BREAKING TOXIC WASTE ALERT: Aaron Broussard reportedly craps his pants after St Pierre verdict

We’re also getting similar reports from St Charles Avenue and Plaquemines Parish. Please proceed with caution.


Here is a tip for ya Mark. Don't bend over to pick up the soap. Jury finds Mark St Pierre guilty on all counts.

And as I expected St Pierre was taken into custody immediately. Hat tip ‘gate in comments with the news.

Letten still has Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy plus St Pierre’s sack of shit politician/daddy to prosecute based upon what we heard in the testimony.

Congratulations to Team Letten.


Lets welcome Toyota USA to Slabbed as we examine the budding 2006 Highlander Hybrid Scandal: Unsafe at any speed.

Folks, my recent misfortune is the gain of the Slabbed Nation on two counts. The first is the plethora of posts of late and the second is this topic, one which I am now personally motivated to cover for the benefit of others similarly situated from coast to coast and especially the insurers that read us for they too need to know about the equipment they are insuring.

A couple of days ago I was headed home on US 49 in southern Forrest County when my 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid went dead (except for the plethora of warning indicators which turned on).  This occurred while I was doing the 65 mile per hour speed limit and it was a most disconcerting experience for several reasons including the fact that south bound lanes do not have an emergency shoulder on that stretch of the highway. Now given the recent press about folks dying in out of control Toyota vehicles with acceleration problems, I guess I should count my lucky stars there was no catastrophe involving your truly or the passengers in the vehicle as traffic was light and I was able to guide vehicle to a stop in a turning bay. I chalked the experience of waiting on a tow truck in the 90 degree heat on the side of the highway and the resulting $200 tow to Allen Toyota in Gulfport as one of the sucky unavoidable things that you can count on happening in life, but I kept a smile on my face and moved along. No sense letting such things ruin your day huh.

Keeping a good attitude is key IMHO as we got good news the next day from our dealer.  Our car was ready and the fix was less than $200. Of course when we got to the dealership we found out they sent us on a fools errand as the car was not ready and they still did not know what was wrong with it.  I don’t know if the people in service at Allen Toyota had been out on a proverbial 3 martini lunch or if they are just that clueless about how to treat long time customers but we maintained a generally good attitude about driving something on the order of 70 miles for nothing even though the service folks at Allen gave my wife the run around about getting a loaner to compensate for their boner, but like the breakdown, it was what it was so went on about our business.

Today we found out the problem is a part called an inverter and Allen Toyota wanted a cool $10,000 and change to fix the car. Continue reading “Lets welcome Toyota USA to Slabbed as we examine the budding 2006 Highlander Hybrid Scandal: Unsafe at any speed.”

Jim Brown

Thursday, May 26th, 2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Last week, this column analyzed how only a handful of states will be both relevant and make any substantive difference in next year’s presidential election. Under the present system, it’s a “winner take all” contest, where the state’s electoral votes go to the top vote getter. In a red state, like Louisiana, a Republican voting majority is a dead cinch. So why should the candidate for president pay any attention to die hard red or blue states where campaigning is of little value? How about this? Maybe there is a way for my home state of Louisiana to become a major player.

There is no doubt about the Democratic nominee. The president is running for reelection, but has little chance for any gains in Louisiana and the Deep South. But the Republican nomination is wide open, with a number of candidates actively in the running. The primary season kicks off on January 16, with the Iowa caucuses. Here is what takes place before it is primary election day in Louisiana.

Monday, January 16, 2012: Iowa caucuses
Tuesday, January 24: New Hampshire Continue reading “Jim Brown”