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Remember Jefferson Parish Constable Antoine “Tony” Thomassie? He was one of Aaron Broussard’s political hacks that is front and center in the payroll fraud portion of the Jefferson Parish political corruption scandal. Folks the chirpin’ birdie is telling me tonight on Channel 4 Tony is front and center in an investigative report that will feature “strippers, selling badges and drinking on duty”. I for one can’t wait to tune in at 10:00 tonight!

A reminder that just because I’ve not been blogging on Jefferson Parish political corruption of late that the news cycle is quiet. There is stuff going on I just can’t blog about it. One thing I will disclose is that Chereen Gegenheimer is back as a council aid to working in Mike Thomas’ office. The revolving door, ain’t it grand!


The WWL TV report is now online and is embedded below the fold:

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  1. Yeah, Tony Thomassie was another of Debbie Villio’s “personal favors” to the power brokers. She made sure he was unsupervised, and her BFB Tom Wilkinson made sure he got paid “right”!
    Favors requests came from Butch Ward’s “mini-me” through the “Broussard Connection”.
    Skank working for scum! And the whole deal was payoff for “Antoine’s” support for Nool-the Fool at “mini-me’s direction.

    Another rock; another slimy credature hiding under it!

    1. Thery didn’t have anything about strippers and only alluded to drinking on tower but he was selling badges in spades.

      Saw that about the Young the Younger. Having his momma’s last name for his first may have given the Young man a complex.

      Wasn’t Marullo the same Judge that let several NOPD officers caught on camera beating the dogshit out of a tourist go? Soft on crime he is….


  2. Outrageous, but so typical of Jefferson Parish politics, particularly the variety that

  3. Frank Marullo is an embarrasment to the judiciary. John Young’s son had cash, a scale, and a large amount of marijuana. This is PWID, plain and simple – not simple possession!! Once again, corruption reigns in our fair city as it is clear that Marullo did this as a favor to Young. Of course, Marullo would understand Young’s situation as a father since his own son is a gun-toting thug who took the life of an innocent girl!

  4. I realize his son wouldn’t have had the same treatment if he isn’t who he is, but good on Marullo for saving space in prison for real crimes.

  5. @nolakat
    Hey, hey now. What did I tell you all about the West Bank? It’s not more “variety that festers on the West Bank” anymore than it is on the East Bank. Virtually every elected official serving a parish-wide seat is from East Jefferson. East Bank dominates, the West Bank is only trying to keep up with you guys 😉

  6. SOP, if I may; Frank Marullo isn’t “soft on crime” as in all crime. Frank Marullo is soft on all “connected crime” as in political machine connections.
    If it’s a corrupt, slimey, scumbag elected (or after caught-and-released; appointed) politico in Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, and now St Tammany: Frank’s their go-to guy!

    Frank Marullo seems to fit perfectly Richard J. Daley’s definition of a “good judge”; “ who gets bought, and stays bought.”

    I don’t think he was ever elected….I think he was appointed to the bench by Carlos Marcello in the 1960’s! LOL!

  7. I knew a few pot smokers back in the day, and NONE of them ever had a scale. So what we can conclude is that: 1) Mary Lou McCall got a DWI in broad daylight with a vodka bottle rolling around on the floor and tried to attack the cop, 2) Little Johnny Young (the film student) loves and admires his father so much that he qualified to run against him for parish council a few years back, and 3) McCall Young (gotta love the name) is a pot dealer.

    When you add Julie and Pat Quinn to this equation, you get Jerry Springer’s version of the Brady Bunch. And then we have a governor who lifted his name from the Brady Bunch, and . . .

  8. I agree with the comment above that intent to distribute is a whole other ballgame.

    Leave aside the question of the appropriateness of our marijuana laws (good idea / bad idea, important vs non-productive, morality or harm of weed or lack thereof, etc.)…

    …if you’re a parent in the neighorhood where McCall Young has his little (well, how big, exactly?) operation: how the heck do you feel about Marullo letting a seller out and back into your neighborhood where your child plays, rides, runs, walks, spends time, etc.?

