No shit Tom really???

On May 12, 2011  I write it:

Word I get is Balducci wanted Johnny Jones’ slot in the SKG…..

On May 23, 2011 it comes out in the court room per NMC:

When Balducci told Judge Lackey that Balducci had an interest in it, Balducci was thinking (but did not say) that he was hoping to replace Johnny Jones in Scruggs Katrina Group, and stressing about getting paid on the money he was owed.

Never underestimate the damage that can be caused by greedy neophyte lawyers folks. Speaking of lawyers, didn’t NMC say in a now deleted post last July that he didn’t link us because Slabbed was an “unreliable” source of news.  I personally think that was the insurance defense attorney in him talking shit, but who know$ what drive$ a $elf described yellow dog democrat to $hill for a multinational insurer like $tate Farm again$t his fellow citizens that lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Maybe it was them tax liens but who knows…

Stay tuned because I have lots more stuff on the Scruggs saga that has heretofor never seen the light of day. Meantime Patsy Brumfield has a good report on yesterday’s proceedings in the Zach Scruggs matter for those so interested.


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  1. This is a better link to the Lafayette Property Records Freeland collection. Copy the link and paste into your browser. I count 13 entries pertaining to IRS liens in his name. Why is this fellow permittted to practice law. Some state bars have standards for emergency suspension, including one called “appearing to cause great public harm.” Here we have a guy in chronic financial trouble, accused of a horrific crime on a vulnerable person, prancing his fat ass around and holding himself out as a “lawyer.”

    Sorry, as you can tell, I am off my meds again.

    1. I tell you Hendry oweing the amount of back payroll taxes Freeland and Freeland have been assessed and liened on is obscene. The amounts indicate it could well be the entire office staff or partners with guaranteed payments.

      To let it get to that point is simply amazing. The IRS will bend over backwards to work with taxpayers that are in a financial bind before they lien, levy etc. Great link.


  2. Balducci is obviously a pathological liar. His partner, Patterson in the Balducci Firm testified:

    SP – In addition to long history with Dickie and with Lackey, it was a nice fit. They had voiced in that meeting some concerns about other relationships with others who had an ability to talk to judge Lackey.

    MR – Once door was opened withJones, were you trying to get Tim hired?

    SP – absolutely. Not needed to

  3. Sop, I don’t know what you are trying to prove by saying Balducci wanted to take Jones’s place. He and Patterson needed Scruggs for a lot of things but as far as I understand, Katrina wasn’t one of them.

    1. I am trying to prove nothing Belle. I am laying out simple facts. Balducci was done in by his own greed. Patterson was done in years before by his rode hard and put up wet slut wife.

      Just take Balducci at his word and go with me on this.


    1. Absdolutely he has everything to lose by lying now. He knew why he went to Lackey to begin with and now everyone does. What is it about the concept of Balducci being a greedy little fuck that gives you heartburn Belle?


  4. ER – Why did you get STeve to go to PL Blake? Bald – not my idea, all I know what Paterson told me about. ER – your grand jury testimony, you told why you went through PL Blake. Bald – explained process. Steve said he needed to talk to PL about us getting reimbursed because PL could talk to Dickie about it. ER – First contact with PL? Bald – no, don

  5. I must say,”Patterson was done in years before by his rode hard and put up wet slut wife,” is pretty funny.

    It’s not exactly bash Tom Freeland fare, but close enough: morbidly obese slimeball with wife to match.

    I love it.

  6. I don’t deny Balducci is a greedy little fuck at all. Trying to prove he wanted Jones’s place in SKG is barking up the wrong tree when there are many many other trees out there, that’s all.

    1. In my minds eye explaining his motovations is part of the key to figuring this out. You see there is more to this whole deal…….way more than ever appeared in print or on the blogs.

      There are several aspects of the prosecution in USA v Scruggs that give me heartburn. There are related aspects in USA v Minor that also give me heartburn. Judge Lackey and his motivations should also give us all pause for thought.

      And you got the whole jackson Mississippi bar connections in Nutt, Jones, Delaughter, Peters, the courts and more. And does not include the stuff that has not yet seen the light of day.

      So yes what motivated Balducci interests me for reasons that I have not fully revealed yet.


  7. From today’s closing arguments, evidently:

    Balducci testified. Broad context, that Balducci is unreliable. His allegations – three contacts with Zach in case – March, when told to put order on Dick

  8. IMHO, he (David Zachary Scruggs) did not and could not prove he is innocent. We’ll just have to wait for the court’s decision.

