There is a Heebe in the levee pile! Matt at Fix the pumps reveals continuing problems with substandard levee construction.

Susan Poag / The Times Picayune

Something starts to emerge from these reports: the River Birch pits are very, very bad. We’ve seen the possibility of it in the WBV-14b.2 reports above, we’ve seen it mentioned definitely in the WBV-14a.2 reports – also above – and we’ve seen it mentioned in the WBV-14c.2 reports earlier. Now it shows up in the most recent inspection report from project WBV-14e.2.

Yeah, what Matt said! Matt McBride at Fix the Pumps has added a 4th and 5th part to his continuing series on what appears to be substandard levee construction featuring dirt from the borrow pits of Sierra Club approved River Birch Landfill. (I’ll be circling back to the sold out sum bitches at the Sierra Club in another post.) His work on this topic, a vital one for those on the West Bank of Greater NOLA metro, is simply excellent. So much so that Paul Rioux picked up coverage for the T-P in fact.  We need to address one particular part of Rioux’s story so here is the salient snippet: Continue reading “There is a Heebe in the levee pile! Matt at Fix the pumps reveals continuing problems with substandard levee construction.”

Choosy prosecutors choose Jiff: A Plaquemines Parish FEMA corruption scandal update.

Indeed my good men I can verify Jiff is in some very big trouble. Lee Zurich first nailed the long time Sheriff of Plaquemines Parish for being a petty thief and now the T-P’s Hammerman is laying the smacketh down on the Sheriff with the help of what is apparently many a jilted woman from the skeleton closet of contractor Aaron Bennett of Benetech infamy.

Team Jiff is certainly circling the wagons and exercising the right to remain silent. ‘ Tis a shame to see an old guy facing hard time but it appears to be richly deserved.


Professor Bernofsky would like a word with the House Judiciary Committee…..

Late last week the T-P’s Bruce Alpert had a story on 2 local US Court nominees that described a virtual love-in for Stephen Higginson and Jane Triche-Milazzo for open spots on the 5th Circuit and LAED respectively. As fate would have it I met Jane Triche-Milazzo many years ago and was impressed by her and her family. To date I’ve heard very little criticism of Triche-Milazzo but Higginson is a different story as late last week I also disclosed our own Ashton O’Dwyer wrote the Senate Judiciary committee regarding Higginson, specifically his involvement in the travesty of justice/political prosecution of him, a topic we’ve covered since the very beginning of that part of the O’Dwyer Katrina saga. Higginson wrote the Team Letten appeal of Judge Walter’s dismissal of the bogus charges against him.

I do not know the behind the scenes politics involved that would cause Jim Letten to risk his rep abusing the powers of his office on some sort of personal vendetta against a broken, very troubled man but I suspect it contains an element of stupidity derived from being too close to the subject matter in question. Whatever the case others have also noticed and this story crossed over to the Times Picayune yesterday as the T-P featured Professor Carl Bernofsky’s remarks about Higginson and his involvement in the political prosecution of Ashton.  This story clearly hit a sore spot in certain prosecutorial circles as witnessed by the comments, which branded Professor Bernofsky as a nut case. My own thoughts after examining the injustice that was perpetrated on the good Professor by the interest conflicted Ginger Berrigan, a purported liberal jurist that never met an insurance company or murderer she failed to like, is that Carl is an eloquent and lucid advocate for judicial reform. And that fact is why Professor Bernofsky, his blog TulaneLink along with his advocacy on behalf of Team O’Dwyer has graced these pages in the past. Continue reading “Professor Bernofsky would like a word with the House Judiciary Committee…..”

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Baldie amends the suit against Bull Durham, adds Magnum plus Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams

Folks, representing both ends against the middle, besides being highly unethical, has other down sides as highlighted in the recently amended complaint filed by Stephen Baldwin and Spyridon Contogouris against Bull Durham’s company Ocean Therapy Solutions and now Magnum himself along with his law firm. To the extent Magnum didn’t bother to hide much of what he was doing last summer several of the low down dirty details have emerged very early on in the litigation. The amended complaint also reintroduces Frank Levy and Magnum’s planned propaganda film the Will to Drill to our newer readers.  Slabbed has been on this bit of greed driven oil spill jackassery real-time since the spill.

Click the pic below the fold for the amended petition for damages as legal malpractice claims were added against Magnum and Wendell Gauthier’s once storied firm, which is going down in flames courtesy of unbridled greed, Magnum and bad actors like Kevin “Con Man” Costner. Continue reading “In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Baldie amends the suit against Bull Durham, adds Magnum plus Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams”