Local Weiner on display: Kenner City Councilman Joe Stagni impersonates Anthony Weiner. But do we have a Cockshot?

Kenner City Councilman Joe Stagni (H/T WDSU)

Channel 6 broke the story of Joe Stagni who evidently has a proclivity for doing the self-portrait thing a la Anthony Weiner. Now folks, if history is any guide there is likely a photo hanging about someplace in cyberspace of Mr Stagni freeing his willie.

This budding scandal has evidently attracted the local authorities who have launched a probe into Stagni, his picture and mistress. Stay tuned.


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  1. There might be more here.

    “Stagni did not specify the nature of the unrelated probe, but sources have told WDSU that both the FBI and Louisiana Attorney General’s Office were looking into a matter involving Kenner city government.”


    City O` Kenner was raided by the feds, right?

    Who was mayor then?


    Now who at Ch. 6 actually did this story? Was it Mackel? Isn’t he pasl with Cappella and Vince Marcello & pals? Or not? Anyway, would love to know but it does not show in the actual link there.

    Point being, where does this little release come from?

    Kenner is a snakepit.

    Stagni (I think) is lined up, or at least friendly to (as a pro reform kind of guy (relatively speaking for Kenner)) Walt Benneti and Citizens for a Better Kenner. Not sure if that’s true, but if it is `twould not be surprising if this were a vendetta blow from the darker forces (and Yenni of course is in there now and has also been buffetted by CFBK).

    Of course Michelle Branigan’s photos a few years ago never got this kind of pustch for resignation from the powers that be because of course she is a Broussard/Muniz/Yenni tool.

    This also falls into a sure to follow ‘they’re corrupt too’ meme.

  2. If you recall the emailstrom incident in New Orleans whereby certain councilmembers and a guy from the recovery office had their emails magically transferred to Tracie Washington (who happened to have her office in Ike Spears’ building on Elysian Fields) by virtue of a cooked public records request that went way around the normal channels…

    …and then this kind of thing has happened in Kenner before (“Congemi had been questioned by federal agents last summer as part of an investigation into whether Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni’s personal text messages were improperly provided to his opponents in the mayoral election last March. … Two employees in Kenner’s information technology department, including Congemi’s ex-wife, Danna Morris, resigned amid an FBI investigation into whether Yenni’s text messages were covertly downloaded via City Hall computer servers.”)


    … and also this where pictures of Councilwoman Michelle Branigan were leaked…


    “sources have told WDSU” – let’s guess, not someone in law enforcement?…

    “retrieved from an email sent in December 2009” – lots going on then…

    “Hacked”? – I don’t know, but leaked from inside Kenner/JP guv as a political ploy, yeah maybe.

  3. Kenner City Councilwoman Michele Branigan was served today with a federal grand jury subpoena for records related to Sean Alfortish, a former City Court magistrate who is president of the Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association. Councilwoman Jeannie Black was served Thursday.

    Michele Branigan
    The government has been investigating whether an election of officers to the association’s board was rigged and possible misuse of hurricane relief donations that were intended for race-horse owners.
    Black and Branigan said the subpoenas ask them to deliver records of campaign contributions from Alfortish, payments to him, business dealings with him and meals, entertainment or campaign work he provided.
    Branigan said she has served as Alfortish’s real estate broker but that he has never bought her anything other than

    ****a glass of iced tea*****

    “I have racked my brain. There’s really nothing I can think of.”
    Black received a $150 in-kind contribution from Alfortish but otherwise said she doesn’t think anything else on the subpoena is relevant to her.
    Black and Branigan said they are to appear before the grand jury Aug. 5.
    Kenner bans tea brewed from angel’s trumpet
    Kenner Councilwoman Michele Branigan, sponsor of the ordinance. “There was nothing the police could do.”
    City Council approves ordinance to combat use of flower’s drug
    Saturday, July 03, 2004
    By Gabrielle Maple

    East Jefferson bureau
    The Kenner City Council unanimously passed an ordinance Thursday night making it illegal to consume or sell a hallucinogenic cocktail made from angel’s trumpet, about five weeks after three teens were hospitalized after drinking a tea brewed with the plant.

    After the May 28 incident in Kenner involving the three teens and another incident a week later in Destrehan, police in Kenner and St. Charles Parish said they could not make an arrest because it is legal to grow the tropical plant known for its tubular blooms and lemon fragrance.

    “There was no consequence for them having done this,” said Kenner Councilwoman Michele Branigan, sponsor of the ordinance. “There was nothing the police could do.”


    WATCH for a new section on my website…
    The government is quite efficient at documenting their OWN CRIMES…OINK.

  4. Thought I’d chime in since my name was mentioned. First, I don’t condone what Councilman Stagni did. His actions were inappropriate. But, it was a personal lapse in judgement and is not reflective of this work on the council.

    Second, I think it’s extremely hypocritical that 2 Kenner Councilmembers and Mayor Yenni are all over the TV and Times Pic discussing this.

    3 years ago, when inappropriate photos of Councilwoman Michelle Branigan surfaced, there was a completely opposite reaction. Quoting the Times Picayune March 19, 2008:

    “Council members Maria DeFrancesch and Joe Stagni said the photos didn’t appear to show Branigan in her capacity as a council member. Black and Councilman Ben Zahn said critics should speak privately to Branigan about such a sensitive matter, rather than in front of a microphone and television camera at a City Council meeting. ”

    So, why were Councilwoman DeFranchesch and Councilman Zahn on TV yesterday and today blasting Councilman Stagni when the photos of Councilwoman Branigan were far more explicit. I think a Councilwoman (representing the City at a party) on her knees with her head near a man’s crotch is a little more salacious than a photo of a man in his underwear.


    Why weren’t the Councilmembers and then-CAO Yenni calling for Councilwoman Branigan to resign? Where was the outrage then?

    In an article today, Councilwoman DeFranchesch says, “These kids that are looking to us as public figures are going to think it’s OK to do this.” So, is she implying that it’s ok for kids to think that women should be photographed on their knees with their head near a man’s crotch and wearing what resembles a KKK hood? Is that ok for our kids?

    This is a political hatchet job plain and simple. That’s how it’s done in Kenner. Go against the Mayor and he criticizes you. Last month he wrote an article in the Kenner Star blasting citizens that speak out at the Council meetings. He talked about a core group of “constant complainers”. Well, I often speak at the Council meetings. The day before this article came out, I met privately with Mayor Yenni and he didn’t mention a word about this article. But, a few days later, he’s on the radio blasting me. But, when I’m sitting across a table from him, he’s thanking me for meeting with me.

    I guess that politics.

    Here’s a couple of links for your reading pleasure (if you haven’t already read them):

    Kenner Mayor Yenni Blasts Citizens

    EDITORIAL: Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni Continues Making Wrong Moves

  5. Walt:

    I brought your name up initially. So here’s the deal. I have no interest in Kenner politics, other than watching the grand sideshow. I think both Branigan and Stagni should resign because they are embarrassments. I also understand that there might be some damaging text messages sent and received by your Mayor.

    Why do I get the feeling that you were one of those guys who screamed that Clinton should resign, but when it’s guys like Stagni and Vitter, you simply look at it as a “personal lapse in judgment”? Stagni was lying to the people he supposedly loves the most, his wife and kids. Are we to believe that he performs his job in an honest manner and tells his colleagues and constituents the truth when he lies to his own family? You act as if Stagni is one way in his “personal” judgments, but then he steps into a phone booth and has an honesty cleansing before he begins his job as a councilman.

    Gate is right, you are clearly too involved with one of the warring factions to comment on this in any objective fashion.


    Sock Puppet

  6. Right on Sock…it took Larry Flynt to even the playing field when Clinton was being castigated. The upshot of that was Bob Livingston resigning after Mrs. Livingston had a private ‘meeting’ with Flynt to plead her husband’s case and to get Flynt to pull the plug on exposing Livingston’s mistress(es) over the years he was carrying the Republican Sanctimonious Self-Righteous flag. Let he who is without blemish cast the first stone. Otherwise STFU.

  7. Walt, you still there?

    Here’s what I think you or Stagni or someone should do:

    – submit a public records request on the public records request (PRR) whereby WDSU or the TimesPic or whoever (it may have been a third person) originally obtained the photo.

    Was the request for something broad, or specifically for the pic and email?

    Basically, I think Stagni put himself in this spot (even though, no, he himself did not put it on a public computer or tech asset apparently/supposedly according to him) so the reality is if he will not be reelected he ought to just deal with it.

    HOWEVER, at the same time, if someone in the Yenni administration basically extorted or hacked or did a sleight-o’-hand maneuver or illegally produced a public record or anything like that, you or he or the public ought to find out about that.

    Truly sorry for what apparently has happened to he and his family, but basically he just handed that krewe (or more than one krewe) a big ol’ club to pound him with. No sense in pretending he did not just to on the basis that he is an ally or of like political mind, that does not help the greater cause at all.

  8. I appreciate everyone’s input. For the record, I live in Councilman Stagni’s District. While I don’t support him on every issue, we do agree more often than not on the important ones.

    Also, for the record, I did not call for Councilwoman Branigan to resign when she was involved with inappropriate photos. I did, and do, support Senator Vitter and I did think that what President Clinton did was wrong since it occurred in or near the Oval Office with a White House intern. Again, all lapses in judgement and, in the case of Senator Vitter, illegal although he was never charged.

    There are several distinctions however and everyone that reads this is intelligent enough to realize them:

    1). While I in no way condone the photo or the relationship, this was a personal photo sent from a personal phono to another personal phone. It was then forwarded to a 3rd party’s city email address.

    2). The City Attorney could have denied the PRR because the photo was personal and not involving city business. The Public Records Act does not allow ALL information to be disseminated to the media. The City Attorney, acting as the Custodian, could have said no. Instead, the media was told directly and specifically what to ask for. Why else would they even know this photo existed from 18 months ago? The relationship ended long ago (I don’t know when exactly and it’s not my business).

    As I’ve said, I think this was an inappropiate act and a personal lapse in judgement. The Councilman has hurt himself and his family and he must live with that. He and his family should have been allowed to privately live with that and were it not for the political actions of a few and the continued actions of a few of his fellow councilmembers and Mayor Yenni, he could have.

    Everybody makes mistakes, some are worse than others and some mistakes hurt people. Nobody’s perfect. If you expect every elected official to be perfect, we’ll never be able to elect anyone. I’m not here to judge Councilman Stagni or Councilwoman Branigan or former President Clinton or anyone. That’s between them and God. I’ve got enough on my plate.

