2 thoughts on “From the nobody can score chicks like Fast Eddie files……”

  1. Sop, he can forget the oysters, Viagra, K-Y Intense Lotion, His and Hers Cealis outdoor bathtubs facing the moon silhouetted Capitol and Watermelon ribbed condoms .

    In the first reality episode, entitled “Soft and Serve”, he’s served his dementia sedative at 6 P.M., she’s going out partying while he is later shown having dry dreams of his earlier harder days as The Silver Fox.

    Producers are just finishing up the second episode,” King of Pop Pooped”, where we see the toilet results of multiple enemas given by King of Pop’s loyal “servant” ,Trina , in response to his overdose of dementia sedation.

    I’m sure the Slabbed Nation can come up with a few more suggestions for more episodes for this intriguing new couple.

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