In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Layin' low…..

A reader contacted me with an inquiry into the whereabouts of one Magnum J.D. as he has evidently not been seen in legal circles these days. There was even a rumor going around that Magnum had gone to the funny farm for an extended in patient visit.  I am happy to dispel that rumor as untrue.

The fact is Magnum has evidently been laying low and he is in town. For instance, a member of the greater Slabbed Nation spotted him exiting a famous fine dining establishment in the Quarter in an advanced state of intoxication.  His friends made sure he got a cab back to the crib on St Chas and for that we are all thankful.

That said I do have some more episdoes of Magnum J.D. in the pipeline. For the many kind folks that take time to contact me on this topic please rest assured no one has been forgotten. Time is very scare for me these days as I am rainmaking for my practice, which in turn ultimately allows me the time to blog. Stay tuned.


Houston we have a problem on Grand Isle…..

Folks I have some stuff in the pipeline on the subject of Grand Isle Government but there is one problem on the island that reminded me of a famous South Park episode from season 2, Chicken Lover. Now that particular episode had a little something for everyone in the Slabbed Nation from Ayn Rand to certain unspeakable sex crimes. So while I develop the material here is a teaser in a video post of certain of the problems in State v Dantin. First is the simulated crime:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.998797&w=425&h=350&fv=]

and now one of the problems Continue reading “Houston we have a problem on Grand Isle…..”

Heckuva job Brownie: Jeffrey at Library Chronicles sounds the "Brown note"

The Brown note book tour kicked off in New Orleans with Brownie himself on the throne sounding the horn. Jeffrey at Library Chronicles was there at the Garden District Book Store where he witnessed the entire movement and frankly his account beats everything I’ve read in the media about Brownie and his new book.

I must say I do agree with Brownie’s assesment that George Bush is a moron that was born with a silver boot in his mouth.


Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My: Is there a media conspiracy? Slabbed reports you decide.

Folks they say every dog has its day and today that dog is none other than twitter’s Uptown Coyote as the T-P’s Rich Rainey and the Sun Herald’s Anita Lee wrote stories about our favorite cyber animal for their respective papers today. I normally am content to follow the Coyote directly myself as Larenza is very prolific on twitter. For instance last night began with a meal at Mothers…

And after a hard night of bar hopping ended thusly: Continue reading “Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My: Is there a media conspiracy? Slabbed reports you decide.”

And the mystery person is "Lil' Piece" Larry Sisung: A what The Times Picayune didn't tell you update.

Serendipity: ser·en·dip·i·ty/serənˈdipitē/
Noun: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

A trip to the hive yesterday in Jefferson Parish for a quick meetup with a source, coupled with an earlier lengthy phone conversation with another is the genesis of this post as we feature a stinker of a T-P editorial, a related Ed Anderson news report and a Michelle Hunter piece on Noodle Norman’s budget and the M&M sisters that share a related theme IMHO: Jefferson Parish money machine man Larry Sisung. Let’s start with Ed Anderson:

With less than 90 minutes left in the Louisiana Legislature session that ended Thursday, lawmakers came together on a bill that would require the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East to pay $700,000 by July 30 to cover the costs of maintaining New Orleans’ Lakeshore Drive.

I’ve noticed in passing the news stories about the demise of the lakefront levee police. The latest from the T-P represents the intersection of that story and the politics of 2 incumbents being thrown into the same district via redistricting and an election coming in October. What makes this a controversial issues involves how the Flood Protection Authority allocates its money to the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority. As Anderson explains in his story, “The two agencies were created by the Legislature after Hurricane Katrina from the old Orleans Levee Board: one agency has control of the flood protection capabilities of the district; the other has control of the old board’s non-flood property, including Lakefront Airport, marinas and commercial property in the Lakefront area.” Continue reading “And the mystery person is "Lil' Piece" Larry Sisung: A what The Times Picayune didn't tell you update.”