  9. There is not one shred of evidence that he knew anything paying money to Lackey or the extent of the Wilson matter.

  10. Sop, you have no right to talk about someone’s wife like that, I don’t care who it is. I don’t think she has anything to do with any of this and it does not further your argument to talk so crassly about her. It is sexist and misogynistic. Women don’t go around talking about men with tiny dicks do they? All of the above have served their time, so let them be. Unless, of course, you are without sin.

    1. Absolutely I have the right to say that. It it’s called the first amendment to the constitution. As an added bonus I do not have to worry about being sued becauseiy is true, Patterson’s wife was the town slut in her hayday.

      May not being nice but I do have a right to say it.


  11. Sure, you have the first amendment right, but will you have credibility with nasty words about spouses of people you don’t like? Maybe you’re mad that she didn’t sleep with you! You’re not sounding much better than NMC, Kingfish or Alan Lange; or maybe you are a part of their good ole boys club, too. Does it make you feel macho?

    1. Belle I have a wife that still enjoys my company after 25 years so no, I’ve never had a desire to join the legions of men that have humped Mrs Patterson. I am ambivalent to Patterson himself except for the shithouse perversions of the justice system he had a hand in perpetrating.

      I worry not about my perceived credability sweet.


  12. BelleSouth,

    Your broad-side accusations against the Timothy Balducci overlook two facts:
    ~ For Balducci to lie under oath now would subject him to potential criminal charges – not without substantial penalties for a past admitted criminal – and also subject him to the potential civil actions by the ‘Scruggsians’ who have shown no shame in attacking truth-sayers and foisting their own public relations endeavors.
    ~ Balducci has evinced a changed heart since the ‘wake-up call’ with the FBI after meeting illicitly with Judge Lackey.

    The former may really be too close for you to acknowledge.
    The latter may be tragically beyond your comprehension.

  13. What difference does it make whether Balducci wanted Jones’s place at SKG? He and Patterson were working on getting Scruggs to talk to Joe Biden’s brother about landing the Kentucky litigation. There is a lot for Balducci to do anything for Scruggs, yes; he was motivated. There is some matter that he talked to Lackey about on the coast or something. It is just referred to and not ever revealed in these proceedings. Why is it important that he wanted Jones’s place at SKG? I don’t do innuendo. I like my truth straight up. I just don’t know what your angst is, Sop. What’s the big deal? Spell it out and leave the wives out of it.

    Patterson is not a lawyer. Justice was not his profession. It was political. Sop, did you read the transcripts for the last three days? Doesn’t look like it. Please don’t refer to this case unless you have because you know, you could be wrong.

  14. Look, if you want to comment about Tom professionally, fine. But, I think the comments are going a bit too far, in particular those about his looks and his wife. You can’t know who is reading this stuff. He has a family. Why be so hurtful just for the sake of hurting people? The more I read from certain commenters the more it is obvious to me that a select few have vendettas.

  15. Jackson man, go read my blog. It’s all about him. I started that blog last October, long before he was arrested for assault and trespassing on a woman who had no way of defending herself against his fat ass. His being arrested just proves I was right all along. Was Tom Freeland thinking about his wife and children when he attempted sexual assault? You should be Admonishing him for his actions, not commenters. He is the one that provides the fodder.

  16. I’d figure Tim was worried about perjury the most because his lies would constitute perjury.

    MAN UP genteleman. Have some respect for others. Get a spine

  17. Thats exactly right Chogg. Plus what would Balducci have to gain by lying about what motivated him to curry favor with Dick Scruggs? Nothing.

    Fact is Tim Balducci was not the first person to have dollar signs replace their better judgement when dealing with Dick Scruggs. The trail of fee dispute cases is testiment to that fact.


  18. You obviously didn’t understand me. Let me quote what I said. “If you want to comment about Tom professionally, fine. But, I think the comments are going a bit too far, in particular those about his looks and his wife. ” I read Tom’s blog. He writes about what a group of people did – he doesn’t comment on their looks, or their wife’s looks. Particularly over and over again in the way that you have. If you want to know the truth, it discredits you to people who read it. I think anyone who reads your posts or BelleSouth’s blog would laugh and roll their eyes, not because of the content, but because of the way things are written. It makes you both come off as crazy, rude, and with vendettas. Do you understand me now?

  19. JacksonMan, you’re confusing my blog with his, except my blog points out where he is rude, crazy and with vendettas. Don’t shoot the messenger. Here read this.

    There follows a typically nasty passage where Wilkie recounts Diane Scruggs

  20. I am not going to get into a quoting war with you. If someone, not knowing either party, came and read your blog they would draw their own conclusions. I drew mine.

