Kenner officials four years to get a hotel developer to agree to build in Laketown , and it took even longer for Jefferson Downs owner Marie Krantz to decide to build a gated community, Gabriel, at the site of the former racetrack.

    In addition to the hotel and the subdivision, Kenner is applying for federal permission to fill in 41 more acres of Lake Pontchartrain to expand its lakefront park. And city officials are scouting for investors to build a sports complex with in-line and ice skating and a swimming pool west of the Pontchartrain Center.

    The $9 million hotel will be finished next summer, said developer Bryan Dupepe Jr., and will be used by visitors to the casino and the Pontchartrain Center.

    “This is a wonderful opportunity for the development team, investors and most importantly the city of Kenner,” Dupepe said “This hotel is just going to make this area flourish.”

    Dupepe and his family own the Provincial Hotel in New Orleans and built the Fairfield Inn on 32nd Street in Kenner.

    The Pontchartrain Center, which has 90 percent occupancy on the weekends and 60 percent on the weekdays, has long needed a hotel to house those who come to town for weekend trade shows, General Manager Jeffrey Trahan said.

    “We have a lot of people who participate in our large consumer shows, such as craft shows, (who) have a need to spend the night or weekend here,” Trahan said.

    The hotel developers have a 45-year lease with the city, with a 25-year renewal option. According to the lease, the city receives the greater of $50,000 a year in rent or a portion of gross room revenue: 1.5. percent the first and second years, 2.75 percent the third and 4 percent each subsequent year. After the lease expires, Kenner would own the building. Based on projections, the city would receive at least $120,000 a year by the fourth year.

    Kenner sought a developer for a lakefront hotel for four years. In 1997, the city entered an agreement with a developer for an 180-room Sheraton Hotel, but that deal fell through. Mayor Louis Congemi said the main problem was finding a developer who would build a hotel without special commitments, such as special financing or tax breaks, from the city. That Dupepe and his investors wanted nothing from Kenner showed they were dedicated to the project, Congemi said.

    That same dedication is obvious in the developers of Gabriel, an upscale 219-home development that is planned for the old Jefferson Downs site, Congemi said.

    “Mrs. Krantz was willing to make an investment as a developer and as homeowner,” City Councilwoman Michele Branigan said. “She’s been great to the community.”

    The racetrack closed in 1992, but an off-track betting parlor remains there.

    Krantz wanted a development that wouldn’t clash with existing neighborhoods, said ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Lawrence Stoulig Jr., a consultant for the new development. She was approached with offers to buy the property from people who wanted to turn it into a theme park, water park and even a baseball stadium, but Krantz “never really embraced those type of developments,” Stoulig said.

    Neither did neighbors who often called City Council members after hearing rumors that the land was going to be turned into a theme park, Branigan said.

    “All anyone wanted to see was a residential development,” she said.

    A feasibility study determined an upscale subdivision was the best fit for the neighborhood, Stoulig said.

    The planned subdivision will have a mixture of residences, from “garden homes” on 7,000-square-foot lots to larger homes on lots of up to 24,000 square feet. Prices for the smaller lots will begin at $145,000, Stoulig said. Prices haven’t been set for the larger lots, he said.

    All of the homes will have to conform to an architectural “Caribbean-like” style, and the gated community will be heavily landscaped and have several parks and paths, he said.

    Although reservations for the lots are being taken, they won’t be sold until September, after the streets in the 90-acre development are built. The streets won’t be put in until the off-track betting parlor is relocated next spring. Then, the Jefferson Downs buildings will be torn down, Stoulig said. “

  12. I mean, Walt, seriously, Great Zeus standing on a toothpick…

    ….maybe if your “pro-reform” councilmen spent more time reading and requesting audits and less time chasing the auditors around desks the City of Kenner would not be Hoboken South.

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