BREAKING: Mark St Pierre went after area blogger after St Pierre's shithouse deals with Meffert and the sex yacht broke on American Zombie.

I’m working on a comprehensive Mark St Pierre post but this last bit of news from the courthouse can’t wait.

We’ve visited on this general topic before but today we again find out the true price of free speech, specifically in investigative blogging as evidence reveals that Mark St. Pierre went after blogger Jason Berry at American Zombie via neighborhood canvas after Jason broke to the world news of the now infamous sex Yacht used to bribe officials with the City of New Orleans. Hammerman has the scoop:

In mid-2006, when the American Zombie blog began the questions about St. Pierre’s use of a yacht for parties for Meffert and Meffert’s access to a corporate credit card, St. Pierre had the blogger investigated. An email presented by prosecutors showed that St. Pierre found out the then-anonymous blogger’s name, Jason Berry, as well as the names of his wife and children.

“The only thing we don’t know is his address and social security number,” St. Pierre bragged to his friends via email.

We have a bit of experience with these type things here at Slabbed. I’ll add the only thing worse than a crook stealing massive amounts of tax money is a crook that has the dishonest behavior rationalized like St Pierre because they tend to do stupid ass things like run a neighborhood canvas on a citizen blogger of pure investigative journalism intent like Jason. Such things come with the turf here in the south which is again why people that value the kind of old fashioned investigative journalism found on blogs and seemingly no where else should support their finer local bloggers.

Speaking of value, the Hammerman also reveals something that is important to a newspaper reporter circa 2011 as he took a shot at Jason’s reporting near the end of his piece. Never mind that American Zombie was literally months ahead of the traditional media on this but he evidently got a minor detail in grand the scheme of things wrong in his cutting edge reporting on Meffert, the credit card and the sex yacht.  IMHO it is a clear signal of the type of mindset that guarantees the continued evolution of the print media in a way the Hammerman evidently dreads.  I think Noladishu said it best for those of us on the new media side of things via twitter:

# of bloggers threatened by St. P: 1. # of TP reporters threatened:0. Badge of honor, there.

Yeah that plus it is sure sign of who St Pierre feared most.

To the extent that other media outlets reported on this scandal months after the fact, a simple thank you to Jason from them on blazing the trail would sure be nice.  I know dream on…..


18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Mark St Pierre went after area blogger after St Pierre's shithouse deals with Meffert and the sex yacht broke on American Zombie.”

  1. Hang em high! This kind of cyerbstalking to seek retribution is just disgusting. I’m glad this kind of thing doesn’t happen in Jefferson Parish (hehe).

  2. Kinda makes you wonder if they were paying attention when TheRiot filed his infamous lawsuit against BLOGGERS.

    1. Thanks Mark.

      Regarding TheRiot I think he thought the T-P would honor the subpoena. Who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t been sent a copy of the suit by Val Bracy when she called inquiring about it. After all the powers that be at the T-P rolled over for the Trout Point gang hanging one of their own reporters out to dry in the process.


    1. I wish I knew Noladishu. I know there are some hard feelings about Jason scooping them on Cedric Richmond. The bottom line is whoever tipped Jason back in 2006 either did not feel comfortable going to the T-P with the info or were ignored after trying to lay it on them. It is evidently a hard truth for veteran journalists to accept.


  3. With all the LLC’s involved, calling the AmEx an Imagine (instead of a NetMethods card) is pretty small potatoes. Even the Feds had to put up a chart for the jurors explaining all the LLC’s.

    I also gotta wonder if Jason would want to file a civil suit against Mark St. Pierre. Get a nice Benz to roll around town in.

  4. Ah, sorry for the multitude of comments, but another thing: their editing out any commenters to this story ( ) that try to link to The comments go poof. They won’t do shit about horrible racist comments, but try and throw a link in there to someone who’s doing a good job and you’re OUTTA HERE.

    One comment in specific: a commenter that was something like Lake50 left a comment to the effect: ‘Times Pic won’t even give Jason a hyperlink, so here it is: ‘. I just reloaded the page and the comment went POOF!

    1. Clay NOLA has censored comments involving slabbed for over a year now. I think they have been cross with Jason since last October. Reporting what they prefer be buried is one sure way to get on their shit list.


  5. “The blog contained a number of inaccuracies, primarily that Meffert had been given an Imagine Software credit card.”

    Is this a joke?

    When did the TP EVER follow up on AZ’s leads? Never, well at least that they told anyone on their pages.

    WHEN did the TP ever give AZ credit for ANY thing, beginning but not ending with a citizen driven online investigation (not having the tools or $$$ that the TP has you can be sure) that led to one of the biggest city corruption trials ever in New Orleans (and more to come?)? NEVER.

    The TP was reading? Really, that’s surprising, they should have let someone know over the last 5 years, but nope, nary a word.

    Oh, wait, except for the hit piece where the TP misrepresented AZ over the Richmond non-profit issues, which only got reported by the TP because Cao (appropriately) raised them. The TP merely followed its historical role of ignoring, relenting to, being complicit in (depending), and maybe even profiting from (well? fair?) the corruption that to this day takes millions out of our fair city.

    What is the cost of the TP’s silence over decades? Billions? Maybe even lives (seriously)?

