Ayn Rand GOP darlin'???? The price of following demagogues: If you love Jesus this is a must see.

From the American Values Network:

but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. ~ Matthew 18:6


My Maw is also my Grandmaw?? Interesting theroies being bandied about that Bristol, daughter of the trailer trash lady from Wascilla that will remain nameless is one horny lil' tart

With all this first birther nonsense going around I guess it is only fair to ask. Well Professor Bradford Scharlott of Northern Kentucky University did ask and he opines that baby Trig likely belongs to Bristol, not Momma.  His paper, which I’ve embedded below is worth reading IMHO.  Hat tweet Keith Douglas on Twitter and the Business Insider. ~ sop

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Never met a murderer or an insurance company he failed to like…..

I wrote something along those lines long ago to describe Judge Helen “Ginger” Berrigan, a lady who has love in her heart for murderers and insurance companies that sometimes has a recusal problem. Overall she is a crappy judge because she evidently fails to understand that the concept of justice extends equally to civil torts and not to only matters involving someone’s liberty or in the case of certain murderers their very lives.

Naturally I chuckled when I saw NMC enrolled pro bono on behalf of murderer Robert Simon, winning him a stay of execution in the process.  As a point of disclosure I revealed here on Slabbed a while back that I am generally against the death penalty citing the execution of the innocent as my biggest reason. But there are exceptions in generally and I cited confessed cold-blooded murderer Isaiah Doyle as one of them.  I’m thinking Robert Simon Jr would be another.  This from the Jackson Clarion Ledger story “Heinous crime still haunts community”:

For many people in this rural farming community, Feb. 2, 1990, will always be remembered as the day Quitman County was rocked with a crime of unspeakable horror – the cold-blooded murder of a well-known farm family. Continue reading “Never met a murderer or an insurance company he failed to like…..”

Senator Wicker introduces a Senate version of NFIP reauthorization and enters the special interest briar patch.

Today Anita Lee profiles in the Sun Herald legislation introduced in the Senate by Roger Wicker to reauthorize the NFIP for 5 years. Talking NFIP is fashionable in political circles these days and the insurance industry is heavily dictating the discussion in DC. 

After reading the entire bill and Senator Wicker’s FAQ sheet I’ll say I was underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong I greatly appreciate the fact that Wicker is the only national politician in Mississippi that gives a shit about the coastal insurance crisis. I just don’t think using concepts based on MID Commish Mike Chaney throwaway lines advances the cause of true NFIP reforms much and I agree with former Texas Commish Robert Hunter who thinks Wicker’s proposal is unworkable in practice.  Then again here at Slabbed we’re underwhelmed by Mr Hunter’s proposals too as the thinking at the consumer federation just isn’t innovative in its own right but that is another post.

Otherwise the Senator’s bill reauthorizes the NFIP almost as is, with the same low overall coverage limits.  One big change is the 20% annual rate increases and like the House there are new mapping provisions. Reading this latest story and an earlier piece in the Sun Herald on a similar bill on the fast track through the House of Representatives you really get a flavor for exactly how much the insurance lobby is dominating the discussion in DC.  Wicker himself alluded to it as Anita reports:

Wicker believes his bill is more palatable than previous efforts to offer optional wind coverage through NFIP so that one policy would cover wind and storm-surge losses. Continue reading “Senator Wicker introduces a Senate version of NFIP reauthorization and enters the special interest briar patch.”