Capella political hack Pat Tovrea needs to learn a bit of restraint. An occasional Jefferson Parish Failing Schools Update.

Why are Jefferson Parish Schools some of the worst in the state of Louisiana?

See Pat Tovrea run for School Board.
See JPSB member Pat Tovrea harass central office employees.
See JPSB member Pat Tovrea stalk central office employees.
See JPSB member Pat Tovrea bully central office employees.
See Employee file for a restraining order.

Maybe spending too much time with his nose up Tommy Capella’s hiney makes Pat an angry guy. Or maybe the thirst for loot makes Pat act like Tom Wilkinson during in his thirst for loot. Whatever the case this Pat Tovrea is a product of the machine. And the voters of Jefferson Parish are getting exactly the kind schools they deserve. The amazing thing is I bet there are some dedicated educators in the system that still give 100% trying to make a difference. It must really suck for those folks.

But even worse watch machine Judge Ross LaDart try to homecook Mable Moore like he did Anne Marie Vandenweghe. Mark Waller has the skinny for the T-P.


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