From the timing could not be worse files….

After the revelations in last week’s St Pierre trial you would think no one would be so dumb as to pass threats against me via United States mail.  Well someone did and now the FBI will sort this one out folks. Meantime I think it is clear we can conclude one thing as it regards the investigation into corruption in Jefferson Parish:


11 thoughts on “From the timing could not be worse files….”

    1. It was postmarked before the revelations in St Pierre were made public at trial. I suspect the comeuppance will be swift as it is clear not much thinking wnet into the naxsty gram before it was mailed.

      Thanks for the support Mark.


  1. Bless you Sop. Must mean you are hitting close. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Reminds me of the idiot who threatened me. Called from his office phone and left the message on my answer service!!! That was a difficult case to crack.

  2. sop, fore-warned was supposed to have prevent something from being said. So how did you do on that one? Sometimes the truth will do more then set you free, huh? I will say this for all who suffer the corruption of others. That feeling of doom in knowing its about to hit, needs to be shared with the criminal element. Get Some ! Them federal boys can sometimes get confused, like the ones in state. Call the FBI walk softy blog wide open and don’t forget that big stick.

  3. Slabbed hits hard and obviously aims well. Like any spoiled brat the corrupt officials and their friends will lash out at the ones who catch them and try to blame the ones shining the light. Nothing surprising here other than it took them this long to go over the edge.
    Let’s keep pouring salt in their wounds and let them yell: it’ll be good deterrance to the newbies who might think they can pull fast ones without suffering recrimination.

    Go Slabbed.

  4. If it doesn’t compromise the evidence, can we get a little insight into what the threat stated? Maybe a picture of the letter itself? Keep in mind the politicians/elected officials may not have done it themselves, but instead could very well have had someone compose it and mail it for them so as not to get caught.

  5. Sop, KEEP bringing it to these Jeff Parish politico thugs..their house of cards just got even more shakey…

    You keep on keeping on big guy.

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