    Again, these are my opinions. It was a stupid mistake but it was a personal mistake. It is no more indicative of his job as Councilwoman Branigan’s actions were indicative of her job, or Bill Clinton or JFK’s philandering was indicative of their jobs.

    Sorry Whitmergate if I’ve said too much. I am done now.

  9. Here’s an oddity and maybe someone can explain this. On his disclosure Broussard states that he has property in Grandlake Garden Homes subdivision.

    Grandlake Garden Homes, L.L.C. (registered 7/11/03) is owned by Larry Stoulig. Its agent is out of Broussard’s own firm on Florida Ave.

    If you look at the JP Assessor’s site:

    Lots 1-5, and 9-10, 12 and 18 are owned by Grandlake Garden Homes LLC.

    Lot 8 sold on 3/22/08 to Stephen C. Hartman (is this the contractor?) for $81,750.

    8/7/10 Lot 9 sells for 35,000 (assessor site not changed).

    Lot 11 is owned by Aaron & Karen Broussard (100 West Esplanade Ave., abutting the levee). This lot has a home on it.

    110 West Esplanade goes for $324,450 on 6/25/05.

    On 7/2/05 124 W. Esplanade goes for $343,379

    Lot 14 (126 West Esplanade) is owned by Michele Branigan. $345,000 on 12/23/06.

    128 West Esplanade goes to someone on 4/2/05 for $318,000

    Larry Stoulig owns Lot 16.

    Lot 17 is owned by former Kenner CAO Jimmie Martinez. (Which property by the way is listed at the same street address as Stoulig’s office, 527 W. Esplanade)

    Cozy, huh? 2.21.04 TP has this originally being transferred as “Grandlake Garden Homes subdivision, lots 1-18. Joseph J. Monju Sr. to Grandlake Garden Homes LLC, $500,000.”

    The Broussard & Martinez lots both get reported as being transferred on the SAME day, 10/16/04 in the TP, each paying $100,000 according to the paper.

    Now you may want to look at Google Maps satellite and check this little development out… four houses are built on the West Esplanade side.

    First of all this is all based on a common area concept (kind of like in Lakeview), again, cozy, right? Just so friends can hang out and chat out back…

    What appear to be lots 1-5 (on the opposite side from that facing West Esplanade) have what apparently some very nice homes built on them.

    Thing is, this whole setup – the surrounding properties jointly owned then dispensed, the common areas, the gathering of friends, the LLC registered at Broussard’s firm…. it all seems so, so familiar.

    Just a few block away is another development, one with streets like Stoulig Drive, Yenni Drive, Baroni Drive…

    Nah, just an ordinary subdivision development….

    Mere tomatuh…. er, real estate salesmen, selling their real estate on the corner {see above}

  10. Maybe that last post belonged under “Jefferson Parish Mafioso”…. reference was to the fine testimony posted via youtube there…

  11. Besides Broussard’s house at No. 100 (listed by Michelle Branigan herself, but not available online), apparently several other homes in this little nook are for sale:

    No. 102 West Esplanade (for sale, ask 289K) (apparently next door to Broussard’s), No. 124 (for sale, ask 259K) (on the left of Branigan’s property), and No. 128 (sold, ask 239K) (on the right of Branigan’s property) are all listed by Michelle Branigan, and by the looks of it for bargain basement prices.

    Again seems familiar….

  12. Anything which is generated on or sent through a Public Entity’s electronic equipment ( among other things) becomes subject to the Record Management laws and Public Record laws of the State of Louisiana. In order to deny a Public Record Request the Custodian MUST cite the specific EXCEPTION they are claiming exempts the record from the law. There is no exception in the State statute which would have allowed the Custodian to deny this request.
    As to whether or not the information as to what to request was given to the Media or to anyone at all, once the idiot sent the photo to his lover he lost all control over it. Furthermore it appears SHE then sent it via Kenner City email making it an official public record subject to the aforementioned Record Management and Public Record laws of the State of Louisiana.
    As for people being perfect, none of us qualify, but if one does qualify for a Public Office then one best qualify for being perfect or exposed if not…Politics is what it is and if you want to play with fire while you are sitting on a gasoline can then so be it…stupid is as stupid does and generally ends up causing innocent people great harm. Shame on all of them.

  13. Walt wrote:

    “Also, for the record, I did not call for Councilwoman Branigan to resign when she was involved with inappropriate photos. I did, and do, support Senator Vitter and I did think that what President Clinton did was wrong since it occurred in or near the Oval Office with a White House intern. Again, all lapses in judgement and, in the case of Senator Vitter, illegal although he was never charged.”

    You’re a partisan hypocrite, plain and simple.

  14. Sock Puppet: Sorry you feel that way. However, nobody that knows me (whether friend or foe) has ever labeled me a hypocrite. If you knew me, you wouldn’t either.

  15. Thanx Sock…

    Walt I have theory that unfortunately has become the litmus test for people living with rationalizations that are psychologically tooled to avoid dealing with what is morally true, ethically acceptable and uncomfortable with their world view:

    “…The more one refines their hypocrisy, the more successful they will be…”

    Think about it…

  16. Walt:

    What I know is this: you appear to be the prototypical “conservative” who is more than willing to overlook “personal lapses in judgment” by Republicans. I used to be a Republican, but have been a registered independent for @ 15 years. One of the things that drove me from the Republican party was the abject hypocrisy. Many Democrats are not much better, but when it comes to espousing “family values” while leading dishonest double lives, the Republican politicians take the cake.

    Gate mentions a litmus test. My litmus test (regardless of whether one is a Republican or Democrat) is that if you don’t think BOTH Vitter and Weiner should have resigned, you are a hypocrite.

    Do you think ANY partisan, political hypocrite ever admits to his own hypocrisy? They are too blinded by their all-consuming ideology to objectively assess their hypocrisy.

    For the record, I thought Clinton should have resigned, not so much for the sexual escapades, but for lying to his “constituents” and suborning Lewinsky’s perjury. Ever heard the radio clip in which Vitter lied outright when asked a question about prostitutes by someone called the “Flaming Liberal”?

    The mere fact that you thought Clinton should resign, yet you support Vitter and this jerkoff Stagni, makes you exactly what I said you are, a blind, partisan hypocrite.

  17. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    For the record, I never said or wrote that Anthony Weiner (a Democrat) should resign. He doesn’t answer to me and I can’t vote for or against him. That’s up to his constituents.

    Clinton, at least with Lewinsky, was involved in sexual harassment possibly could have been considered a predator while he was President. Do you not think that is on a whole different level than sending a photo of yourself in your underwear to an adult?

    You brought up lying. Weiner lied multiple times. Councilman Stagni confronted this with his family almost 2 years ago and they are still together. When confronted by the media, Councilman Stagni didn’t lie. He issued an immediate statement regarding the photo and apologized. No lies, no coverup.

    The real issue that Slabbed should be investigating is, how this all got started (an FBI investigation into mishandling of emails and possible extortion).

    If you want to call me a hypocrite, fine, that’s your opinion. Whether it is Democrat or Republican, I have always tried to stick to the issues and leave the personal attacks and personal judgements to other people. People and their families shouldn’t be dragged through the mud because of their political views and because they are a “D”, an “R” or any other letter.

    We complain about what we get from our elected officials but we still keep voting them in. Maybe it’s because good people don’t want to be criticized for their personal faults. Would you want your life splattered across the tv, radio and newspapers? Of course not. Most of you don’t even sign your name to your posts.

  18. Whitmergate – you are right. Now, can we please move on?

    BTW, to everyone, even though we may sometimes disagree, I enjoy reading Slabbed and appreciate the work that everyone does.

  19. Your attempted rationalization (Clinton/Weiner vs. Stagni) only underscores your hypocrisy. I’d be happy to have my real name provided to you. And I can tell you how this all got started (because you asked): an elected official with a wife and family sent an inappropriate photo of himself to an underling with whom he was having an affair (sleazy and stoooopid). You might think that kind of surreptitious and moronic behavior from elected officials is acceptable; I don’t.

    Any politician’s family that gets dragged through the mud is only in that position because their narcissistic politician family-member did not think of his family before committing such a selfish and stupid act.

  20. What else do you expect from a PIGGIE?
    Politicians are overpaid unscrupulous egomaniacs & these churlish antics are a clear example of their distorted mindset & futility.

    Michele Branigan enacts legislation to ban the brewing of a certain TEA?

    Three boys, all 15 or 16, cooked down the flower, mixed it with an unknown liquid and drank the concoction. St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies found the trio early in the morning walking the streets of Destrehan and acting incoherently. Two of the three were hospitalized.

    The next day, the father of one of the teens was so angry he shot and wounded a man he thought had given the concoction to the boys, authorities said.

    “The thing that concerned me, not only that this is happening and these kids were hallucinating and putting themselves in danger, but it was rumored that their intent was to test this and at some point distribute it and offer it on the street,” Branigan said.




  21. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    Don’t confuse OPINION with FACT.
    True intent is determined by one’s ACTIONS & the behaviors exhibited by STAGNI & BRANIGAN are ABSOLUTELY IDIOTIC.

    The photos provide NO sense of composition or mindfulness!
    Who do you suppose dreamed up the Jello-Shot thru the Zipper & into Michele’s GAPING & SMILING MOUTH?
    Does Stagni show any semblance of romance, standing there in the MIRROR?
    & the woman he sent it to….shows so LITTLE REGARD for the MAN that SHE SENDS A COPY OUT TO ANOTHER PERSON!!!….

    I wouldn’t want these people living in my NEIGHBORHOOD, Much less making decisions for the public!




    Also catching flak tonight was Joel Mestre – the city’s deputy director of emergency management, who also went on the Kenner trip. They say Mestre was “very cozy” with Kenner Councilwoman Michele Branigan – and several pictures of them together, including one of them hugging.


  23. Zelda, I think we need to salute you not just for those hilarious (wit being the soul of honesty and fact being the soul of wit) but also for that red white & blue display you are putting on. especially in light of this fantastic long patriotic weekend.

    I pledge allegiance…

  24. Very impressive find, Zelda (that’s some Hawt Swat), and what is never mentioned here is that that party (@ 00:34 in the video) was at Henry Shane’s home.

    Must have been quite an invitee list. “Pat Shane wouldn’t comment on the picture except to confirm that the Hoboken officers came to her house through former Kenner Mayor Phil Capitano. The Journal reported that during the dinner, Capitano gave Hoboken officials proclamations.”