    The next time you call the police or DA for help because you don’t want your child around it what reaction do you think you will get from the police?


    And that’s worse than the pot.

  9. I find it amazing how people who cannot even govern their own house, consider themselves capable of governing the entire community. Lagasse’s son, Young’s family, Lawson’s son, Ray St. Pierre’s son, Judge Heebe’s son, Judge Marullo’s son. Thats off the top of my head, and the list goes on and on. Keep in mind that these are the one’s that have surfaced, how many incidents do you think have been squashed at the scene? Every man should put his own house in order first, before attempting to lead others.

  10. On Thomassie:

    Isn’t this same guy that Broussard had in his parish attorney’s office?????

    How the hell does Woltering just not mention that??


    It’s not as clear as one might think, as this post from TJR shows:

  11. Correction here’s the L SOS info on the bar/group:

    “THE LAST STAND SC, INC. Business Corporation HARVEY Active

    Business: THE LAST STAND SC, INC.
    Charter Number: 36930785 D
    Registration Date: 12/30/2008
    Domicile Address
    2140 SAULET PL
    HARVEY, LA 70058
    Mailing Address
    2140 SAULET PL
    HARVEY, LA 70058
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: Not In Good Standing for failure to file Annual Report
    File Date: 12/30/2008
    Last Report Filed: 8/10/2010
    Type: Business Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 2140 SAULET PL
    City, State, Zip: HARVEY, LA 70058
    Appointment Date: 12/30/2008

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Officer: JULIO R. CASTILLO
    Title: President, Director
    Address 1: 2140 SAULET PL
    City, State, Zip: HARVEY, LA 70058

    Officer: HOLLIE H. CASTILO
    Title: Secretary/Treasurer, Director
    Address 1: 2140 SAULET PL.
    City, State, Zip: HARVEY, LA 70058

    Amendments on File (2)
    Description Date
    Appointing, Change, or Resign of Officer 3/19/2009
    Appointing, Change, or Resign of Officer 8/26/2010”

  12. ‘ It don’t matter what they call me …. a paralegal, a paraplegic ‘ at $15,000 per year , ‘ I have a good reputation ‘, ‘ I’m good at what I do ‘, ‘ escorting women shoppers to their cars ‘, ‘ they are lying through their teeth ‘ and ‘ I’m insulted and offended ‘ by all the allegations, sayeth Sir King Antoine, of the Last Stand Bar Round Table of 70. What noble BS this is, Sir Antoine, the knighting of honorable and dishonorable men alike with shining shields to go out to do good in the medieval village like avoiding speeding tickets and the stockade in the Westbank Forest. And only for an annual cost of 150 plus 250 additional chickens in Round Table dues. Even King Arthur would be proud of your cache King Antoine – $15,000 for paraplegic work and 70 times 400 chickens or about 28,000 chickens per year from the Round Table alone. But most outstanding , no chickenshit taxes for King Antoine to pay. And how about your constable salary for 24 years of serving the peasants with warrants and other good village news. King Arthur and even Mr.T would also be jealous of all your gold neck jewelry. I can hear the loud 70 knights singing in The Last Stand Bar now, ‘ Its good to be King and long live King Antoine til’ the Forest Sheriff shows up ‘.

  13. These facts remain:

    1) Thomassie has not been formally investigated, indicted or prosecuted by DA Connick or US Atty Letten for his participation in the para-legal payroll fraud scandal that was facilitated by Tom Wilkinson and supervised by Peggy Barton…

    2) Debbie Villio has not been formally investigated, indicted or prosecuted by DA Connick or US Atty Letten for her publicly confessed crime(s) of violating the election laws of both the State of La and Jefferson Parish…

    3) Peggy Barton, along with her former boss-hog Wilkinson, is presently the Director for Human Resources…the very same person who is a catalyst and principal in felony criminal conspiracies to accommodate payroll fraud in the Parish Atty

  14. ‘gate….appears to be a trend here..neither Jefferson Parish District Attorney Connick or BIG JIMBO Letten have a desire to do their jobs & enforce the law…

    and we wonder why we’re in trouble in Jefferson Parish….