    Let me tell you something: to those of us living in another city and then back in NO post deluge who were lucky enough to catch the AZ in action early, it gave hope, real hope that the people had turned a corner, that someone out there cared, that things would change. 2006 things looked very dark and it was very questionable whether, even if we had dried out, we would ever crawl onto the high ethical ground as a city. AZ was a veritable St. George showing up with a broadsword for a dragon fight.

    Vs. the TP & JP with their lil’ slight of hand routine.

    Here’s one other thing: there was another way to handle this. AZ ended up with a city attorney in his headbeams for a while and that guy actually tracked AZ down. Seemed scary, right? The guy actually ended up making contact (this is all on the AZ blog) and manned up and they had a personal discussion, and apparently they both had a meeting of the minds (or something). AZ opened up his blog to him, posted his material, gave him full opportunity to speak.

    AZ allowed them to correct what they felt should be corrected, and the guy probably had his eyes opened a bit too to what was going on at his workplace and Mitch has kept him on to this day. – Now is that so bad? It makes a lot more sense than Mr. St. Pierre’s methods (real & imagined, all involving intimidation); look where that got him by comparison.

    “We’ve seen the hubris. And now we’re seeing the scandals.”

  6. Clay, there are editors. they are a whole other thing.T

    No, not every word on there is the writer’s.

    And not every word from the writer is necessarily in there.

    If something looks out of place that’s because it probably is.

  7. Guys, thank you all. I was going to make a post but I was so exhausted when I came home I didn’t make it past my couch, I just fell out.

    I noticed the zinger at the end as well, I am not so sure that it was so much meant to be a zinger as it was to point out that I did ORIGINALLY get the company wrong. St. Pierre’s whole case was predicated on the notion that Imagine was not synonymous with Mark St. Pierre, but Netmethods was. Now I know that sounds contradictory but the defense was trying to establish that because NM was paying Meffert it was somehow OK because technically NM wasn’t getting any business with the city, it was actually Imagine and Logistix which were doing business with the city. They were implying that the payoffs to Meffert were all through private enterprise, not public. So St. Pierre was supposedly pissed that I said the card was an Imagine card and wanted to sue me for that. Hammer is correct in pointing that out but I think it could have used a little more definition, he was writing furiously so I give him the benefit of the doubt.

    The point I made to him, and I have consistently made in general, is that the blog is not a work of perfection…it never has been. Doug, I think you understand this as well as anyone. It’s always been an evolving search for the truth.

    Less than a month after I made the original post on the credit card, I came to know about the multiple “shell” companies they had created and I began to report on those as well. Over time I came to understand the issues much better and that was largely in part to the reader comments and private emails that began to pour in from knowledgeable sources.

    While in this instance I don’t think Hammer was necessarily zinging me, I am fucking tired of them constantly harping on the fact that the blog has made mistakes. Yes, I have, and no, I am not a fully staffed journalism entity. I think what we are doing, Slabbed, AZ, et al., is an entirely different animal than TP, Fox 8, even The Lens.

    Having said that, I honestly don’t think we would have been in that court room today had it not been for AZ and its readers. That may sound arrogant but I think both Meffert and St. Pierre attested to that fact in the court proceedings. Meffert said in testimony he knew he was in trouble when the Hawaii trip came up in the Civil Case deposition….that came from AZ, not the TP. The credit card came from AZ, not the TP. The crime camera deal was originally reported on AZ, not the TP. I’m not boasting but I think it’s important to point out that the blog was the catalyst which brought this corruption to light. Slabbed is doing the same thing in spades and the sooner MSM journalists and media entities can get over themselves and realize what role we play, the better off we’re all gonna be.

    Also, I would point out that and the TP are wholly different entities. NOLA is mostly a poorly run web effort while the TP is mostly…generally….a credible, at times exceptional, newspaper. NOLA hates us (blogs), particularly me, and will delete any mention of us in their comment section. I’m cool with that, as I don’t really want to be associated with NOLA’s comment section anyway. I learn more reading Slabbed’s comment section on a single post than I would reading a week’s worth of idiotic, racist banter on NOLA. I take pride in my commenters and readers and I’m sure you do too, Doug.

    Once again, thanks for the kudos.

    1. Thanks for the clarification on why the swipe both fit and was poorly done.

      I think you’re spot on in how blogs differ from other forms of journalism. We’ll see if the defense’s pseudo chinese firewall prevails. I think the jury will come back today with a guilty verdict and St Pierre will be immiediately taken into custody. It will be richly deserved.

      I absolutely agree that without AZ St Pierre would be on the beach with his wife. In our early days an investigative journalist told me something along the lines that in that biz all you have is your reputation for keeping your word. That currency buys tips and trust. The proof is in the blogging and now in the courtroom.

      The props are well deserved my man. Great work..


  8. The arrogance of Mark St. Pierre is astounding… and why shouldn’t it be … least we forget…he is what he was expected to be … a pedigree Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso … his misfortune is that he was dealing in Orleans Parish and not Jefferson Parish … as it has become all too apparent, Letten does not prosecute one of his own that stay in Jefferson parish !!!

  9. Thanks Dad:

    lockemuptight PERMALINK
    May 21, 2011 10:42 am

    IMA- In the TP today there is a story that Mark St.Pierre gave his dad, a member of the JP school board, several contributions from his many corporations amounting to an excess of $2,500 /year. Maybe Mark needs to take his dad to the moon with him. Seems like Mark may have learned a thing or two on his dad

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