Its so on: Fred Heebe lawyers up with some of DC's finest criminal defense lawyers

All three new lawyers added to Team Heebe come from the Washington DC based firm of Williams and Connolly. The recently issued order admitting Tobin Romero Pro Hac Vice is identical to the ones admitting Brendan Sullivan and Robert Cary. Whadda you folks reckon the combined hourly rate of these 3 gents adds to?  I’m thinking somewhere close to $2,000/hour.

This is getting good.


Another ignorant member of media herd surfaces: Misinformed at the McComb Enterprise Journal…….

Then again folks, lazy and at times downright factually incorrect reporting of the McDonald’s Coffee case is a reason why the media in general was little more than a cheerleader for big businesses and their take over of the court system in furtherance of their own economic ends. Judging from the editorial page at the McComb Enterprise Journal it looks like blind idealogues make up the editorial board there. (H/T The Sun Herald which featured their ignorant brethren on the OpEd pages of today’s paper.)


The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and

The ‘Little Man’ Uncle Carlos (as in Marcello) must be all a glee in his grave to think that the political elite of Jefferson Parish have chosen as their persona, wannabe wise guys, just like his ‘family’ of the past.

And what about this thing, this MAFIOSO thing, that attracts our Parish politicians: from Judge to Parish President, from Council member to Clerk of Court, from a Chief of Police to School Board member, from Mayor to State legislator? Jefferson Parish’s Political establishment’s shocking and disturbing characterization of themselves, both in public projection and by emulating the “Thug Mentality” associated with a mafia family does in fact identify these individuals with what the adopted analogy implies, ORGANIZED CRIME!

Simply stated another way, we have a entrenched, incestuous, arrogant, self-entitlement, retirement junkie Politico Class that do what they ‘wanna do…whatz youz going to do about it?’

Here are some examples of such abominable public exhibition: Continue reading “The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and”