  15. Uh-huh.

    Odd report, underreported perhaps?

    2/1/11 TP:

    “A Belle Chasse man suspected of being a former Jefferson Parish deputy constable was expected to be released from jail on bond Monday after his arrest last week for allegedly selling marijuana to a high school student.

    Michael J. Joia , 37, of 109 Jay St., was booked Friday with distribution of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a sawed-off shotgun, possession of narcotics paraphernalia, carrying a concealed weapon and impersonation of a Jefferson Parish deputy constable, according to Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle.

    Joia , who spent the weekend in the parish jail, was expected to gain his release Monday evening after posting a $144,000 bond, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

    Detectives were led to Joia after arresting a 16-year-old Belle Chasse High School student who had marijuana in her purse, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj. John Marie said.

    Narcotics agents and their K-9 Rico were conducting a routine search at the school when the police dog detected marijuana in one of the classrooms, Marie said. The girl became nervous upon spotting the agent and dog, he said.

    “Rico went right to her purse,” Marie said.

    The girl, who was not identified because of her age, was booked as a juvenile for possession of marijuana, Marie said.

    The agents learned while interviewing the girl that she allegedly bought marijuana from Joia , Marie said. Agents found plastic baggies at Joia ‘s residence with designs that matched the one the girl had, he said.

    “He readily admitted he sold her the drugs,” Marie said.

    Detectives also uncovered evidence suggesting Joia had been a deputy constable under former Jefferson Parish Constable Kim Liberto. The detectives were trying to confirm that the expired commission they found at Joia ‘s residence is valid, Marie said.

    She was 1st Justice Court constable from 2000 until 2008, when her son Jonathan Liberto was elected. Neither could be reached for comment Monday.”

    Odder: Chris Roberts’ maiden name is “Joia.”

    Odder still: Chris Roberts is big political buddies with Jonathan Liberto.

  16. Annnnd….. Insurance;

    12/29/92 TP:

    “A Jefferson Parish justice of the peace has been charged with malfeasance in office and numerous counts of theft in connection with an insurance scam, the district attorney’s office said.

    Philip C. Blanda, 44, elected to the 2nd Justice District in March, is accused of bilking 13 clients of his Cross State Insurance Agency out of more than $17,000 in premiums, according to court documents.

    “He was taking premium payments and not obtaining insurance for his clients,” said Bob Long, of the district attorney’s screening division, which last week filed charges against Blanda.

    Long said the malfeasance charge stems from Blanda’s failure to split fees – estimated at more than $4,000 – with Constable Antoine “Tony” Thomassie, who has authority with Blanda over the justice of the peace district that stretches west of the Harvey Canal.

    The theft charges allege that Blanda stole premiums ranging from $239 to $4,761 from his insurance clients beginning in June 1991.

    Blanda was stripped of his insurance license three months ago after several clients complained to the state Insurance Commission about his failure to purchase policies for them. In one case, a man who paid Blanda to insure an apartment complex in eastern New Orleans was forced to pick up most of the $30,000 repair cost when a fire gutted one of the units, Insurance Commission records show.

    After a hearing at which Blanda admitted taking premium payments and not buying insurance, a judge revoked his license, records show. Three of Blanda’s clients said he since has made partial restitution.

    Blanda has not been arrested, but is expected to be subpoenaed to appear in court for his arraignment. No date has been set.

    Blanda did not return phone calls.

    The criminal charges don’t appear to preclude Blanda from holding onto his office.

    However, an official with the state judiciary commission said that in cases where judges are facing such charges, they are often asked to temporarily step down until the case is resolved.

    “Historically, the commission has requested that a judge or justice of the peace take a leave of absence if criminal charges are pending,” said Nancy Chachere, deputy chief executive officer of the commission. “If they refuse, a recommendation may be sent to the Supreme Court to force them to.”

    Chachere would not say whether the commission is considering asking Blanda to step down or whether any complaints about him had been reported.

    If Blanda decides to take a leave, he still would receive his $9,000 annual salary from the parish. However, he would be prohibited from collecting fees for case filings, signing eviction notices and presiding over marriages – the bulk of a justice’s income. “

  17. “The district attorney’s office also charged Blanda with malfeasance after Constable Antoine “Tony” Thomassie complained that he had not been paid more than $4,000 in back fees owed to him by the justice of the peace.”

    – 1.12.93 TP

    Ok, so it looks like Thomassie was really complaining about not getting court filing fees (as opposed to insurance fees) – just to be clear.


    Some info on Thomassie’s predecessor:

    ” A federal appeals court Thursday upheld the convictions of three men, including an official in the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department, for their parts in a scheme to bribe a judge to fix a case.

    In 1986, Vincent Bruno, Russell Camardelle and his brother, Rodney Camardelle , were indicted, along with Junior Provenzano, of conspiring to falsely promise to bribe Judge Israel Augustine to fix a case.

    Bruno, an official in the sheriff’s department, and Russell Camardelle, a guard at the parish prison, were also convicted on two counts of wire fraud.

    The case started back in 1981, when Chip Langford was jailed on charges of assault and armed robbery. Bobby Langford contacted Provenzano. After Provenzano held a series of meetings with Bruno, the Camardelles and others, Langford paid him $5,000 to fix his son Chip’s case.

    Nothing was ever done on Chip Langford’s behalf. He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to five years in prison.

    In January 1986, Bruno, the Camardelles and Provenzano were indicted on the charges of conspiracy, bribery and wire fraud.

    Provenzano pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge and the three others said in their appeal that the plea violated their rights.

    A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Court of Appeals rejected the claim.

    In addition, Bruno and Russell Camardelle claimed there was a variance in what was alleged in the indictment and what was proved at the trial.

    But the judges ruled against the two men, saying “while we agree… that the government failed to present sufficient evidence to sustain a jury finding that they conspired to defraud the Langfords, we do not regard this variance as requiring reversal of their convictions for conspiracy.”

    Writing for the panel, Judge E. Grady Jolly noted that the government accused Bruno and Camardelle of conspiring to commit bribery and fraud, but proved “only that they conspired to commit bribery.” – 1/30/87 BR Advocate

    9/11/90 TP:

    “A federal judge has set aside the 1986 fraud-related convictions of Vincent Bruno, former head of a New Orleans police union, Jefferson Parish constable candidate Rodney Camardelle , and his brother, former Orleans Parish deputy sheriff Russell “Moose” Camardelle.

    U.S. District Judge Patrick E. Carr, responded to a motion filed by defense attorney Dwight Doskey.

    Carr ruled after a federal appeals court reversed Bruno’s convictions in June, saying he was prosecuted under a fraud statute thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987.

    The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sent his case back to Carr to decide if Bruno was entitled to what is called a writ of coram nobis, meaning, in effect, correcting the judgment against him.

    Doskey argued that Bruno, who in 1979 led unionized New Orleans police officers in a strike during Carnival, was entitled to the correction of judgment because he suffered employment disabilities because of the 1986 felony convictions.

    The Camardelles, convicted with Bruno, sought the same ruling from Carr.

    Rodney Camardelle , who once held a constable post in Jefferson Parish, is again a candidate for constable in the fall election.

    Bruno, the Camardelles and reputed West Bank mobster Joseph “Junior” Provenzano were convicted of conspiracy to defraud an Alabama couple who paid $10,000 to Provenzano, who told them he could fix an armed robbery charge in New Orleans against their son, Carlton “Chip” Langford.

    No bribe was offered to the judge in the case, Israel Augustine, now retired. But Provenzano received the $10,000 from the couple.

    Bruno and Russell Camardelle also were convicted of two counts of wire fraud.

    Bruno, 43, of Metairie, a candidate for Congress against U.S. Rep. Robert Livingston, was sentenced to 18 months in prison and fined $1,000.

    He served several months and was released. He said that although he has served his sentence it was important to him to have the felony convictions dismissed. Provenzano is serving a three-year prison term.

    Rodney Camardelle was sentenced to six months in prison. Rodney Camardelle received a suspended sentence on his conspiracy conviction and was placed on probation.”

    8/14/90 TP:

    “A state judge has ruled that a former Marrero constable can run for his old office, even though he was convicted of conspiracy in federal court in 1986.

    Antoine J. Thomassie, the incumbent constable of 2nd Justice of the Peace Court, had filed suit in state district court in Jefferson Parish charging that Rodney Camardelle is prohibited from running for office under state and federal constitutions and should be disqualified from the race.

    The election is Oct. 6.

    State Judge Jacob Karno ruled Thursday that the Louisiana Constitution automatically restores to an individual his rights as a citizen once he is no longer under legal supervision.

    Camardelle received a suspended sentence and three years’ probation for the conspiracy conviction. Camardelle said he got an automatic first-offender pardon from the state after serving the probation period.

    Thomassie’s attorney, Giles Duplechin, said Thomassie has decided he will not appeal the decision. It likely would end up as a long and complicated legal battle over state and federal constitutional issues, he said.

    Duplechin said Camardelle’s conviction was of a federal crime in a federal court, and under the U.S. Constitution, he can be pardoned for the crime only by the president. Without a presidential pardon, Camardelle cannot legally register to vote, cast a vote or hold office, Duplechin said.

    Duplechin said he believes the state Constitution may conflict with the federal Constitution on that legal point. ”

    Note the reference to Junior Provenzano above.

    – The Karno name goes way back with Carlos Marcello. And Marcello basically grew out of the Matranga-Todaro branch of the west bank mafia.

    – Carlos Marcello married Jacqueline Todaro, the niece of New Orleans mafia boss Frank Todaro – there are a lot of Todaros running around yaknow, especially on the west bank and kenner.

    – It’s notable that Comardelle believed that all first-offenders get an “automatic” pardon after their probation is up. Er, really?

  18. Roch – Thanks for the extra personal information on Chris Roberts.Not only is Chris Robert’s mother ‘s maiden name jolia but the person which was appointed as his interim replacement is Mr.Townsend.

    Now as per post by Telemachus back on February 14, 2011 at the blog of” Sop namely “Roll the Dice for another Clue-River Birch version” there appeared an obituary of a Willie Dee Barnes Ward stating that she was the mother to Fred Heebe and the daughter of the late Doskye Townsend Barnes- in simpler terms Fred Heebe’s grandmother on his mother’s side was a Townsend.

    Now we know that Chris Roberts is a Ward promoter, as well as other Councilmen, but isn’t it just too much influence for a non-elected, appointed councilman to be related to Fred Heebe? Could there be a vote coming soon before the Councilon a new TRASHY waste proposal by River Birch before the October election to replace the two strategically placed interim councilmen?

  19. Correction- Chris Robert’s mother’s maiden name is “joia” not “jolia”.Does anyone know how Fred Heebe is related to interim Councilman, Townsend? Cousins to some degree perhaps.

  20. Lock, dude, it truly cracks me up how these names just run together over and over again.

    We have:

    Margaret Townsend – former East Jefferson school board regional Superintendent (there was a Bill Townsend whose mother was named Margaret Townsend)

    Leigh Barton – former Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, school board

    Cherreen Gegenheimer – former executive assistant, former head of the JP film commission, now on the charter advisory board and was before, aide to new councilman

    Right, Jim Ward’s wife was Willie Dee Barnes Ward, who is the mother of Fred Heebe (Jr.) and Adrea Heebe. Willie Dee Barnes Ward was also the daughter of Sidney William Barnes and Doskye Townsend Barnes.

    Bill Townsend was for years Butch Ward’s councilmanic aide, and after that he was Chris Roberts’ aide (requiring Chris to put out a statement that he was is own wee man damnit or some such). Basically he’s a Ward proxy.

    But take a look at his resume:

    He does not say what councilmen he worked for. He says he was a manager with “two manufacturing companies in New Orleans area”…. without saying which ones. What kind of resume doesn’t say where or for whom one worked at any point since 1964???? Almost 50 years and not one employer or boss or reference? Wow.

