Choosy prosecutors choose Jiff: A Plaquemines Parish FEMA corruption scandal update.

Indeed my good men I can verify Jiff is in some very big trouble. Lee Zurich first nailed the long time Sheriff of Plaquemines Parish for being a petty thief and now the T-P’s Hammerman is laying the smacketh down on the Sheriff with the help of what is apparently many a jilted woman from the skeleton closet of contractor Aaron Bennett of Benetech infamy.

Team Jiff is certainly circling the wagons and exercising the right to remain silent. ‘ Tis a shame to see an old guy facing hard time but it appears to be richly deserved.


12 thoughts on “Choosy prosecutors choose Jiff: A Plaquemines Parish FEMA corruption scandal update.”

  1. And another crooked politician bites the dust done in by a jilted woman of a corrupt contractor.This should encourage more jilted women of political cronies to keep coming forward . In fact , can’t we endorse the passage of an Louisiana statute to give these brave women a certain % of the exposed political graft.

    Hat tip to jr referencing the Jim Brown web page:
    My compassion and sympathy goes out to Mr. Browny-Nose who needs to tell the world he knows all his important people friends like Cosner, Sheriff Hingle, and Anjolia. Personally, most of the people Browny gloats over he knows and wants to be in a picture with I think are pretty pathetic.

  2. Jim Brown’s name-dropping via photo gallery is somewhat nauseating. Not quite as nauseating as his letting the insurance industry rape the consumers he was supposedly protecting when he permitted the insurers to institute the “Named Storm Deductibles.” Maybe not even as nauseating as his constant plagiarism.

  3. I have very few compliments for politicians but do admire Jim Brown for lying to the FBI…A ridiculous law and anyone that comes in contact with those Federal losers is apt to lie to them even by mistake.. If you can’t prosecute someone for an offense worse that lying to the FBI then you have no right prosecuting!

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