Justice Court Judge Teresa Dearman back on the blogs

NMC recently posted about Stone County Justice Court Judge Teresa Dearman and a few of the problems she’s had properly running her courtroom.

We tackled Miss Dearman’s judicial escapades last year and her lawyer stopped in with a rebuttal. The Mississippi Supreme Court obviously did not see things the same way but Miss Dearman remains on the bench.

It will be interesting to see if the problems in her courtroom will translate into problems at the ballot box in a couple of months.


One thought on “Justice Court Judge Teresa Dearman back on the blogs”

  1. Finally get around to reading some and all I can say is, you the Man! Go team slabbed. Really great work, indepth and imformational. Its like the Slabanator. It would seem that just a little knowledge here of the constitution and personal respect of others would go a long way in the courts rulings. Mr. Sean or whatever did say the matter was dismissed. Of coarse I also recall it was a felony when all this started. Oh well, bet no simular ruling is forseen. >>>> These aren’t the driods were looking for http://youtu.be/CnjaUoR15dU

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