Team Freeland would like a word: Chooses Patsy Brumfield to respond to the Oxford allegations.

Team Freeland via the Missus has finally publically engaged the allegations against Hubby Tommy choosing Patsy Brumfield at the Daily Journal to tell their story.

There is not much new ground broken save the fact Hendry’s rep as a gifted basher has evidently spread statewide. I suspect Belle’s last missive on the Doc Cassandra also played a part in Team Freeland’s decision to tackle their Oxford woes in a more public fashion.

It is gonna be a long hot summer.


9 thoughts on “Team Freeland would like a word: Chooses Patsy Brumfield to respond to the Oxford allegations.”

  1. Patsy is very, very well named.
    She’s a patsy and press-pimp for anything liberal.
    She’s continuing to live into her given name.

    1. I appreciate Patsy myself. I am perceived as progressive yet Team Freeland passed the opportunity to engage this issue with me in mid April.

      They also passed the opportunity to engage this via Jimmy Gates just a few days ago.

      So newspapers don’t cover petty crime eh?


  2. Oxford is getting stranger by the day some 20 year old hit a guy in the arm with a sword. Not only do we have a bunch of thug lawyers we have samurai lol.

  3. Choggs is exactly right. The sword incident is merely one more in a long line of bizarre incidents. Two weeks ago there was a death sentence in a Lafayette County case for the first time in local recollection. Oh, there was one just over 20 years ago on a Tippah County case tried in Oxford on a change of venue but by some accounts this was the first home-grown death sentence since 1903. The

  4. 10 years ago there were a lot of lawyers in Oxford and all were doing well. Work for everyone and lawyers looked out for their own. The public was protected ????? Say What?

    Oh 10 years ago, yeah I remember. There was about the time that 251-98-1061 cause which sought over 2 billion dollars and the 251-96-493 trial which failed to sucure money for the class. That’s when all that money was placed on a family whose assumbed death was going to enrich countless attorneys and no doubt the state as well. So much money was involved that in hopes it isn’t spoken of it remains a pending matter. The action is written off as a completed matter in Louisiana but here in MS. it ain’t even started.

    How big was that event ? To this day if those involved were named and nailed to the wall there would be no one to run this state. Attoneys went from personal injury claims to if you were in a car wreck eveyone in a one mile area had a claim. A claim supported by the court to benifit it and its attorneys. Have you or someone you know taken a laxitive and had an embarrassing moment ? Then you probably have an attorneys money claim.

    Attorney Douchbags >>

  5. Patsy has editors Hendry. It is a government paper. The government has the benefit of the doubt especially when your innocent and have to plead guilty fearing. The prospect of being convicted by a jury. And the prosecutors mistakenly misrepresenting info to the court and not correcting it. Which was prejeducial to his defense. Patsy didn’t always cover the Scruggs first off and she’s a liberal because here focus is what? Explain why she’s liberal. Oh, is Zach paying her? Come on bro.

  6. The article / advertisement in the Daily Journal was BS. The Daily Journal did the same thing for Joey Langston right after he was charged in the Scruggs affair. They paint Ol’ Joey and Tom as two good local guys that went to Ole Miss and could not possibly do wrong………….BS!!!!

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