7 thoughts on “Wednesday Music: Dedicated to Waste Management and Jefferson Parish”

  1. The JP administration and council is trying to buy time and save face. Thanks, JP Council, for the thoughtless, hasty decision you made in 2009 when you bought the River Birch deal hook, line and sinker without giving any thought to the matter. Now the tax payers are left to foot the bills for your careless disregard for what

  2. nolakat: “Next time, before you sign off on a 25 year deal, give it some thought and consider the facts before you approve something of this magnitude.”

    SPOT ON COMMENT. You summed up this Council’s action accurately in that sentence.

  3. KAT & BUN : they did give it thought and the facts were that they knew they could guarantee their ‘fundraising?’ for another 25 years!!! They gave no thought to the Citizens of Jefferson Parish. Self-aggrandizement was their goal. Don’t believe for a moment that this was a simple lack of due diligence: it was a concerted effort to rip off the Citizens of Jefferson Parish and the Federal and State governments. Remember State and Federal funds were used for Parish ‘recovery’ post-Katrina. The Hubbard Firm received over $16M from Jefferson Parish by October 2005 for Clean-Up contracts: I don’t think Jefferson Parish had that kind of money laying around , do you? So where DID it come from? And where are the invoices for the ‘work’ Hubbard did in that 30 day period? And did Hubbard use River Birch entities in that ‘ work’ ? What ‘work’ was done? So you see it has never been about due diligence but rather about self-aggrandizement. IMHO

  4. How about it Slabbed Nation – the song “Give Me Just A Little More Time (in prison)” is dedicated to Aaron, Whitmer,Wilkinson, Mouton, Heebe and the entire Council who illegally dumped some stinking political garbage on the parish taxpayers.

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