Modular News generated on demand: Waste Management and the Parish are still holding hands…..

Folks monitoring a PACER docket is sometimes an interesting exercise in compare and contrast. For example earlier this week Paul Rioux at the T-P wrote a PACER based story on the latest newsworthy developments on the Parish’s suit against Waste Management. The long and short of it is both parties want the July 11 trial postponed as their mutual love and affection continues to grow. But there was something in Rioux’s story that bothered me to the point where I pondered the subject matter over the past couple of days before writing a post on the topic. Two sentences in two paragraphs in fact:

Young’s administration had not responded by Tuesday evening to a request for information on how much the suit has cost the parish. Margie Seemann, vice chairwoman of Citizens for Good Government, said the parish’s response to her recent public records request pegs the legal bill at $250,000.

Seemann has repeatedly urged the parish to drop the suit and cancel the River Birch contract. But parish officials have said they are continuing the suit in hopes of obtaining a court order declaring the River Birch deal null and void.

I’ve been around the block long enough to know a journalistic dig when I see one. Continue reading “Modular News generated on demand: Waste Management and the Parish are still holding hands…..”

The original title for this post was "The grass is always greener" but then I saw today's T-P editorial and can't stop laughing…

NMC tackled the latest Connick v Thompson related case in a post that ended up placing wet kisses on NOLA DA Leon Cannizzaro in comments as Cannizzaro was evidently able to bullshit an out of town lawyer/commenter on his blog and I was amused to the point where I had the post title concepetualized in a “Grass is always greener” type of theme. Like Mitch Landrieu and Ray Nagin, Cannizzaro is a vast improvement on his predecessor Harry Connick but in ways that also doesn’t mean much. The crooks in the political classes now have some limits to their pilfering like the good old days but make no mistake the NOLA power structure is as crooked as it ever was Cannizzaro included.

So I got a great belly laugh at the T-P fawning over Cannizzaro for making an example of out of towner Jim Bridger of Public Belt infamy in today’s editorial page. Bridger will make a nice easy target for the grand standing DA.  Noticably absent has been any editorials on Paul Connick for not doing his job on public corruption in Jefferson Parish.

Give me a C, give me an A, give me an N……


Jim Brown

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
New Orleans, Louisiana


The circus comes to town quite often in New Orleans. It’s always Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, frolicking in the French Quarter, and weekly festivals where zany antics take place, few restrictions apply, and the good times continue to roll. So it was no surprise that republicans gathered in New Orleans last week to assess their chances in 2012. Sizing up the field of presidential wannabes that showed up, there were no real standouts. National polls indicate that half the republican voters nationally are still hoping a better candidate emerges. But don’t bet on it.

It was tea party tough talk as the eight announced candidates engaged in one-upsmanship in seeing who could be the bigger critic of the President, and who could offer the biggest slice of rhetorical red meat to the party’s base. Congressman Ron Paul told the crowd it was time to shut down any foreign military involvement unless the U.S. was directly threatened. When pizza king Herman Cain called for a continuing policy of support for Israel, the Paul crowd booed loudly. Cain also clarified an important issue in the coming campaign. He prefers deep dish pizza over thin crust.

Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota charmed the crowd with a big smile and tough talk. With Bachmann dressed in white from head to toe, one observer dubbed the candidates Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I interviewed Bachmann for my weekly radio show prior to her speech, and it’s easy to see why her popularity is growing. She grasps your hand, and looks you straight in the eye, ala Bill Clinton. She reminds you that she not only has 5 children, but 23 foster children. Hey, even I’m impressed. Continue reading “Jim Brown”