Trout Point here we come….

The article itself at Outside the Beltway is well worth the read.  (H/T OpinionatedCatholic on twitter.)


Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke…..

Comedian Reggie Brown briefly made the local news when he performed before the Right Wing Nut Kool Aid Convention last week in New Orleans. All the usual suspects were there from the womanizing, thrice divorced Newt Gingrich spouting off at the mouth on family values to conservative darlin’ Ron Paul whose message of ending taxpayer funded corporate welfare has some reasonance for me. But when it comes to comedy this group is decidedly thin skinned as omitted from the early reporting was the cut off of Brown’s act when he told a few jokes about the wingnuts. The entire 19 minute clip is well worth the watch.


Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind: That ain't doughnut glaze on Johnny Young's chin.

Also glazed are the felonious Peggy Barton along with everyone’s favorite mono syllabic moron, Tom Capella among others.

One day the whole story will be told guys and each and every one of ya will look worse to the public than ever you did, especially since it is the public’s tax money you squander pursuing your personal vendettas.