    Also the TP today trickled out more info about how this all came about…


    “City Attorney Keith Conley released the new image and the Morris-Pizzolato exchange in response to public records requests from the news media. It came in the same batch as one showing City Councilman Joe Stagni’s smartphone was used to send an image of a man in his underwear to Pizzolato. Stagni, who is married and has two children, has since acknowledged an “inappropriate” relationship.”

    Oh. Now how was that PRR stated again, exactly?

  25. Sock Puppet:

    No, that’s not how this whole thing got started. You will know soon enough as the pieces are starting to be unraveled by the local media. The Mayor and City of Kenner opened up a whole can of worms and didn’t think this thing through. There’s a lot more to this and there are a lot of people in the media working on this. I keep hoping I’ll see some investigative reporting on Slabbed.

    And, she was not an “underling”. She did not work for the Council and a part-time council man has no jurisdiction or influence over any city employee.

    Again, what Councilman Stagni did (the photo and the affair) was inappropriate. I’ve said that multiple times. I don’t condone his actions. I’ve said that to him personally. He knows that what he did was wrong and has reconciled that a long time ago (months before this became public knowledge) with his family. But, he sent a photo from his personal phone to another person’s personal phone (no city equipment, no city email address). This person forwarded that photo to someone at that person’s city email address. If that didn’t happen, you would not know about this. The relationship has been over for quite some time. The city investigated it (and Ed Muniz is no friend of Councilman Stagni, if there was any hint of impropriety Ed or Mike would have alerted the media then) and found it was consensual. Again, I’m not condoning relations outside of marriage, but those are my morals and values. I can’t tell Councilman Stagni or you what to do or how to live.

    To me, the photo, the relationship, what anyone did (even Clinton) is their business. I can’t judge them or their moral compass. Aaron Broussard had a well-publicized affair with a JP employee. Again, not my business. Aaron Broussard having back room deals and getting rich off JP contracts. That is my business.

    You’re not going to see anything about anyone’s personal conduct on ClickJefferson.com. And, trust me, there are stories that I could tell about many people and I get emails and calls everyday (“did you hear what happened at Bozo’s at lunch”, “did you know that XXX was seen last night with a Kenner/JP employee at Ruth’s Chris”, etc). I don’t care about that. I care about how they spend my money and if they are effective.

    Why would 2 tv stations and a newspaper all file exact PRRs on the same day looking for the exact same email and photo that is now almost 2 years old? How would they know the date of the email, and the recipient and sender’s email addresses? Why has WWL-TV and Radio not covered this story at all? Why did the City Attorney not deny access to the photo when he has denied access to other people’s personal emails?

    Sock, I don’t know who you are, but I’ve read multiple posts from you over the past few years. I respect your intelligence, even if you think I’m a hypocrite. But put aside what you think about me, and start looking at the “real” issues here.

    Now, I’ve said it before, let’s move on. There’s a lot of real work to do.

  26. So if the TP got this in the same batch of docs from the PRR…

    …they decided to run the Stag “This one… is for the *ladies*” photo before they ran the photo about public corruption?

    That’s an interesting decision.

    On the one hand everything above about how Stag deserves this because he put himself in this situation and he should resign for a long list of reasons is correct (and Walt, beware, his friends and family and supporters had better hope this is the *only time he did this but what do you think the chances are this is the one singular time he sent such a photo and the one singular lady to whome he did so????)…

    ….but then there is the editorial decision at the TP whereby (pending more info???) it was decided that this guy who sent a private photo in a private relationship via a private email should be held out to the world and all of New Orleans and America, and humiliated, with his family, for something he may have regretted very much, and resolved, 2+ years ago, on a Monday at the beginning of the news cycle, to run all week long…

    …while the story on corruption involving a hallowed JP name – LOUIS CONGEMI, on teh JP Council – should have his lil’ internal corruption story, involving the actual breaking of laws, towards the end of the news week, officially posted at 4:37 pm of ***** July 4th weekend????

    Something is skrewy, several things, ALL OVER here.

    Aside from how this photo got into a general PRR, and aside from the TP editorial decision, supposedly Stag was thinking of running from mayor (did I hear/read that right?) and if so it would have certainly behooved a Congemi supporter (like the Morrises or the auditor Pizollatti (sp?) to forward that Stag photo, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t that tend to keep a guy from running?

    See SOP’s original point about that. And he may have been WAY RIGHT from the beginning.

    If so (I said *IF* so), then that’s the real story here, and then not only has the TP done Stagni a serious disservice, and his family, but they are also withholding info to string out a very important public corruption matter from the people. If the TP knows more they should spill.

  27. Rocheblave – you’re getting closer. It wasn’t just the T/P though. It was also 2 tv stations. I’ve also been told by multiple sources that the information was delivered to the tv stations. They didn’t even have to drive to Kenner to pick it up. When was the last time you filed for a PRR and didn’t have to pick it up? For me, that’s a simple answer: NEVER.

    And, one of your other points is absolutely correct as well. If there are other inappropriate relationships that come to light and are credible, it will be hard for Councilman Stagni to defend that and for his family.

  28. Question: is it against the law to threaten to expose a potential candidate’s ‘indiscretions’ to keep him or her out of a race? I know it is illegal to try to ‘persuade’ a candidate to get out of a race…what about before they even qualify? What if they have already ‘announced’ they plan to run?


    What is the REAL link between developer Henry Shane and Hoboken? I wonder how much interest this developer has in Hoboken? Did he or does he plan on developing in Hoboken with the blessing of under the table deals having already been put in place? Will Mike Russo

  30. 8.31.06 Jersey City Jersey Journal:

    “Hoboken ‘s adoption of Kenner, La., as a sister city, was apparently a short-term relationship.

    Not even a year after the City Council voted to adopt the hard-hit New Orleans suburb as a sister city, Hoboken isn’t planning on sending any more aid to help Kenner’s ongoing recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

    ++++++++The reason? The city’s mayor – who was friends with the father of a Hoboken resident – wasn’t re-elected.

    “As far as I know, the mayor we were dealing with wasn’t re-elected, so I don’t think there is anything going on,” said Suzanne Hetman, Hoboken Mayor David Roberts’s chief of staff.

    Roberts didn’t return phone calls for this story.

    Kenner, population 73,000, is about 10 miles west of New Orleans and is home to the Louis Armstrong International Airport.

    ++++++++++++++The campaign to adopt Kenner was spearheaded by Sara Stojkovic , a Hoboken resident, whose father, a political consultant, once worked for the then-mayor of Kenner, Phil Capitano.

    Last September, Hoboken adopted Kenner, and Roberts drove down to the devastated city with an 18-wheeler loaded with supplies donated by Hoboken residents and businesses. He was accompanied by city officials and a 12 members of the city’s SWAT team.

    Around $60,000 worth of goods, which included water, cleaning supplies, dry foods and clothing, were in the truck, said City Councilman Michael Russo, who went with Roberts to Kenner. The goods were collected during a two-week donation drive outside of City Hall, Russo said.

    The city also collected nearly $11,000 in monetary donations, which was used to buy more supplies as well as gas for the 1,319-mile trip, Hetman said.

    The SWAT team stayed for 10 days, helping to patrol the streets and providing assistance to residents of Kenner and New Orleans, said Lt. Angelo Andriani, head of the Hoboken SWAT team who went to Kenner.

    The team also made a 10-day trip in February when they helped keep order during Mardi Gras, Andriani added.

    But two months later, Capitano was defeated in the April mayoral election by Ed Muniz, and Hoboken hasn’t been back since.

    Russo, however, said he’s gone down to Kenner himself “seven or eight times,” including in April, when he helped campaign for council members up for re-election. He said he also went down last December with a van full of toys donated through the Michael Russo Civic Association.

    “We raised around seven or eight thousand dollars,” Russo said. “We are also looking to take another van down this coming Christmas.”

    Officials in Kenner – while grateful for Hoboken ‘s previous help – say they still face years of reconstruction.

    “About 30 percent of our residents are still living in trailers,” Kenner City Council President Michele Branigan said.

    “We would love to have anything they can offer, but they have already been more than generous,” she said. “I’m certain that if we called on them, they would reply with more help.” ”

    How does the mayor of Kenner go about getting a political consultant from Hoboken New Jersey to be his political consultant???

  31. Oh and of course Capitano & Pals had to make a reciprocal visit:

    “Kenner mayor, councilwomen laud Hoboken

    The Mile Square City got a rousing round of applause from Mayor Phil Capitano of Kenner , La. and two City Council women who offered thanks for the city’s outpouring of support following Hurricane Katrina.

    “It’s great to be in here in Hoboken, New Jersey,” Capitano said during Monday night’s City Council meeting. “It’s easy to sit back and watch the tube and say this is way down south and I am way up north and it doesn’t really touch me. We will never be able to give enough heart felt thanks.”

    The Kenner contingent then handed out proclamations to the many citizens who pitched in with relief efforts. ”

    11.16.05 Jersey City Jersey Journal.

    Gee, what are the chances they made a stop in NY City???

    And who were the two councilwomen?

    1. Patricia sent me a pdf report that makes Jefferson Parish look like Hoboken lite. No wonder the local politicos in Kenner got on so well with the Hoboken “swat team”.


  32. Yeah, suburban parish/county on opposite side of major river where certain folks of a certain ethnic background find refuge to ply their trade unharrassed by the prying do-gooders in the metropolis.

    Oh by the way…

    …one of those Hoboken city officials who made the trip down to Kenner…

    ….Hoboken Councilman Michael Russo…



    “Hoboken Councilman Michael Russo, who until last week had never been tied to the N.J. corruption sting, has since acknowledged that he had, in fact, met with failed real estate magnate and FBI informant Solomon Dwek alias David Esenbach. Russo charged that the authors of the book “The Jersey Sting”, incorrectly describes the meeting he had with Dwek. Russo insists that “No bribe was discussed.” Today authors Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin released a copy of the recording showing the full meeting between Dwek and Russo at the Light Horse Tavern in Jersey City that indicates otherwise.”


    There’s that real estate theme again.

    But this is ridiculous, what would Kenner pols and real estate magnates be doing that far up north? They might as well be in Nova Scotia or Iceland or something, ha, that’s a good one.

    {Obviously, there’s no real link between the Hoboken investigation and Kenner, or as to any other wrongdoing, but really one of the guys who came down here has been inicted? Isn’t that just incredible?}

  33. Wait, sorry, it looks like Michael Russo was * not indicted…. but he sure apparently was in line for it, but perhaps cooperated…..

