In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Baldie amends the suit against Bull Durham, adds Magnum plus Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams

Folks, representing both ends against the middle, besides being highly unethical, has other down sides as highlighted in the recently amended complaint filed by Stephen Baldwin and Spyridon Contogouris against Bull Durham’s company Ocean Therapy Solutions and now Magnum himself along with his law firm. To the extent Magnum didn’t bother to hide much of what he was doing last summer several of the low down dirty details have emerged very early on in the litigation. The amended complaint also reintroduces Frank Levy and Magnum’s planned propaganda film the Will to Drill to our newer readers.  Slabbed has been on this bit of greed driven oil spill jackassery real-time since the spill.

Click the pic below the fold for the amended petition for damages as legal malpractice claims were added against Magnum and Wendell Gauthier’s once storied firm, which is going down in flames courtesy of unbridled greed, Magnum and bad actors like Kevin “Con Man” Costner.

3 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Baldie amends the suit against Bull Durham, adds Magnum plus Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams”

  1. I’m not sure I understand all of the paragraphs on venue referencing Plaquemines Parish, especially because this lawsuit is pending in Jefferson Parish.

  2. Magnum gets in bed with multiple clients – Levy, Baldwin, Contogouris, screws them and then takes their money? And he’s still practicing law? A quick search of the court records show he filed a lawsuit on behalf of Levy – Frank Levy v. Audubon Insurance, Orleans No. 2006-1242. Then he gets into the “Will to Drill” mess – again a business deal with a client and then screws not only Levy, but Baldwin – as Baldwin sets out in this lawsuit – and snags Levy’s stock in the OTS deal, which ultimately nets Magnum millions more – how much did Levy get? Zilch? I’m curious what evidence that Baldwin and Contogouris have that Magnum was representing them, but there’s definitely a pattern here. Aren’t there rules that prohibit an attorney from going into business with a client?

  3. Here’s something interesting for you…

    Leo Palazzo is Billy Nungesser’s attorney. He represents Billy’s trust – Pointe Celeste Inter Vivos Trust, that is in bed with Plaquemines Parish District Attorney, Charles Ballay. They are partners in the Myrtle Grove Marina that has made money off of the BP Oil Spill. Look up the records – with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office, search for Myrtle Grove Marina, Pointe Celeste Inter Vivos Trust or even Palazzo.

    Interesting because Nungesser and Houghtailing and Costner have a mutual love fest for one another. Nungesser appointed Palazzo to the Plaquemines Parish zoning board and even went on the “Cruise with Billy” together in January, 2011. Nungesser and Palazzo are great friends.

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