    In addition, the JP assessor has his home address as:

    “Parcel# Owner Location Description Assessment Action
    0200005046 ROSS,WAYNE R & BEVERLY W 2141 N LEXINGTON AVE LOT 22 SQ 111 TERRYTOWN SUB 7 12540”

  21. 9.23.95 TP:


    Opponents of two Jefferson Parish Council members say their supporters have been pressured to remove yard signs by the incumbents or their supporters.

    Danny Lamonte, who is running against T.J. “Butch” Ward, and Lloyd Giardina, who is running against James Lawson, say people who have put up their yard signs have sometimes removed them after supporters of the incumbents approached them.

    Both Ward and Lawson deny trying to get opponents’ signs out of sight, but said they sometimes contact those who have them to see why they support someone else.

    The battle for prime locations for campaign signs has intensified this year because of a parish crackdown on placing signs on highway medians and utility poles, the candidates say.

    Ann LeBlanc, a neighbor of Lawson’s, said the councilman called her after she put up a sign for Giardina.

    “He asked ‘Why do you have a Lloyd Giardina sign in your yard?’ ” she said.

    LeBlanc, a beautician, said she felt intimidated by the call, and said Lawson wanted to know why she had to put up the largest sign available.

    “We’ve lived down the street from this man for 10 years and he’s never said word one to us,” LeBlanc said. “Now he calls us up? It’s none of his business why we have a sign in our yard. I mean, does he keep a list of who didn’t support him and use it after the election?”

    Lawson said the exchange did not take place as LeBlanc described it.

    “I was polite as I could be. I asked her if I had done something wrong,” Lawson said. He said he called LeBlanc because she lives four doors down from him.

    Giardina said other supporters of his had been contacted.

    “This kind of thing has got to stop,” he said.

    Lawson said he’s had sign trouble of his own. Shortly after opening his campaign headquarters late last month, someone drove over two 2-foot-by-8-foot signs in front of the office. He plans to take the truck’s grille, which was left behind, to the Sheriff’s Office, he said. He also said people have torn down 60 of the $20 2-by-8 signs.

    Ward’s opponent, Lamonte, blames Giardina for the loss of a prime sign location on Belle Chasse Highway near the Timberlane subdivision.

    Charles Graf had signs for several candidates on his fence, including one for Lamonte. He said he took them all down after discussing the matter with Giardina, a friend of Ward’s.

    He was not pressured, he said, “I just didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

    Giardina said he advised Graf to take the signs down “because I didn’t want to see him get into any trouble.”

    Giardina said he feared that Graf, who has lived on his farm for more than 50 years, would anger Ward’s supporters in the nearby Timberlane subdivision.

    Lamonte said the incidents are part of a pattern.

    “We send people all over the world to make sure there are fair elections, and we don’t even have them here,” he said.

    Another Lamonte supporter, Vic Vinet Sr., said he and his son’s boss have been contacted by Ward supporters too.

    Gretna Police Chief B.H. Miller , a Ward ally, called to ask why he was supporting someone else, he said.

    “He wanted to know if I had any problem with Councilman Ward,” said Vinet, who is active in Lamonte’s campaign. “I told him that I was supporting Danny because I did a lot of business with him.”

    Miller said he called Vinet because he has known him a long time.

    “I just wanted to see if there was a problem, but some people just want to blow it out of proportion,” Miller said. He said the call to Vinet was the only one he has made.

    Vinet said he wasn’t too disturbed by the call, but said he thinks other people have been pressured. “It seems like every time we get a sign up in a good location, the property owner gets a call and it comes down,” he said.

    He said Bill Townsend , Ward’s aide, called his son’s boss, Harvey Volunteer Fire Chief Scott Berthelot, to ask why Vic Vinet Jr. had a Lamonte sign in front of his house.

    “He was just asking if the firemen had a problem with the councilman,” Berthelot said. “I called (Vinet) in and told him about it immediately because I didn’t want it to get out that someone was putting pressure on him.”