    His father – the ex-mayor – *was indicted a few years back though:


    The Councilman is still loved in his ward, having just defeated a “reform” candidate by a 2-1 margin. Yep, it does all sound familiar.


  34. I remember posting a link on a massive organized crime indictment in Jersey. There may be a link to the doings down here. This topic needs further fleshing out IMHO. May be a rabbit trail but who knows.


  35. Hopefully the Feds will in Jefferson parish break the Hoboken, NJ record of 44 arrested politicians in one day.

    Patricia I can hear you on your loudspeaker horn shouting to the mob in front of the statue of Jefferson in Gretna or the Yenni Building, ” what do we want them to do” – response – “lock em up “- Can’t hear you -“lock em up”- A little louder – “lock em up”- One moe time – ” lock em up “.

  36. Kenner Councilwoman at-Large Jeannie Black said Tuesday she didn’t know about the Hoboken controversy, but said she did know that the Hoboken police officers who visited the city helped residents.

    “I don’t condone their behavior,” she said. “But I understand they did a lot of good.”

    Black was among four Kenner officials who traveled to Hoboken in November 2005 to thank city officials and accept more donations. She said that because of the awareness raised by the Hoboken police officers, New Jersey residents and schoolchildren held fundraisers to donate money and goods for Kenner even after the initial September trip.

    “I just think they did a lot of good,” she said.


  37. So much forgotten…. there was a lot going on then, different situation but mayeb similar…:

    10.26.10 TP:

    “Legislative auditors last year found more than $7,000 in charitable donations missing from a badly mismanaged Jefferson Parish fund

  38. And emails (a big subject up in Joizy)…. and intrigue:

    11.10.07 TP:

    “‘INAPPROPRIATE’: It was a month after Hurricane Katrina , many restaurants were still not open and others suffered with long waits for tables. That’s why it was to a LaPlace restaurant, Bull’s Corner, that Kenner leaders took a group of Hoboken , N.J., officials who had traveled more than 1,000 miles to deliver a truckful of relief supplies.

    At one point in the evening, however, Hoboken police Lt. Angelo Andriani allegedly poked holes in a white napkin and donned it as if he was a Ku Klux Klansman.

    “I let it be known under no uncertain terms that his behavior to me was inappropriate,” Kenner City Councilwoman Michele Branigan said. “I told him, ‘We don’t behave like that.’ ”

    Now that incident, and an e-mail Branigan later received from Andriani, have led to her being named as a witness in a lawsuit filed by five other Hoboken officers against Andriani. The plaintiffs accuse him of being a white supremacist who forced them to do manual labor at his home.

    Branigan said she was offended by the napkin incident and wouldn’t tolerate it. But after the relief effort, she stayed in contact with several of the Hoboken relief workers. Most recently, in September, Andriani sent her what she thought was a “sarcastic” e-mail about the prosecution of the Jena Six.

    She forwarded it to another Hoboken officer, whom she had met when he delivered relief supplies to Kenner and who now is one of the five plaintiffs in the suit against Andriani. That officer noticed what the lawsuit stated was Andriani’s attempt to type “KKK” into the letter, with large Ks written at the start of three sentences in slightly larger font.

    Branigan hadn’t noticed that.

    “I could never be a detective,” she said.

    She said she didn’t know that the other officers were planning a lawsuit or that her e-mail would be used in it. But she said she doesn’t want the incidents to taint the efforts of the Hoboken officials and residents to help Kenner after Katrina .

    “The most important thing is this has nothing to do with Hoboken ‘s efforts,” she said. “The city of Kenner continues to remain focused on its recovery and remains grateful for the relief Hoboken provided.” ”


    9.20.08 TP:

    “‘BLACKBALLED’: Kenner resident Arthur Tudela asked Mayor Ed Muniz to nominate him for a seat on the Southeast Regional Airport Authority, created by the Legislature this year to consider a state takeover of Louis Armstrong International Airport. The two met in August to discuss the matter. Muniz ultimately didn’t nominate Tudela for the board.

    But exactly what was said privately that day in Muniz’s second-floor City Hall office is a matter of public dispute.

    Tudela, whose record of criticizing Kenner officials pre-dates the Muniz administration, told the City Council on Thursday that Muniz said he wouldn’t nominate Tudela for the airport board because Councilwoman Michele Branigan threatened to vote against Muniz’s wishes in the future. Earlier this year, Tudela had criticized Branigan at a council meeting for her connection with Hoboken , N.J., police officers who visited Kenner on a Hurricane Katrina relief mission.

    “She threatened the mayor with her vote,” Tudela told the council Thursday. “She blackballed me in this appointment.”

    Muniz and Branigan denied it.

    “Absolutely false. I never did tell him that Ms. Branigan threatened me,” Muniz said. “I told him he had a bad relationship with Ms. Branigan.”

    He ended his remarks: “You might have trouble getting an appointment with me in the future, Mr. Tudela.”

    Branigan told Tudela that she and Muniz have “never discussed you or anyone else on that committee.”

    Tudela said he would “take this to the authorities.”

    “I invite you to,” Branigan replied.

    “Thank you for the invitation,” Tudela said. “

  39. And the building manager of 527 West Esplanade?

    Michele Branigan (at least as of 2008).


    Weird – huh, seems about 8 of 13 pages are missing from that disclosure form.

    That’s where Grandlake Garden Homes is:


    That’s where Stoulig is:


    That’s where Stephen Hartman & Hartman Engineering is:


  40. And besides the 3-4 Grandlake homes…. she is also handling the property right across the street from 527 West Esplanade…

    ….No. 504 West Esplanade which is ALSO for sale.


    This property at least at one time featured Scott Masson and Gene Katsanis political/election signs (these are both known to be friends of Broussard & Co.).

  41. If you find BOOBS (in every sense of the word) offensive, use discretion in watching this remix video….

    There are SO MANY FOUL THINGS about these political piggies rooting around in each other’s SHIT, I tell you….
    From the time frame when the Honorable MICHELE BRANIGAN, Kenner City Council SLUT, while people were DYING from the HURRICANE…

    I ain’t NEAR DONE with this….

  42. http://blog.nola.com/kenner/2008/03/circling_the_wagons_for_michel.html

    Kenner City Council members broadcast their support for Councilwoman Michele Branigan against criticism of photographs showing her with members of the scandal-rocked SWAT team from Hoboken, N.J.

    “I don’t think anybody’s perfect,” Councilwoman Jeannie Black said at Thursday’s council meeting.

    “I think Hoboken has a problem,” Councilman Kent Denapolis said. “Kenner doesn’t have a problem.”

    Their comments came after two Kenner residents asked Branigan to resign or apologize because of the photos, which appeared in a New York broadcast news report and on the station’s Web site. In one picture, a Hoboken official holds a napkin with eyeholes over Branigan’s face, mimicking what some critics say is a Ku Klux Klan hood. In the other, which appears to have been taken at a bar, Branigan is seen facing the same official’s lap while he squirts red liquid from a bottle into her open mouth.

    Council members Maria DeFrancesch and Joe Stagni said the photos didn’t appear to show Branigan in her capacity as a council member. Black and Councilman Ben Zahn said critics should speak privately to Branigan about such a sensitive matter, rather than in front of a microphone and television camera at a City Council meeting.

    “You could have had this conversation privately,” Black told one of Branigan’s critics, Al Morella .

    Morella responded that the photos are “on the Internet all over this country.”

    Branigan responded angrily to Morella and the other critic at the council meeting, Arthur Tudela: “You saw a picture of a moment in time that does not define who I am,” she said.

    Hoboken sent police officers to Kenner to help with law enforcement after Hurricane Katrina.

    The napkin photo was taken at Bull’s Corner restaurant in LaPlace during a meal shared by SWAT team members and Kenner representatives, Branigan has said. Hoboken Lt. Angelo Andriani had poked holes in a white napkin and donned it as if it were a KKK hood, according to a lawsuit filed by five Hoboken officers who accuse Andriani of racism. Branigan said she was angry at Andriani’s action. Reacting to her anger, she said, Joel Mestre, deputy coordinator of Hoboken’s Office of Emergency Management, then held the napkin over her face in a failed attempt to lighten her mood.

    Of the other photo, showing her near Mestre’s lap, she has said it was probably taken at a bar during Carnival 2006, when the Hoboken officials returned to Louisiana to provide security.

    Many Hoboken officers have been disciplined, after photos surfaced showing the officers posing with scantily clad women and letting women at a Hooters restaurant and at real estate developer Henry Shane’s Kenner home hold their weapons.

    Branigan said the pictures of her were leaked in retaliation for her helping a Hoboken city attorney investigate Andriani.

    “The reason any pictures of me came out is because I stood up and did the right thing,” Branigan said.

    LOOKS LIKE YOU GOT on yo KNEES & Put yo hair behind yo ears…
    YOU KNOW the DRILL !


  43. Now Patricia you really are somethin’ else now look at that….

    “Name Type City Status

    Charter Number: 34514697 D
    Registration Date: 1/4/1996
    Domicile Address
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Mailing Address
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: Not In Good Standing for failure to file Annual Report
    File Date: 1/4/1996
    Last Report Filed: 2/5/2010
    Type: Business Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: GRAY C. STOULK
    Address 1: 3 SAGO
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065
    Appointment Date: 12/15/2004

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Officer: GRAY C. STOULIG
    Title: Director
    Address 1: 147 GLENWOOD DR.
    City, State, Zip: METAIRIE, LA 70005

    Amendments on File
    No Amendments on file ”

    Also at that address…


    … annnnndd yet also at that address but at the Suite 200 office:

    “Name Type City Status

    Previous Names

    Charter Number: 34160453 N
    Registration Date: 11/21/1984
    Domicile Address
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Mailing Address
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Status: Active
    File Date: 11/21/1984
    Last Report Filed: 12/22/2004
    Type: Non-Profit Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 365 CANAL ST., SUITE 2800
    City, State, Zip: NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
    Appointment Date: 5/5/1997

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: Director
    Address 1: 527 WEST ESPLANADE AVE.
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Title: Secretary
    Address 1: 527 WEST ESPLANADE AVE.
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Title: Treasurer
    Address 1: 527 WEST ESPLANADE AVE.
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Amendments on File (4)
    Description Date
    Amendment 10/9/1987
    Name Change 2/8/1996
    Restated Articles 2/8/1996
    Notice of Dissolution 5/19/2005 ”

    That’s odd there’s a Jouandot at the Gauthier firm.


