That ain't doughnut glaze on Judge Ross LaDart's Chin! Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals bitch slaps the inept judge, reverses shithouse public records opinion. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal update.

OK folks if you want to catch up on the myriad of ways Jefferson Parish strives to continue doing business in smoke-filled rooms with no accountability or transparency you can catch up by clicking here. The long and short of it is that former Assistant Parish Attorney Anne Marie Vandenweghe sued to make the Parish honor her public records request for her own emails generated before she was fired for whistleblowing on corruption in the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s office. The case was assigned to Judge Ross LaDart, a jurist that either incredibly lazy, inept, corrupt or a combination of the three because his swift opinion kicking the case to the curb was just kicked back to him via appeal in a published opinion released today that is not kind to the Judge.

So today Team Vandenweghe wins big and the Parish will likely be forced to give her own emails, which rumor holds contains evidence of additional criminal activity in the Parish Attorney’s office as it relates to the payroll fraud portion of the political corruption scandal. This in turn explains why the perpetrators still employed by the Parish have fought Team Vandenweghe tooth and nail on this. We shall see before this is done IMHO.

There are several clear losers today. First is the firm of Phelps Dumbar and their lawyers assigned to the case who evidently can’t win in the courtroom unless the fix is in via Judges like LaDart. The taxpayers of Jefferson Parish lose because not only are there still alleged criminal perpetrators on the Parish payroll, they also get stuck with the legal tab defending shithouse double dealing on part of parish employees and certain elected officials. John Young loses too because he picked a stupid ass place to plant his flag and dig in on an issue that supposedly does not impact him.

We’ll be covering this case as it goes back to LaDart’s courtroom where he will be forced to rule on the merits of the issues raised in the suit according to the law. Look for continued jackassery from the Parish Attorney’s office. Parish Attorney Deb Foshee own track record in St Tammany in the area of public access to records under the open records law is very bad so look for the gang to continue flushing taxpayer money down the commode fighting this useless battle.


6 thoughts on “That ain't doughnut glaze on Judge Ross LaDart's Chin! Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals bitch slaps the inept judge, reverses shithouse public records opinion. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal update.”

  1. I was in the courtroom when LaDart rendered his decision. Guess I’ll never forget the subtle shit-eating grin Mike Thomas (who then was a Council aid) flashed to Eula Lopez after LaDart gave his decision. “The Riot’s” daughter was also in the courtroom.

    I will follow this one with a great deal of interest…

  2. Politicslover is long vanquished from the realm of debate on this matter, but he left this gem: “Because laws are set forth … does not equate to those laws being favored.”

    Well, that’s yer problem right there, buddy.

    By the way the writer of that opinion, Wicker, is a good judge.

  3. There are some good judges in both the 24th JDC and the LA 5th Circuit more at the 5th Circuit. How do you folks think Julie Quinn would have ruled on this had she been on the panel? The thought of her snagging a spot on the 5th circuit as part of a backroom breakup deal is down right scary.


  4. Thanks for opening the window BUNHARE:

    The rumor is that Mike Thomas is a shit-eating grinning thief whose mishandling of cash received from persons paying their Code fines in cash…were, well…misplaced ?…when his boss and golfing partner Valenti was apprised of these missing monies, Thomas was made to ante up …why?… and now he’s on the JP Council…well of course he is !!!…and with Tom Porteous’s son not only swearing him in, but now appointed one of his Council Assts,…these politico thugs just continue to put it in our face…they do what they please with immunity…from both DA Connick and US Atty Letten…

    Mike Thomas and his former lackey co-asst buddy, now his asst, Grenrod, along with their then boss Capella where also rumored to have put AMV in their cross-hairs and conspired that they were “out to get her”…

    Mike Thomas is a disgrace…Tim Porteous is a disgrace…Grenrod is a disgrace…Capella is a disgrace…PERIOD !

    Assuming Thomas can read, and read the Appellate Court’s decision, I ‘ll bet the shit is not on his grinning face but in his pants !!!

    I get to TheRiot’s Politico Mafioso daughter later…

    And then there

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