    The younger Vinet would not discuss the matter.

    “I have to worry about what happens down the road,” he said.

    Townsend said he didn’t realize he was calling Vinet’s boss, thinking that he was a volunteer rather than a full-time firefighter. He said he simply wanted to know if firefighters were angry at Ward. Townsend acknowledged that his call could have been misconstrued.

    Ward vehemently denies that pressure was placed on anyone.

    “He doesn’t have an issue to run on, so he’s trying to create one,” Ward said. “Show me one person who has been intimidated.”

    Ward said he and his supporters sometimes call people they know with an opponent’s sign in their yard to ask if they have a problem with him.

    “It’s like if someone says you’re a bad writer,” he said. “You are going to ask them why they think so.” ”

    Butch Ward hired Townsend 1988.

    The Miller-Ward Seat & West Jeff MC board members appointed via the Butch Ward seat:

    Beauregard “Burry” (BH) Miller preceded Ward on the council. Ward was succeeded by Chris Roberts.

    6.7.90 – Butch Ward appoints Miller who replaces Townsend on the WJMC board.

    11.17.01 – Butch Ward appointed Jim Ward (his brother) to replace Fred Heebe (his stepson).

    3.27.08 TP:

    “The Jefferson Parish Council, the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission and the Jefferson Historical Society of Louisiana celebrated the golden anniversary of the Jefferson Parish Council at the March 12 council meeting. The Jefferson Parish council-president system of government began on March 3, 1958, when, after 133 years of government by police jury, the first council and president took office.

    Two surviving members of the first council were recognized for their service to Jefferson Parish: Beauregard H. “B.H.” Miller Jr., who represented District 1 from 1958 until 1979; and Frederick J.R. Heebe , who represented the West Bank at-large (Districts 1 and 2) from 1958 until 1960. Miller later became Gretna chief of police, while Heebe served as a federal judge. Miller’s proclamation, presented by Councilman Chris Roberts, was accepted by longtime family friend Mary Grace Curry, chairwoman of the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission. Heebe ‘s proclamation, presented by Councilman At-Large John Young, was accepted by Heebe ‘s daughter-in-law, Councilwoman Jennifer Sneed.

    The council’s longest- and second-longest-serving members were also recognized. Thomas J. “Butch” Ward, who represented District 1 from 1979 to 2003, was the longest-serving member at 24 years seven months. Ward’s proclamation, presented by Councilman Chris Roberts, was accepted by Ward’s son, Jason Ward. Lloyd F. Giardina, the council’s second-longest-serving member at 23 years seven months, represented the West Bank at-large (Districts 1 and 2) from 1976 to 1992 and District 2 from 1995 to 2004. He appeared to accept his proclamation, which was presented by Councilman Elton Lagasse.”

    Now, Townsend replaces Roberts.

    Butch Ward got term limited out or else he would probably still be there. In a way he still is, he’s never left.

  22. Roch- This is too coincidental. for all these outstanding Jefferson statesmen to either be related to the Ward-Heebe clan or live as neighbors in Terrytown. Ex-Councilman-at-Large Tom Capella lives/ lived at 2141 Lexington Ave., Terrytown and now new interim Councilman William P. Townsend lives at 2124 Lexington Ave.,Terrytown. That’s just a few doors across the street.

    What are the chances of two fine statesmen getting on the Council just doors away from each other. Did they buy their homes together or from the same landowner. Or could they have had the same west bank builder build them. Whose built a lot of homes on the westbank and involved in politics.

    I’m going to check and see if there isn’t a few homes up for sale on Lexington and maybe I can become an outstanding Jeffesron statesman. too.

  23. I was just threatened by “Daniel Haro” he still claims to be a Captain in the Jefferson Parish Constable’s Office. I looked him up in the Federal Inmate database and he is a convicted federal felon! Can he possibly still have a badge? Or did he just commit another felony? I have the proof if anyone is interested, he sent an email threatening me with his position in the JP Constable’s Office.

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