    And more…. gosh wonder what they were developing:

    That’s the land for the Rivertown Planetraium:

    “The City Council also authorized Broussard to lease a piece of land in south Kenner that city officials hope will house a planetarium. The land, at 408 Minor St., is owned by the South Kenner Development Corp.” – 2/7/89 TP

    Baroni was “appointed” to it, most likely via its board or a board. – 2/18/08 TP

    Also on the board:

    Jouandot (ore merely a “voluntary treasurer”, not really a member of the board)
    Charlotte Burnell
    Jimmie Martinez (Kenner CAO)
    Sal Anzelmo
    Nick Baroni
    a Brian Dennison


    Bucky Lanning

    “Lanning worked to have the board certified by the state and Regional Planning Commission as Kenner’s official economic development corporation.” – 6/23/96 TP.

    That’s funny because the KCVB is located at 2100 3rd Street, at Williams and the River, right in the heart of ol’ Rivertown.

    There’s a really faux, fugly French chateau liked designed building facing 3rd Street there in fact, that must be it.

    Then 8/26/05 – Capitano broke it up… only to replace it with another group:

    “Agency to help city buy land – Kenner hoping it can speed purchases

    When Kenner sees a parcel of land it wants to purchase, city officials have to advertise and put the proposal before the Kenner City Council. But the council recently created a quasi-governmental economic arm of the city that it hopes can move more quickly.

    Founding members of the nonprofit Kenner Investment and Development Corp., or KID Corp., are expected to meet for the first time next week, Kenner Chief of Staff Phil Ramon said.

    “This new group is in its infancy,” Ramon said. “We will share the administration’s philosophy, but they have a lot of new ideas.”

    KID Corp. replaces the Kenner Development Corp ., which turned over its assets to Kenner, including 400 and 402 Williams Blvd., last week, KDC attorney Brian Burke said. The KDC dissolved at Mayor Phil Capitano’s request, although two of its board members are returning with the new agency.

    KID Corp. board members are unpaid.

    The council voted last week to create KID Corp. under state law, giving it the power to borrow and invest money, and to enter into partnerships and joint ventures, to stimulate Kenner’s economy.

    Ramon identified the incorporating board members as Capitano; Henry Shane, a real estate developer; Todd Murphy, a banker; Frank “Buddy” Seeling, who is in insurance; Emmitt Richardson, in funeral homes and real estate investment; Ken Rappold, in banking; Dalton Truax, in real estate; and Michael Holaday, a licensed general contractor.

    The board of directors, containing at least seven members, will run the corporation, according to the articles of incorporation. Members will serve two-year terms. The council will appoint one member, and the mayor will appoint two. Four others will be nominated by one of several civic and trade organizations, and approved by the mayor and the board of directors.

    Shane said one of the benefits of the new corporation is that it won’t be bound by the same rules as Kenner on buying land. He expects that the group will consider buying and developing some of the land that Louis Armstrong International Airport purchased as part of residential buyouts, now sitting vacant.

    “I would think that’s one of the things that must be on the radar,” Shane said.

    He and Ramon both said they want to focus as much on Laketown as on Rivertown, something they said the Kenner Development Corporation didn’t do.

    One example of a possible deal between the city and KID Corp. involves Capitano’s dream of turning the now-closed Barbre Middle School into a music museum, Ramon said. The corporation could look at acquiring surrounding property and turning it into shops that would complement a jazz museum, Ramon said. ”

    Does anyone see a “Kenner Investment and Development Corp” or “KID Corp” on LA SOS or anywhere else?

  44. Partial list of contributors from that address

    527 W. Esplanade Ave. Ste 313
    Kenner, LA 70065 5/11/2001 $1,000.00

    527 W. Esplanade Avenue Ste. 200
    Kenner, LA 7065 4/19/2006 $1,000.00

    Branigan, Michele P. F102 : 10G – LA-19833 CONTRIB JIMMIE MARTINEZ
    527 W. Esplanade Ave. Ste. 200
    Kenner, LA 70062 3/28/2010 $1,000.00

    Branigan, Michele P. F102 : ANN – LA-9209 CONTRIB HARTMAN ENGINEERING INC.
    527 W. Esplanade
    Kenner, LA 70065 8/18/2005 $500.00

  45. from NOLA Comments
    Keep a close watch on WHO is appointed to the IG position.
    It is important to be sure no current Parish account or auditor is chosen.
    It’s like the old shell game. Just yesterday we learn that the old Hubbard company was basically re-named and is poised to be awarded their old contract.
    Just as it was when the Parish’s current auditor, Rebow and Company, was awarded the accounting contract when the firm of Stoulig and Buckley was publicly tossed. Stoulig went to prison and overnight his accounting firm was re-named Rebowe and Company and awarded the contract.
    How convenient.
    Even more amazing, Rebowe’s partner Scott Fonteno was selected and still serves as Jefferson Parish’s health insurance consultant even though he has never possessed an insurance license.


  46. Summary Ordinance No. 11,086, an ordinance authorizing the Administration
    to utilize the existing Jefferson Parish Contract with C. Bud Taulli
    Construction, Inc. under Proposal No. 55-11271 for rental of heavy
    equipment on an as needed basis not to exceed $50,000.00 per year for the
    Department of Parks and Recreation.
    Approve: Michele P. Branigan / Gregory W. Carroll 7/0

    Hartman Engineering of Kenner, which gave at least $2,000 to each council member’s campaign, received a $95,000 increase on a $629,000 contract for drainage work in Marrero.
    C. Bud Taulli Construction of Marrero, which exceeded the contribution threshold for four council members, had the cap on its $2.25 million heavy equipment rental contract raised $250,000.

    Kenner government consultants are ignoring a new law requiring that they disclose their campaign contributions and subcontractors, so the City Council is leaning on the administration to enforce it.
    “Make them aware of the law,” Councilman Dominic Weilbaecher told Mayor Phil Capitano’s chief of staff, Phil Ramon, at Thursday night’s council meeting. “Ask them to comply with the request.”
    The ordinance, which the council approved Oct. 6, requires that professional services companies file an affidavit disclosing their campaign contributions to any Kenner elected official and listing any subcontractors that will be given work. Companies have 30 days from the time the contract is awarded to file the affidavits. Violations are punishable by up to a $500 fine and 60 days in jail.

    “What have you guys done to comply with the law?” Weilbaecher asked Ramon.

    “I’m not familiar with the ordinance off the top of my head,” Ramon said.
    The council voted 7-0 for a resolution asking the administration to force compliance. Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Carol Luna said Friday that no consultants have filed affidavits but that they now will be required to do so.

    Thirteen firms that have received Kenner contracts or contract amendments valued at $10,000 to $4.3 million have given a total of $36,500 to Capitano in 2005 or through April 3 of this year, according to campaign finance reports that Capitano filed with the state and Weilbaecher’s research.

    Among them:
    — Sizeler Architects received a $70,565 contract in October to redesign a fire station.
    Sizeler Architectural Group LLC and William Sizeler have donated $4,250 to Capitano in 2005 and 2006.
    — Hartman Engineering received a $494,800 contract in February for a drainage master plan and to evaluate the effect on Kenner of stormwater runoff from Louis Armstrong International Airport.

    Hartman donated $3,750 to Capitano before and after the April 1 mayoral primary.

    — Rebowe & Co. received a contract capped at $50,000 for accounting services in February.

    The company donated $3,500 to Capitano in 2005 and 2006.
    Officials of the three companies could not be reached Friday.
    In researching city contractors that have contributed to Capitano’s campaign, Weilbaecher said the only ones he could find were listed under the owner’s name or the company itself. He worries that other contributions might be hidden under the names of subcontractors.
    He said that’s why the council in October passed the law requiring that subcontractors be disclosed in affidavits.

    “All we want to do is have full disclosure,” Weilbaecher said Friday.

  47. “Name Type City Status
    DIGITAL ENGINEERING & IMAGING, INC. Business Corporation KENNER Active

    Previous Names
    DIGITAL IMAGING, INC. (Changed: 9/8/1993)

    Charter Number: 34358034 D
    Registration Date: 6/14/1990
    Domicile Address
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Mailing Address
    527 W. ESPLANADE AVE., STE. 200
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
    File Date: 6/14/1990
    Last Report Filed: 5/25/2011
    Type: Business Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 527 W. ESPLANADE AVE.
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065
    Appointment Date: 5/17/1995

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Officer: THOMAS P. HICKEY
    Title: President, Director
    Address 1: 527 W. ESPLANADE AVE., STE. 200
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Officer: KURT M. EVANS
    Title: Director, Officer
    Address 1: 527 W. ESPLANADE AVE., STE. 200
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Title: Officer
    Address 1: 527 W. ESPLANADE AVE., STE. 200
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Amendments on File (4)
    Description Date
    Name Change 9/8/1993
    Disclosure of Ownership 5/27/1998
    Amendment 12/4/2006
    Appointing, Change, or Resign of Officer 2/11/2010 ”

    ====== Speaking of Rebowe….

    of course he did the accounting for the KCVB:




    ============== And speaking of Hubbard, look else shows up at 527 “Wesplanade” as those in Metry calls it:

    Why it’s RAY DAVEZAC:

    10.14.01 TP:


    New domestic business incorporations for the New Orleans metro area filed with the Louisiana Secretary of State

  48. Well heck Esplanade Kenner, LLC owns the whole dang building.

    10.10.01 TP:


    … W. Esplanade Ave. 527. Five Twenty Seven West Esplanade Inc. to Esplanade Kenner LLC , $1,102,500. ”

    7.3.93 TP:

    “W. Esplanade Ave. 527 . Hibernia National Bank to Five Twenty Seven West Esplanade Inc., $390,000. ”

    Plus: That’s quite a leap in property value there.

  49. Roche’ and Patricia : 527 W. Esplanade, Kenner, La. sounds like a political roach motel but one thing has not been checked.

    Check out the 2010 tax roll assessment for 527 owned by Esplanade Kenner, LLC which sold for $1.1 million in 2001 – What the hell is it worth 10 years later ? – Wait for it—————————————its appraised for a whopping $168,990.

    Sop, its just another prime example how the politically connected, corrupt people get tax favors for their patronage to the Mighty Jefferson Parish ASSessor, Lawrence Chehardy, who was once a happy ASSessor one day then – POOF- gone the next.

  50. Wait, I was under the distinct impression that when immovable property sold that the selling price automatically became the new tax roll appraised value.

    Someone HELP – Where have I gone wrong on this misconception.