  21. I also think it bears mentioning that you and Hendry are posting under aliases. It is easy to throw stones when you don’t have to bear any real responsibility for what you are saying.

  22. Sorry I was not aware. The comment still stands for Hendry though. My original statements had more to do with him anyway, because he is the one making rude comments about Tommy and his wife’s appearance. Belle is not the main problem here, although her blog does come off as creepy.

  23. Sorry if you don’t like my name, jackass, I didn’t pick it.

    I’m in the book.

  24. Look who’s talking about posting under an alias, himself, “JacksonMan” aka jackass!

  25. I am not trying to ruin your professional or personal life, now am I. I was just making observations, and not about your looks either. This doesn’t warrant further argument, my point was heard and that is enough for me.

  26. Tom evidently is trying as hard as he can to ruin his own professional and personal life all by himself. He assaulted a woman! Tore off her blouse, left bruises! Why do you think what we say here has any further weight on him than what he has done to himself? And why do you want to defend such a awful human being?

  27. Maybe I am not being clear enough. I believe that the comments pertaining to Tom’s looks and in particular his wife’s looks are uncalled for. They are mean spirited, and really, the way they move the discussion along does nothing but discredit Hendry as a sane person and hurt the feelings of those who are undoubtedly reading. I also believe that Belle’s obsession with Tom borders on creepy, particularly when you take into account that she has an entire blog dedicated to him. I believe that this blog is just getting its jollies off talking about it all because the writer doesn’t like Tom for whatever reason, and that part I have very little issue with, if any at all. I don’t have a dog in this fight, these are just casual observations from a lurker of these sites. As an aside, I am not comfortable assuming guilt until this is all over, so I am not going to form an opinion of Tom from afar based on a police report and some armchair judging. The police report is nothing more than a write up of what one person is claiming happened on one particular evening. And, if you read it, you will find he wasn’t even arrested as this blog has claimed. It is statements like that which lead me to believe that this blog is excited at the prospect of Tom being in trouble.

  28. Oh come on, sop. Really? I can honestly say I don’t enjoy this at all. It makes me want to throw up. I know nothing of Tom’s wife but if she was out parading in town with the accused perp, then that is very strange. As we have learned here and you can click on the links, this guy has defrauded the USA by not paying taxes. The more I know of him the less there is to like.

    I was thinking about Claimsguy the other day, watching Too Big To Fail. You certainly don’t see him commenting anymore, but boy what a big mouth he was at the time.

  29. Clarion Ledger of May 31, 2011

    Doctor claims defense weak
    Alleges attorney’s own legal woes may have hurt her case

    Jimmie E. Gates

  30. You can get all the juicy details at I have the pleadings and the Freelands’s response complete with Declarations!

  31. Freeland said he wasn’t incrcerated but yes, he was arrested which he says he wasn’t. Thomas’s reply to the Freelands response says:

    We accept Mr. Freeland’s statement that he was not incarcerated. However, should the Court grant us an opportunity to fully investigate this matter, we are confident
    that we can establish that during the critical hours leading up to trial Defendant
    (1)was not able to communicate with her counsel in a meaningful way; (2) there was no
    witness preparation of Dr. Thomas; (3) Dr. Thomas made several inquires regarding
    meetings to discuss the trial, but no meetings were scheduled; and (4) Dr. Thomas
    reached out to counsel to help identify witnesses and documents. We will also point
    out specific incidences at the trial where the Freelands seemed distracted and not
    zealously representing Dr. Thomas. These matters will be supported by affidavits
    when we file our comprehensive Motion for New Trial based on our claims of
    ineffective assistance of counsel.


  32. Good work, Bellesouth! All of a sudden Tommy Freeland’s woes seem snow-balling.

    The next step is a Bar complaint, and then, no doubt, a lawsuit. What if he has to do hard time? Who’s going to pay his taxes then? Well, it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving, or slimier piece of shit.

    One day you pass your time taking nasty shots at other, more successful, better-looking, less obese lawyers on the internet. By and by the whole world learns what a moral degenerate scumbag you really are. How? On the internet. What goes around, comes around.

    Why doesn’t someone call or write the alleged assault victim to tell her to present the attack to the grand jury that meets on June 15th at the Lafayette County Courthouse? She has that right, even if the DA refuses to. It would keep her out of the public eye in Municipal Court and would elevate the charges to felonies. Which is what the allegations really sound like.

    Where are the apologists now? What say you, pluscount, phil quin, jackson jackass man?

    Will you still love your boy when he’s taking care to not bend over in the shower down on Unit 32?

  33. And who’s gonna shoe Joyce’s pretty not-so-little foot when her man is cutting cane down on the metaphorical Brazos?

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