Prepare for a ______ blast…..

The post title is an old basher throw away line with the worst of it self censored but I was reminded of it by two headlines I spied on Yahoo Finance this morning, namely:

  • Growth anemic, debt fight poses recession risk. ~ One word folks, the economy remains fugley.
  • Insiders Selling at Unusually Fast Pace. ~  One basic stock stat every owner must know and heed IMHO. I never cease to be amazed at the number of people who own stocks that have no clue what a Form 4 is about much less where to find them. On the other hand Josh Brown, @reformedbroker checked in early this month via the Wall Street Journal on how too much disclosure may actually foster reckless behavior. On the forums where I learned the craft of stock speculation the main thrust of our Charlie Brown Syndrome discussions centered on Lucy pulling the ball out every time to a predictable end but Josh’s column is excellent reading.

All this is a fancy way of saying that I am standing by my post of June 10th as the economic data revisions going back to the 2007-2009 recessions indicate clearly you can’t trust the early official economic data or Mike Hoss’ pronunciation of same while filling in for the Toolman.  😉

To fill in the blank above watch the this Youtube video which explains it pretty well.


A few quick random thoughts

If there is one idea that I’ve tried to carry with me every day since Katrina it is the notion of the true extent of the transitory nature of our existence. Now this notion could indeed be viewed as a bummer because everything is destined to end the only question is when. My reaction is to attempt to recognize the blessings we also receive each day and simply appreciate the people that matter most in everyday life. I mention this because I’ve been mostly away from the blog this week as I have to pull double duty in the day job as a member of the business family deals with  such a transition I spoke of above. We all get hit with such realities at points in time on the road of life and in a small shop the business family gets to share both the triumphs and the tragedies that way. One blessing I have is the fact that Slabbed has kept humming right along without me via the open thread among other recent posts kept stocked with material via our great commenters. Thanks to all.

That said there are a few things still happening in the world one of which is Mississippi’s Neshoba County Fair which is a favorite among the political class here in Mississippi, especially in an election year. I tuned into twitter yesterday finding out such great factoids such as no one really paid attention to what Commish Mike Chaney had to say in his speech, that Billy Hewes isn’t afraid to scapegoat welfare recipients and Mexicans to satisfy his lust for lite Gov and that his opponent Tate Reeves has become an expert in making Hewes look exactly like the fool he is. Twitter is a wonderful thing folks and I enjoyed seeing a diverse group of tweeple such as Patsy Brumfield, Alan Lange and Frank Corder covering the speeches.

We have a primary election next week in Mississippi and to the extent the local democrat party does not have a pulse 5 of the 8 statewide offices will be decided next Tuesday in the GOP primary. If you are bright enough to read Slabbed then you don’t need me telling you how to vote but I will disclose that I’ll be supporting Tate Reeves for Lite Gov because he is 1. Not a fluffer like Hewes, 2. Is not a Nationwide Agent representing Team Insurance like Hewes in the legislature and 3. Is clearly the better candidate. If you believe the polling Hewes is on his way to a first class ass kicking and that warms the cockles of my heart. Continue reading “A few quick random thoughts”

Even a pedophile doesn’t enjoy this kind of ball squeeze: A molestin’ Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin update.

Grand Isle’s favorite perverted geezer has problems beyond his upcoming criminal retrial for molesting a 5-year-old boy because the problems associated with the inside fix Euris Dubois at the Grand Isle PD tried to put in on Dantin’s behalf is coming into much sharper focus. You see folks Dantin confessed to his crimes in front of Dubois and step son David Carmadelle last year but Dubois’ story that the department’s tape recorder did not work and that his secretary is functionally illiterate thus unable to take notes keeps getting curiousier and curiousier. I personally can’t wait to hear why Mayor Carmadelle fell out that day requiring an ambulance but that factoid will come another day while we visit with Paul Purpura’s Times Picayune story on Judge Zainey allowing the suit to continue as Team Dantin’s lost a big round of procedural motions in the related civil suit against Dantin, Dubois, Carmadelle and the Town of Grand Isle.

Our own Patricia has been questioning the wisdom of parents taking children to Grand Isle in light of the events that have thus far unfolded in the Dantin saga and the one involving Dantin’s buddy Patrick Walsh who also appears to like his sex very young.  If it was me I’d keep my kids close on Grand Isle because it is also clear you can’t trust law enforcement on Grand Isle to do anything other than botch the investigation, as it strongly appears they purposely did in the case of Mayor Caramdelle’s step dad.

Caveat Emptor.


Since I’m sharing. I’m hearing rumors of another payroll fraud scandal in Jefferson Parish Government

Just throwing this out to tantalize the Slabbed Nation. The latest rumor may in fact reference earlier publicized cases such as those involving the paralegals and/or Debbie Villio/ Karen Parker.  I’m actively working to sort through the leads.

And yes Alyssa, sometimes in the search for the truth you publish partial leads. Thanks.


In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Getting ziggy with Zainey and Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams

That’s right folks as it is an openly discussed fact that Judge Jay Zainey has a blanket recusal in effect in cases involving Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams. Unlike Judge Feldman’s blanket recusal involving a former paramour, the reason behind this step down is very tightly held and despite my working this angle since January I have yet to ascertain the why. Maybe someone will shed some light on this in comments.


Accused murderer Jerry Manieri back in Mississippi, finding repose at Club Berk….

Slabbed commenters Robert and Jane may understand the post title, which I purposely made cryptic. The rest of y’all can read today’s Sun Herald story on the first court appearance of Jerry Manieri, who appears to headed to a date with a needle and gurney at Parchman. My only bit of heartburn is how publicly this whole deal is playing out down to being able to watch Manieri getting his mug shot at Waveland PD. That said it looks as if Manieri, a convicted sexual predator, will be attacking the victim as his defense as hinted at by Manieri’s lawyer in the Sun Herald article:

“It’s going to be borne out by the evidence that he did not do anything that an average reasonable person would not do and when the facts start coming out and you see and understand the real parameters of the context of what was going on … he’s going to be a much more sympathetic figure.”

Groover was suspended from his priestly duties earlier this year at the same church where Everitt was pastor in Hammond, La., after revelations Groover was arrested in a sex sting in Georgia in 2003.

It does not take anyone donning their Carnac the Magnificent hat to figure out where the defense will be going with this. Unfortunately Team Manieri will also have to explain how stealing Father Ed’s cash, car and heading to Disney with his family is a reasonable and that folks will be several bridges too far based on what we now know and that doesn’t count the fact that Manieri is a convicted perv who buggered a little girl.  Good thing she didn’t have any cash or a car huh.

Stay tuned folks. This one is headed straight into the gutter.


Friday Music: Dedicated to Rupert and the gang at Faux and Friends….

Folks I hear Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy are the two biggest knee bending Murdoch knob shiners in the whole of News Corp. As an added bonus we have this from the New York Times, British Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry into Murdoch Testimony. For my part it was easy to tell when the Murdoch’s were lying the other day as everytime they opened their mouths bullshit came out. I’m thinking incarceration may be the best answer here folks.


Turns out Miss Piggy is a BP Girl. A periodic gulf oil spill update

I’m a BP girl in the BP world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, pork me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

And of course our own Patricia has the editorial cartoon.

And the song dedicated to Miss Piggy…. Continue reading “Turns out Miss Piggy is a BP Girl. A periodic gulf oil spill update”