  51. GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP, INC. is at 130 West Esplanade?

    Why, that’s Grandlake Garden Homes too.

    4/1/98 TP: KAG gives $500 to Kenner councilman Marc Johnson, the limit.

    4/7/98 TP: KAG gives $250 to Tim Coulon for JP president

    8/10/99 TP: KAG donates $3000 to Aaron Broussard JP president

    4/23/02 TP: KAG gives $1000 to Michele Branigan, twice the limit

    By all accounts Gray Stoulig appears to be Larry Stoulig’s son (or nephew or some such younger relative, but it sure looks like his son);

    KAG is under that name at 3 Sago, which is actually listed under the name:

    “Parcel# Owner Location Description Assessment Action
    0920028780 PAQUET,LOUIS P JR 1000 W ESPLANADE AVE STE 102 LOT 2 GABRIEL 30000 ”

    Right next door is:

    “Parcel# Owner Location Description Assessment Action

    Of course, Gabriel is KRANTZ development.

    Paquet is an influential guy too. And Frances Campbell appears frequently.

    147 Glenwood is in the name of Adine Stoulig, or Adine Gray Stoulig, apparently Gray Stoulig’s mother and Larry Stoulig’s wife (or ex).

    So basically GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP is a Larry Stoulig campaign finance organization located at Stoulig’s Grandlake Garden Homes.

    Oh yeah.

    So if you look this up on the LA Ethicas Administration Public Website, you get:

    “FilerLastName FilerFirstName ReportCode ContributorName ContributorAddr1 ContributorAddr2 ContributorCity ContributorState ContributorZip ContributionType ContributionDescription ContributionDate ContributionAmt
    Ansardi Glenn F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 3 Sago Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 3/17/2005 $250.00
    Branigan Michele P. F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 527 W. Esplanade Ave. Ste 313 Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 5/11/2001 $1,000.00
    Branigan Michele P. F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 527 W. Esplanade Ave. Ste 313 Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 1/26/2000 $500.00
    Branigan Michele P. F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP 130 W. Esplanade Ave. Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 3/28/2010 $250.00
    Broussard Aaron F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 527 W. Esplanade Ave. Ste 313 Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB Reimbursement for $100 made 12/28/01 Reimbursement for $200 made 03/02 4/13/2001 $5,000.00
    Broussard Aaron F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 130 West Esplanade Ave Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 12/22/2010 $700.00
    Broussard Aaron F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 527 W. Esplanade Ave. Ste 313 Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 9/27/2000 $300.00
    Campbell David B. F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC 130 W Esplanade Ave. Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 3/27/2006 $300.00
    Capella Thomas John F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP #3 Sago Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 6/6/2005 $250.00
    Congemi Louis J. F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP 527 W. ESPLANADE AVE. KENNER LA 70065 CONTRIB 11/16/2002 $1,000.00
    Congemi Louis J. F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 1302 Joe Yenni Blvd. Kenner LA 70062 CONTRIB 7/25/2003 $1,000.00
    Congemi Louis J. F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 1302 Joe Yenni Blvd. Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 5/21/2004 $1,000.00
    Hand Kernan F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 1302 Joe Yenni Blvd. Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB fund raiser 11/6/2000 $250.00
    Hand Kernan F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 1302 Joe Yenni Blvd. Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 10/1/2002 $250.00
    Lagasse Elton F103 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 1302 Joe Yenni Blvd. Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 10/2/2003 $1,250.00
    Lagasse Elton F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 1302 Joe Yenni Blvd. Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 10/2/2003 $1,250.00
    Lee Byron F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 130 West Esplanade Avenue Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 3/20/2006 $500.00
    Martiny Daniel R. F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP INC. 1302 Joe Yenni Blvd. Kenner LA 70065 CONTRIB 7/3/2001 $250.00
    McCarthy Terry F102 GOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY GROUP 527 W. ESPLANADE AVE. KENNER LA 70065 CONTRIB 11/26/2001 $800.00 ”

    That’s a total of $16,350.

    And this is ALL public information.

  52. By the away, above you will see KAG also listed under 1302 Joe Yenni Blvd.

    That is Bryan Krantz’s address (& that of Gabriel Properties LLC).

  53. The Paquets have been stand-ins or partners for the Krantzes before:

    2.6.99 TP:


    The old Jefferson Downs race track will be gone for good if the owners succeed in their plans to build an upscale, lakefront subdivision on the north Kenner property, but the off-track betting parlor now quartered in the clubhouse is expected to relocate less than a mile away, Kenner officials said.

    Mother-and-son team Marie and Bryan Krantz, who have owned the race track since 1986 and also are majority shareholders in the New Orleans Fair Grounds, bought three tracts, totaling 4.3 acres, on Joe Yenni Boulevard last year. The Krantzes, who could not be reached for comment Friday, have informed city officials and local civic associations of their plans for a $3 million betting facility and video poker den there.

    The property is zoned for commercial use, so they don’t need Kenner City Council approval for the project. They are seeking a nod to resubdivide the three small tracts into one piece, Kenner code enforcement director Keith Chiro said. They have not yet submitted an application for a building permit, he said, but he does not expect any problems with the project.

    “They have ample property,” he said. “I expect they can meet their parking requirements and everything else.”

    Like the plans to turn the 90-acre Jefferson Downs site into a swanky gated community, complete with a marina open to public use, the betting parlor has raised few eyebrows in the Beachview Heights neighborhood across the street. City Councilwoman Jeannie Black, who represents the district, said she has met with some civic association presidents, who didn’t appear to oppose the project.

    The off-track betting parlor has co-existed peaceably with neighbors for several years at the old race track. “It’s not something that’s new to the neighborhood,” she said.

    Beachview Heights resident Amy Swain agreed. “I don’t have any problem with it over there, so I wouldn’t have any problem with it over here,” she said.

    Noel Osterhold said she isn’t troubled by the prospect of another gambling outlet in the neighborhood, either. “The Treasure Chest has been there, and it’s been good for the city. We don’t have any problems, thank goodness.”

    But Shirley Young said she is concerned about increased traffic around her neighborhood, which was the only concern raised by neighbors when they learned about the Jefferson Downs residential project. Joe Yenni Boulevard has two lanes, and city officials said there are no plans to widen the roadway.

    +++++++++++++++++++++The property slated for the betting parlor was part of a larger, 74-acre tract owned by Loyola University. The university sold most of the lakefront property and a few interior tracts to the city during the past decade, mainly for construction of the +++++++++++++++Pontchartrain Center. Jefferson Parish also owns a large parcel for its pumping station, and the university sold two other parcels for an assisted living center and a new Social Security Administration office.

    ++++++++++++++++++Last fall, Loyola sold the three parcels slated for the betting parlor to Paquet and Associates LLC of Metairie for $853,635, which promptly sold the property to the Finish Line Management Corp., owned by the Krantzes, for $942,202. Dennis Paquet and Louis Paquet could not be reached for comment.+++++++++++++++++++++

    The Krantzes have not submitted official plans to the city for the residential subdivision yet. The property is zoned as a special recreation district, and any gated development of that size would have to be designated as a planned unit development, which gives the City Council vast oversight.

    The Krantzes shut down horse racing at Jefferson Downs in November 1992. It opened at its Lake Pontchartrain site in 1971, six years after Hurricane Betsy destroyed the old tract at what is now Lafreniere Park in Metairie. “

  54. Those politicians who fill their pockets with monies from “gaming” are detestable!

    The ambiance of truck stop casinos is deviant.

    You can BET, pun intended, you won’t see Cynthia Lee-Sheng sitting in a stinky smoke filled casino next to a 70 year old with OCD.


  55. “Name Type City Status

    Charter Number: 34171146 J
    Registration Date: 3/25/1985
    Domicile Address
    3233 FLORIDA AVE. STE. 200
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Mailing Address
    3233 FLORIDA AVE. STE. 200
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Status: Active
    Registered: 3/25/1985
    Last Report Filed: N/A
    Type: Partnership

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: Partner
    Address 1: 3233 FLORIDA AVE.
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Officer: MARIE G. KRANTZ
    Title: Partner
    Address 1: C/O 1300 SUNSET BLVD
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Amendments on File
    No Amendments on file ”

    “Name Type City Status
    PUBLIC WORKS, INC. Business Corporation KENNER Inactive

    Business: PUBLIC WORKS, INC.
    Charter Number: 34548365 D
    Registration Date: 1/10/1997
    Domicile Address
    726 H VILLAGE RD
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Mailing Address
    726 H VILLAGE RD
    KENNER, LA 70065
    Status: Inactive
    Inactive Reason: Voluntary Action
    File Date: 1/10/1997
    Last Report Filed: 12/29/2005
    Type: Business Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: RONNIE VEGA
    Address 1: 3329 FLORIDA AVENUE
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065
    Appointment Date: 12/16/2005

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Title: President, Treasurer, Director
    Address 1: 1005 CHATEAU LAFITTE WEST
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Title: Vice-President
    Address 1: 1005 CHATEAU LAFITTE WEST
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Title: Secretary
    Address 1: 1005 CHATEAU LAFITTE WEST
    City, State, Zip: KENNER, LA 70065

    Amendments on File (2)

    Description Date
    Domicile, Agent Change or Resign of Agent 12/16/2005
    Affidavit to Dissolve 6/23/2008 ”

    “Name Type City Status
    CHATEAU LIVING CENTER, INC. Business Corporation METAIRIE Inactive

    Charter Number: 34108146 D
    Registration Date: 3/9/1983
    Domicile Address
    5036 YALE ST., STE. 203
    METAIRIE, LA 70006
    Mailing Address
    P. O. BOX 73478
    METAIRIE, LA 70033
    Status: Inactive
    Inactive Reason: Voluntary Action
    File Date: 3/9/1983
    Last Report Filed: 5/15/1992
    Type: Business Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Agent: JACOB L. KARNO
    Address 1: 5036 YALE ST., STE. 203
    City, State, Zip: METAIRIE, LA 70006
    Appointment Date: 3/9/1983

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Officer: JACOB L. KARNO
    Title: President
    Address 1: 5036 YALE ST., STE. 203
    City, State, Zip: METAIRIE, LA 70006

    Officer: THOMAS J. WARD
    Title: Vice-President
    Address 1: 139 ENTERPRISE DRIVE
    City, State, Zip: GRETNA, LA 70054

    Amendments on File (1)
    Description Date
    Affidavit to Dissolve 12/30/1996 ”

    All these little streets and lanes.

