There is a Heebe in the levee pile! Matt at Fix the pumps reveals continuing problems with substandard levee construction.

Susan Poag / The Times Picayune

Something starts to emerge from these reports: the River Birch pits are very, very bad. We’ve seen the possibility of it in the WBV-14b.2 reports above, we’ve seen it mentioned definitely in the WBV-14a.2 reports – also above – and we’ve seen it mentioned in the WBV-14c.2 reports earlier. Now it shows up in the most recent inspection report from project WBV-14e.2.

Yeah, what Matt said! Matt McBride at Fix the Pumps has added a 4th and 5th part to his continuing series on what appears to be substandard levee construction featuring dirt from the borrow pits of Sierra Club approved River Birch Landfill. (I’ll be circling back to the sold out sum bitches at the Sierra Club in another post.) His work on this topic, a vital one for those on the West Bank of Greater NOLA metro, is simply excellent. So much so that Paul Rioux picked up coverage for the T-P in fact.  We need to address one particular part of Rioux’s story so here is the salient snippet:

Miserendino said corps officials assured him the wood chips did not exceed the 1 percent threshold. But he said a team of 10 state geotechnicians determined April 1 that the chips amounted to 1.8 percent of the material in some spots, nearly twice the corps’ limit.

Vignes said that the overall average was less than 1 percent and that the tests indicated there was a “very small” chance the wood chips would cause the levee to settle prematurely.

“Vignes” is Julie Vignes, the COE’s West Bank branch chief.  Julie hon, if we stuck one end of you in an oven at 500 degrees and the other half of you in a vacuum chamber at  -400 degrees your overall average temperature is a comfy cool 50 degrees.  Levees, like your body need complete continuity (in the case of levees that of quality construction) to survive intact and you of all people should know that. This type of trite bullshit doesn’t inspire confidence folks.

You simply can’t understate the impact this one extended family (Team Ward/Heebe) have on the lives of so many in metro NOLA. Lord knows what else is buried in them levees.


8 thoughts on “There is a Heebe in the levee pile! Matt at Fix the pumps reveals continuing problems with substandard levee construction.”

  1. personally I think all of the ward/heebe scum ought be put to death!
    prhaps the next aspiring thieving scum M/F’s might hesitate long enough to be eaten by thier young!

  2. My guess is the real scandal here is (was) Alario & Broussard’s drive to split off and maintain a separate JP levee board entity while the rest of southeastern LA resolved to get a unified levee and storm protection strategy together.

    Of course apparently the levee filler contracts went to River Birch which makes that push all the so much clearer.

    Lives, properties and lifetime investments are at stake but hey at least the Wards, Sneeds and Heebe, and the pols they suckle, all have gotten paid.

  3. Woodchips in the levees courtesy of River Birch excavation deposits, a big hole in the westbank left from such excavating that does not have to be filled as it luckily becomes a Byron Lee sponsored, parish adopted lake for Jeffersonians to fish in, $400,000 in bribes to Secretary of Wildlife to secure a garbage monopoly, a Lagniappe insurance deal in exchange for a 25 year garbage contract, relatives strategically placed on the Jefferson Council ( Jennifer Sneed and currently Bill Townsend) to formulate political deals and approve future garbage contracts, and an army of political kiss ass, career wannabees riding the coattails of the rich and famous Ward, Heebe and Sneed families, with some of the wannabees awaiting indictment, some indicted and some serving prison time.

    What would Jefferson Parish be like and where, oh, where would all our garbage go without such wonderful, colorful and civic minded families?

  4. Perhaps circling back around to Hubbard and his contracts with Jefferson Parish immediately Post-Katrina ( courtesy of Whitmer,, Wilkinson,Broussard, Casseigne ( Wilkinson’s sister-in-law and Finance Director at the time) and Coulon ( Casseigne’ s Good Friend and the Shadow Govt for Broussard)) might be of interest. Big $ to Hubbard’s CleanUp company within less than a month of the hurricane as I understand. And oops, where ARE those dang invoices ? And did Hubbard contract with River Birch or other Ward/Heebe entities to take his waste? I imagine the Feds might be interested in those invoices AND in any transactions involving FEMA disaster funds. Wouldn’t be good for JP taxpayers if those monies were mis-used. Ruh Ro.

  5. I maybe be mistaken but because Jefferson Parish officials did not submit all the invoices explaining where the entire 55 million in FEMA loans were spent, FEMA has justly refused to forgive Jefferson of the loans as they forgave NOLA”s FEMA loans.

    Did Jefferson officials hide or bury the invoices to protect themselves or others from incrimination, especially the 13 million no-bid emergency contract given to convicted contractor Hubbard for post Katrina cleanup.

    I think President John Young before he is re-elected for 4 years needs to fully explain why all the invoices were not found and submitted to FEMA before he blames FEMA of error. For the taxpayers to have to eat 55 million in debt because of the corruption and incompetence of Parish officials is an abomination and should not be tolerated.

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