4 thoughts on “I am getting word….”

  1. Police department gratuities in gretna & westwego by St Pierre to police chief are the allegations by prosecutors according to media at the trial

  2. This makes sense Doug. There has been lots of chatter about more than gratuitis to the Police Departments too. Thanks.

    Great name BTW.


  3. ‘ It wasn’t about bribes or kickbacks, there was no reason for that ‘ . ‘ It was worth it (payments of $67,000/month to Meffert) ‘ . ‘ I refuse to be intimidated ‘ -WOW- Mr.Mark it isn’t nice to insult the intelligence of the government and jury. Didn’t your daddy on the JP school board, Ray St.Pierre, teach you better or was it you heard of all his contract deals and you as his son got intoxicated on his stories and wanted some stories of big deals for yourself. But you had to show him you were big time, you got greedy and wanted big bites of fillet instead of frequent free ham sandwiches. I’d suggest you wipe that smart ass smile off your face outside and inside of court and eat some humble pie before you get sentenced to a life time of baloney sandwiches.

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