    Rue St. Louis, Kenner (People Plus Inc): Yenni, Broussard, Paquet

    13 & 14 Rue St Louis – owned by Broussard via People Plus Inc.; no. 13 later transferred to the Yennis

    Nos 15 and 16 – owned by the Yennis

    “Rue St. Louis 18. Kernan A. Hand to Louis P. Paquet Jr., $208,000.” -1.28.95 TP

    Sago Lane, Kenner: Krantz, Stoulig, Paquet, Campbel

    100 Block of West Esplanade & 527 W. Esplanade, Kenner (KCVB, Kenner Development, Grandlake Garden Homes): Muniz, Jimmie Martinez, Stoulig, Broussard, Parker, Branigan, Lannigan

    Trout Point Road, Kemptville, NS (Public Works, MGKNS, Nova Scotia Enterprises, Public Works Inc, etc): Muniz, Krantz, Broussard, Parker, Stoulig, Butler

    Village Road, Kenner (Public Works Inc.): Parker, Muniz, Scalia, Stoulig

    “Parcel# Owner Location Description Assessment Action

    “3922964921 CHATEAU LIVING CENTER 714 VILLAGE RD 0 ”

    “0920026672 MUNIZ,MARJORIE A 732-C VILLAGE RD UNIT 111 ELEMENTS 1057/375 1074/665 CHATEAU EST SOUTH 12420 ”

    “0920027703 STOULIG,PAULA D 734-F VILLAGE RD ELEMENTS 1057/375 1074/665 CHATEAU EST SOUTH 10403278 12420 ”

    + The Parkers above

    Margie Muniz also happens to be Ed Muniz

  56. Roche’ : Well if they are all pals and like to live together then give them one “secluded, all exclusive” big jail WARD together to breed like roaches among themselves.

  57. Herald-Tribune newspaper
    Associated Press Writer

    In 1990, a year before the Legislature legalized video poker machines, four men met in New York to plan their bets.

    Two members of the Gambino crime family, boss John Gotti and his righthand man, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano chatted with two members of the once-powerful Marcello family from New Orleans – boss Anthony S. “Mr. A.” Carolla and associate Sebastian “Buster” Salvatore.

    Their purpose: Bring the Gambino family into Louisiana to help the Marcello family cut out a lucrative swath of what they were convinced was the future – casinos and video poker machines, even though it would be another year before the games would be legal.

    Federal prosecutors didn’t find out about the meeting until nearly five years later when they debriefed Gravano.

    “They discussed and actually planned the re-emergence and takeover of video poker in anticipation of the Legislature legalizing gaming, which didn’t occur for another two years,” U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said in a recent interview.

    They might have succeeded, and New Orleans might still have major mob problems today, if it hadn’t been for a wiretap on a delicatessen pay phone.

    It’s not surprising that the Marcello crime family saw video poker machines here, there and everywhere as its salvation. After all, the family cemented its hold over Louisiana and throughout the South thanks to slot machines.

    For the better part of 40 years, Carlos Marcello, a Sicilian whose family had immigrated to the United States from Carthage in 1910, had been the undisputed organized crime boss of New Orleans.

    He denied mob ties, usually describing himself as a “tomato salesman” and real estate investor.

    An undereducated man who relied on relatives and associates to add up the astronomical figures from his illegal enterprises, Marcello started with an undistinguished apprenticeship in crime, according to various published accounts of his life.

    By age 20, he had been packed off to serve a term in the Louisiana State Penitentiary for robbing a grocery store.

    After returning to New Orleans and saving $500 for a down payment, Marcello ran what was then known as a “colored bar” on the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Gretna, providing drinks, gambling and marijuana to his customers.

    In 1937, he began strong-arming bars and restaurants to take pinball and juke boxes from his Jefferson Music Co. Few establishment owners resisted him.

    Marcello got out of the bar business in 1939 after serving nine months for selling 23 pounds of marijuana to an undercover agent. But he continued placing juke boxes and pinball machines and gaining the admiration of the New Orleans mob boss, Sam “Silver Dollar” Carolla.

    Then, New York mobster Frank Costello ran into a problem.

    Costello was the trusted associate of Charles “Lucky” Luciano, the head of the most powerful of five Mafia families in the New York area. By 1933, Costello controlled New York’s slots racket, pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

    But Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia took office in 1934 and declared war on Costello, removing and destroying his machines. Costello was soon looking for a new home for his one-armed bandits.

    Although it is not clear how the deal came about, some historians say Huey Long brokered a deal with Costello to place the machines in Louisiana and by late 1935, at least a thousand were taking in coins around New Orleans.

    Marcello proved to be as adept in finding homes for Costello’s machines as he had his own juke boxes and pinball machines. In 1944, Marcello was rewarded with part ownership of an illegal casino in Jefferson Parish – the Beverly Club – that had been put together by Costello and Meyer Lansky, the financial brains of organized crime.

    Well-bribed public officials looked the other way and patrons packed the house.

    In 1947, after “Silver Dollar” Carolla was deported to Italy, Marcello was named boss of the New Orleans crime family. He would make a fortune, defy deportation, influence politics – and, in the minds of some conspiracy theorists, play a role in the killings of President Kennedy and his rackets-busting brother, Robert Kennedy.

    In his office, at the Town & Country Motel just outside of New Orleans, Marcello posted a sign on the back of the door for departing visitors: “Three can keep a secret if two are dead.”

    Marcello eventually failed to take his own advice. His fall came in 1979 when he was convicted as the result of an undercover sting FBI sting investigation known as Brilab, largely executed by an undercover informant that Marcello trusted.

    By the time Marcello left prison in 1989, he was in ill health and unable to run his far-flung empire – or what was left of it. He died in 1993.

    About the time video poker machines started coming on line in Louisiana in 1992, the FBI was running a court-approved wiretap on a pay telephone in a French Quarter deli where bookmaking was suspected.

    Illegal bets on professional sports have always been a mainstay of organized crime. But there wasn’t much worry about organized crime at the time: as far as the federal government was concerned, the Marcello family had fallen so far that New Orleans was just about an “open city” – not controlled by any particular gang.

    But what the feds heard on that pay phone stunned them – various mob figures in Louisiana talking with their counterparts in the East about infiltrating the video poker businesses through “front organizations.”

    And the conversations revealed that Anthony Carolla – who had lost out in the 40s to Marcello as boss – was now leading the family and would be aided by Joseph “JoJo” Corrozo, described by prosecutors as a captain in the Gotti-dominated Gambino family.

    “We had the advantage of being up on a wire, watching and listening day to day the mob literally re-emerging in New Orleans. It was unprecedented,” Letten said.

    Bally Gaming Inc., a major slot-machine manufacturer, had fallen behind in the game. Its video poker machines were outdated compared to competitors who had beaten Bally to the budding Louisiana market.

    Then, as prosecutors would later allege, a former New Jersey casino executive named Steve Bolson and Christopher Tanfield, a rock concert promoter, linked up Bally Gaming with two Louisiana companies – Worldwide Gaming of Louisiana and Louisiana Route Operators to place Bally machines in restaurants, bars and truck stops.

    The deal was a disaster for Bally Gaming. The company terminated its relationship with the two firms and later claimed a $25 million loss from the deal.

    That was only the start: In May 1994, a federal grand jury alleged that Worldwide Gaming and Louisiana Route Operators were nothing more than fronts for the Marcello and Gambino crime families, with the Genovese family also along for the ride.

    Prosecutors debriefed Gravano and found out about the 1990 meetings between the Gotti and Marcello families, learning for the first time that the scheme was concocted even before video poker was legalized. By the time the pay phone gave away its secrets, the plan was nearly three years old.

    The government convicted 25 people of involvement in the scheme. Those included Corrozo, Carolla and Salvatore, along with John “Johnny G” Gammarao, an alleged soldier for the Gambino family, Eugene “Noogie” Gilpin, an alleged Genovese associate, and Carlos Marcello’s brother, Joseph Paul Marcello Jr.

    One Louisiana legislator lost his political career. Buster Guzzardo, who served in the House, pleaded guilty to accepting $1,200 in cash and a fax machine from Tanfield, the concert promoter.

    Bally Gaming was eventually bought by another company.

    In local referendums held in 1996, 33 parishes banned video poker. But casinos survived and the Legislature later approved slot-machine casinos at race tracks.

    Gotti was convicted of murder and sentenced to life. He died in June 2002.

    Gravano confessed to roles in 19 murders when he testified against Gotti and was released after only five years in prison. He eventually left the witness protection program, lived openly in Arizona and taunted the mob during interviews in 1999.

    But old habits die hard: Gravano is now serving a 19-year sentence in Arizona for masterminding an ecstasy drug ring.

    As far as organized crime goes, Letten says from what he sees, New Orleans is again mostly an “open city,” at least as far as traditional La Cosa Nostra goes.

    “I think we struck a killer blow to these guys and dismantled a re-emerged family,” Letten said. “By the grace of God, we were able to do that.”

    But Rafael Goyeneche, head of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, a private watchdog group, said the threat likely will never end.

    “The climate that they flourish in is when people are convinced that they don’t have to worry about organized crime,” he said.


  58. I should have added one more to the Village Road list:

    Frank Caracci:

    “Parcel# Owner Location Description Assessment Action
    0920026919 CARACCI,FRANK J 736-C VILLAGE RD ELEMENTS 1057/375 1074/665 CHATEAU ESTATES SOUTH 8800”
    11.30.93 TP:

  59. Patricia. Wow.

    Let me repeat.

    Patricia. WOW.

    9.10.96 TP:


    Kenner City Council candidate Michele Branigan raised more money for the Sept. 21 primary than her four fellow 4th District candidates combined, campaign finance records show.

    Branigan, a civic association leader, raised $29,550 through Aug. 12. Many of her larger donors are companies that hold professional service contracts – not subject to state bid law – with the city, including accounting, legal work and engineering.

    … The five candidates are competing for the north Kenner seat vacated by Louis Congemi when he was elected mayor earlier this year.

    Branigan, whose campaign committee chairwoman is Congemi’s wife, Danna, also outspent the other candidates. Nearly half of the $28,052 in expenditures went to campaign consultants LeBlanc & Schuster of Metairie, and another $9,508 was spent on campaign signs, literature, T-shirts, design and printing. …

    … Denotes in-kind contribution.


