6 thoughts on “Wednesday Bonus Music: We be rockin'….”

  1. 30 years of service to the Parish of Jefferson!
    More like 30 years of looking the other way, facilitating the corruption , and lining his own pockets via his salary and the ‘perks’ of being a Slum Landlord with ‘connections’ in the Code Dept.

  2. Finally the last of the ‘Seven Enuchs’ to go … the ‘Seven Eunuchs’ (Steve Theriot, Clem Donelon, Deano Bonano, Jose Gonsalez, Bert Smith, Junior Mendoza and Louis Gruntz), all of whom conspired to illegally retaliate and publicy humiliate AMV based on trumped up charges of blogging material created by Deano Bonano. The very same “anvil” of counterfeit evidence that TheRiot based his decision to defame AMV by putting her on a suspended leave, thereby putting her in a false light with the public as TheRiot chose to announce this unwarranted action on TV and the media at large. A malicious act in deed, and in concert by the ‘Seven Eunuchs’.

    I’m sure Ms. Vandenweghe’s lawyers are well aware that retirement benefits like Gruntz is expecting to receive can now be seized to satisfy any judgement(s) that may accure to her in the future.

  3. It may just be a coincidence ol’ Louis chose the day LaDart was bitch slapped to leave, maybe not. He was smart about one thing: Leaking the news to Rainey in advance.


  4. Gruntz and Nancy Drew Broach of the TP Editorilization Dept go WAAAAAAY back. Broach watched Gruntz’s back and Gruntz leaked info to Broach regularly. Eye witnesses reported cases of Gruntz calling Broach to change a picture or take a reference to Gruntz out of a piece.

    So if Rainey got the info leak it probably was from Nancy Drew.

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