Heckuva job Brownie: Jeffrey at Library Chronicles sounds the "Brown note"

The Brown note book tour kicked off in New Orleans with Brownie himself on the throne sounding the horn. Jeffrey at Library Chronicles was there at the Garden District Book Store where he witnessed the entire movement and frankly his account beats everything I’ve read in the media about Brownie and his new book.

I must say I do agree with Brownie’s assesment that George Bush is a moron that was born with a silver boot in his mouth.


2 thoughts on “Heckuva job Brownie: Jeffrey at Library Chronicles sounds the "Brown note"”

  1. Neither “Heckuvajob Brownie” nor “Frat Boy” can defend their malfeasance, misfeasance and non-feasance” in the aftermath of KATRINA. But neither can Kathleen “BUNCO” nor “Na-GOON”, whose performance “pre” and “post” KATRINA was CRIMINAL. Just as a “for-instance”. the State’s and the City’s “Emergency Operations Plans” were incompetent and had holes in them you could sail a battleship through. And the people who were supposed to implemet the plans didn’t have a clue about what they were to do. At the State level this was “BUNCO” and “Johnny Bradberry” of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (which also served as the “engineering arm” of the Orleans Levee District – a cruel irony). At the City level this was Na-GOON and “Terry Ebbert”, the City’s “Disaster and Emergency Manager”. who was “a lost ball in high weeds” throughout the crisis. A quite definitive book already has been written about this entitled: “DISASTER: Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Homeland Security” by Christopher Cooper and Robert Block, Times Books, Henry Holt and Company (2006). But there are two points I want to make about the “slowness” of the Federal response (the Army didn’t arrive in my neighbothood until Sunday, the 4th). The first point is that the Federal response was slowed by the LAWLESSNESS all over the City and the fact that armed gangs of Negro males were EVERYWHERE. The Federal Government needed a plan for how to deal with that: The Army couldn’t just occupy the City and begin shooting people. This took DAYS – very precious days for hopeless people – to deal with. General Honore, who arrived in the City alone, and unarmed, was the President’s and the Federal Government’s “eyes and ears” on the ground, tasked to assess the situation and make a report and recommendations. And as an aside, the situation was deemed to be so bad (with justification) that the same day Honore arrived in the City (late on Wednesday, the 31st), FEMA evacuated it’s people from the Superdome out of fear that they would be shot by marauding Negros! I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! The second “cog in the wheel” (besides Chertoff – isn’t it fitting that he’s a retired federal Judge – SPIT!)was a guy named “Matthew Broderick”. This retired Marine believed that “Commanders” must discount early reports received from those “on the ground”, ie. Michael Brown’s subordinate, Marty Bahamonde, who was the ONLY FEMA employee to have made a helicopter flight over the City, and to have witnessed the extent of the flooding, firsthand. This flight had been made late Monday, the 29. Broderick dis-believed what he was hearing through Brown and Bahamonde, because he believed they were “muddling” the true facts due to “the fog of war”. And besides, Broderick was watching people partying in the French Quarter on CNN, so every thing in New Orleans obviously was fine! This incompetence also cost precious time. (I’m getting very ANGRY recounting all of this, so I better QUIT. I never got a chance to argue any of this INCOMPETENCY to a fair and impartial tribunal, because “Duval-Daley-Fayard” – SPIT! – summarily dismissed all of “Victims of KATRINA” litigation “on-the-papers”, so he could monetarily benefit his friend). Ashton O’Dwyer.

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