    $200 …

    … Metairie … Jeannine and Anthony Marcello; Lisa and Michael Marcello; Rosalie and William Pietri … ”

    1.16.11 TP:

    “Funeral Notice – PIETRI

    William “Bill” Dandridge Pietri , Sr., age 76 of Metairie, LA, died peacefully early Saturday morning, January 15, 2011 with his wife Rosalie Salvage Pietri by his side … A native of New Orleans, LA, Bill was … He is survived by his children: William “Bill” Jr. (Kay), Michele Pietri Branigan and Lisa Pietri Marcello (Michael); seven grandchildren: … and Paul Marcello … .”

    2.5.94 TP:

    “Lake Vista of Jefferson subdivision, lot 8A, square 21. Charles R. Ehrensing to Lisa Pietri and Michael Vernon Marcello , $75,000. ”

    10.27.00 TP:


    “Name Type City Status

    Charter Number: 34250630 J
    Registration Date: 11/2/1987
    Domicile Address
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70116
    Mailing Address
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70116
    Status: Active
    Registered: 11/2/1987
    Last Report Filed: 10/15/2009
    Type: Partnership

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: Yes
    Officer: BRYAN V. DUPEPE
    Title: Partner
    Address 1: 15 PELHAM DRIVE
    City, State, Zip: METAIRIE, LA 70005

    Officer: VERNA DUPEPE
    Title: Partner
    Address 1: 304 SOUTHERN ROAD
    City, State, Zip: RIVER RIDGE, LA 70123

    Amendments on File (1)
    Description Date
    Amendment 2/19/1996 ”

    —4.1.98 TP:


    From the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain, the legacy of Irishman Frank Clancy still lives in the city of Kenner.

    Although Clancy, Jefferson Parish sheriff for 28 years, died 40 years ago, he is far from forgotten.

    There’s the Clancy home on Third Street, built in 1922, which his family donated to the city in 1975 for use as a historical museum. There’s also a house on 32nd Street he built as the nucleus of his 1,000-acre cattle ranch, now the site of The Esplanade mall.

    But many city landmarks owe their very presence to Clancy and his heirs, including Cannes Brulee, Greenlawn Terrace and Holly Heights subdivisions, the Fairview Inn and the $8.8 million Hilton Garden Inn under construction next to the Pontchartrain center.

    Through Clancy Development — owned by grandchildren Bryan and Clancy Dupepe, sister Verna Devlin and cousins Lana Bernos and Callista Lee — and Dupepe Developments, owned by great-grandson Bryan Dupepe Jr., land owned by the Clancy family continues to shape Kenner’s future.

    While Kenner’s favorable business climate has enticed the family to invest money here, their family ties and friendships have been a constant link.

    “We’re very interested in seeing Kenner do well because our roots are here,” Bryan Dupepe Jr. said.

    The Clancy family first came to Kenner in the 1850s. Frank Clancy’s father, John, was a leading vegetable farmer and later president of the Jefferson Parish School Board; John Clancy Elementary in Kenner is named after him.

    +++++++++++++++++Frank Clancy was an ambitious youth who, according to his grandchildren, played in a band with future St. Bernard leader Leander Perez to pay for his education at Tulane University. Clancy was a clerk of court in Jefferson Parish, an alderman and a parish attorney before his term as sheriff.

    During the Depression, Clancy, who had just become sheriff and tax collector, was known for his generosity. Longtime Kenner residents Rodney Jones and Angela D’Gerolamo said he gave the needy food and money to tide them over in hard times. His grandchildren also remembered this.

    “Many people came knocking on his door,” Verna Dupepe Devlin said. “I wished I could have the money my grandfather handed out.”

    Clancy also was a casual man who loved to hunt, and he wore blue jeans before they were in vogue, they said.

    His modest ranch house, built of cypress logs taken from his property, is a testament to his unassuming character, his family says. It was also a place the grandchildren remember as a summer haven and a place family and friends gathered for barbecues and crawfish boils.

    “It was not a pretentious house, but there were a lot of good memories in that house,” Bryan Dupepe said.

    They also remember their grandfather as a man who had a hand in the development of Jefferson Parish.

    Clancy pushed for the Causeway Bridge to be built over Lake Pontchartrain. He worked with his friend Archbishop Joseph Rummel to build the Cenacle Retreat House on Avron and St. Mary streets in Metairie. He also pushed for the building of Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

    — North Kenner developed —

    By 1956, Clancy began selling his acquired acreage. The major portion, about 840 acres, Clancy sold to developers Woldenberg and Golden. The acreage eventually became +++++++++++++++++Chateau Estates subdivision. Greenlawn Terrace subdivision also was developed from the land, and several acres were donated to construct West Esplanade Avenue as a storm access route, Clancy Dupepe said.

    With the remaining ranch acres, Clancy and Bryan Dupepe began exploring development ideas. They said they were approached about building the Super Dome and +++++++++++++Jefferson Downs, which had been destroyed in 1965 by Hurricane Betsy.

    Eventually, they decided on smaller subdivisions, apartments and a mall. It took about eight years from the conceptual stage to bring the mall to fruition, they said, working closely with city leaders and the mall developer, Cadillac Fairview.

    To get project approval, the Dupepes said they had to develop a major access road from Williams Boulevard to the mall. Bryan Sr. and Clancy Dupepe said they bought 18 single-family homes along 32nd Street, adjacent to property they had owned. Not only did it create the needed thruway, but it made way for development of 32nd Street for the Fairfield Inn.

    Having spent their childhood herding cattle and riding horses on the ranch, some family members said they didn’t believe the land could be turned into such commerce. But they realized it would someday be developed.

    Hotel development was an easy choice for them, since Verna, Clancy and Bryan Sr.’s father, Vernon Dupepe, had built The Provincial Hotel in the French Quarter and all had experience there, including Bryan Jr. In fact, Bryan Jr. said the recent hotels he’s built in Kenner wouldn’t have been possible without the knowledge he gained from working at The Provincial. Their family also was involved with the Marriott Hotel on Canal Street and the De la Poste Hotel, among others.

    Considering that Kenner was still a sleepy little town, even as early as the 1970s, it’s hard for any of the Clancy family to believe how much Kenner has grown or the influence they would have on its growth.

    The grandchildren strengthen their ties with each other and friends almost every Thursday evening when they meet at Trauth’s Lake House on Williams Boulevard. The restaurant is owned by lifelong friend Johnny Trauth. Pictures of the dedication of the Clancy house to the city of Kenner and of parties at the ranch decorate the restaurant walls.

    While the family isn’t exactly clear on additional development plans in Kenner, one thing is certain: They are proud to be relatives of Frank Clancy and to have grown up in Kenner. In fact, Bryan Jr. is planning to create the Clancy boardroom inside the Hilton Garden Inn and move Clancy memorabilia from the history museum to the north Kenner site.

    “We’re going to dedicate it to him and decorate it with his personal artifacts,” he said.”

    6.19.07 TP:

  61. Mindblowing.

    Just mindblowing.

    Has anyone ever seen this transcript of testimony about Jeferson Parish politics, Marcello and the pervasive atmosphere of corruption emanating from Gretna and throughout the parish on both banks?

    This was Sheriff Frank Clancy’s Louisiana:



    Robert F. Kennedy, chief counsel.

    “Unlike the Mafia leaders of yesterday, the Carlos Marcellos of
    today do not battle the long arm of the law, for they find that they
    last longer, grow richer, and look more respectable linking arms
    with willing officers of the law, and they can reinforce their sense of power and security

    The Chairman. By doing what?

    Mr. Kohn. By linking arms with officers of the law. And they can
    reinforce their sense of power and security with their experiences in
    dealing with otherwise law-abiding citizens who are glad to share in
    their profitmaking skills. ”

    “Senator Curtis: You do not feel that the majority of citizens of the
    parish favor lawlessness, do you ?

    Mr. Kohn. No, sir; I certainly do not. But I do believe that cer-
    tain traditions of collusion between key law enforcement officers and
    our racketeers over a long period of time has tended to create an atmosphere in which citizens are fearful of law enforcement officers and, therefore, are very reluctant to openly or vigorously combat the
    alliances to which I refer.

    Senator Curtis. Perhaps sometimes at the polls they do not have
    a clear-cut choice.

    Mr. Kohn. Too often this is true. I might point out that in the
    case of their election of Sheriff Coci in 1956, they thought they were
    getting reform, and they found, however, the refoimation was of a
    totally different kind than they had voted for. …”

    “Nola Pinting”, the creation of a private wire or radion service for running rackets, it’s truly amazing.

    An extensive read but one with a wealth of information.

    Question: has this ever changed? And if so when?

    If it hasn’t changed it is scarey to think how intricate, deep and [for lack of a better term] “valuable” an enterprise it has become.

  62. I mean, hell’s bells:

    “Mr. KoHN. That was 1935, in July 1935.

    Marcello’s pardon came in the same year that Frank Costello and Dandy Phil Kastel made the agreement with the then Senator Huey Long to move their slot-machine operations from New York to New Orleans. ”

    As a reminder, it was a Hand (of the Kernan Hand family) that allegedly brokered this pardon…

  63. The GRETNA MENTALITY explained.

    “Mr. Kennedy. What is the significance of Gretna ?

    Mr. Kohn. Well, Gretna is what might be called the parish seat,
    the courthouse for the parish, and the public officials of the parish are centered in Gretna for the entire Jefferson Parish area, which is large and sprawling.

    Then Gretna is the principal lieadqiuirters for the Marcello mob
    operations. Gretna might be likened in relationship to the Marcellos
    to what Cicero in the past had been to the Capone mob. It was a
    place to which they could always draw back and be sure that no law-
    enforcement action would be taken against them. ”

    And the press?


    “Then in January 1948 a news photographer, Larry Schoenberger, snapped photographs of women demonstrating in front of the Gretna Courthouse against then Sheriff Frank “King” Clancy’s interference with a political parade.

    Mr. Kennedy. That is Gretna ?

    Mr. Kohn. Yes, sir. …

    …Mr. Kohn. Well, as this photographer started to drive away after
    taking his pictures, he was stopped by Carlos Marcello and Marcello’s
    then bodyguard, Salvatore Marcianti. After grabbing and destroying
    the newsman’s camera, they backed him up against the wall and went
    through his pockets. There were deputy sheriffs standing by watch-
    ing the proceedings but they didn’t interfere. The victim filed charges
    in Gretna against Marcello and Marcianti for robbery by force, but
    there is no indication of any prosecutive proceedings and these charges
    cannot be found in Marcello’s official criminal record. As a matter
    of fact, although Marcello’s life of crime has centered in and around
    Jefferson Parish, it has not be^n possible to locate any currently available record to indicate his arrests or charges in that parish.”

    Different times, right?

    This doesn’t happen anymore, right?

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