There is a common criminal masquerading as Sheriff in Plaquemines Parish.

The folks in Plaquemines Parish Louisiana have a special talent for electing crooked miscreants to office and indeed we have featured the infamous Billy Nungesser Jr. on these pages several times for being a lying, thieving sack of shit but little did we know Sheriff Jiff Hingle was giving lessons on how to loot campaign cash and bill expenses multiple places.

Lee Zurik did an investigation of Hingle and his campaign finances for Fox 8 and the results shook even this most jaded observer as the thieving was barely hidden and very brazen.


31 thoughts on “There is a common criminal masquerading as Sheriff in Plaquemines Parish.”

  1. Hingle likes to sit at the end of the bar at Ryan’s Irish Pub in the Quarter. He can also be seen drinking sometimes at Delta Marina in Empire. I wonder which card he uses and who drives him home.

  2. Sock, Would you suggest the Iris Pub over the Delta Marina? I know your not stalking Hingle. I find it odd that folks from the area of this happening aren’t leaving comments on these postings. I would have thought that the old way of life had changed by now.

    See it isn’t that the officials in Louisiana aren’t crooked. But take the women reporting this she claimed to be over these events for ten years and now that she’s no longer involved she talks. I can’t speak for New Orleans but further South, yea their crazy good. The politicians will tell you they steal but they alawys bill the federal government. And guess where they the federal government get their money? Most folks down south don’t attack their communities or the people in them. They see the billions sent to other countries.

    Carzy Bad. Man robs bank kills woman and child.

    Crazy Good. Man sacrifices life to save brother.

    Let me explain it as spoken of in the past by my dead cousin before he was taken. At a political rally the person running for Sheriff made it clear that anyone showing their ass and who was arrested while selling weed, he would handle it. That no one should have concern because the weed would be back on the street soon. He was elected. Ha, ha, haaaa. Now I know you think I’m just saying this but believe me as I did him. I understand the stright up in your face life style of the cajans. This was the reason Governor Edwards was liked by many. What he shot was straight, yes it cost him. Right is right and Wrong is wrong. THE END.

    Before BP. the people had as they always have had, regardless the politician the people had the gulf. They didn’t need to backstab one another because the challenge was the Gulf not someone or a system blood sucking them into the ground. You’ve all see what happens when it turns to stink how those Northren flys gather. What’s on their minds $$$$$$$$$

    But now I’m really wondering why no one from the area are leaving comments?

  3. Maybe no one from the area is posting comments because they aren’t familiar with this blog? This is my first time seeing it.

    From last night’s Fox8 report, it appears to be much bigger than simply tring to get credit card reward points. If the report was accurate, the good sheriff is paying for stuff out of pocket then getting reimbursed through PPSO plus claiming as campaign expense. So if PPSO is paying for the expense, how’s the money coming out of his campaign account being actually spent?

    The sheriff’s got some serious ‘splainin to do!

  4. I started my own blog a couple of months ago to address the on-going obvious criminal issues in Plaquemines Parish – But I stopped. The people of Plaquemines Parish don’t want to hear it, see it or read it and that in itself should be criminal. They continue to elect the same types, over and over again – why? Most of them are benefitting from the crimes of the politicians. Just take a look at all of their campaign finance reports and then take a look at who is running the major business groups in the parish. You’ll see who is pulling the strings with all of them. I can’t keep up with the criminal activity and nonsense spewing out of Plaquemines Parish – the stories I haven’t told would boggle the mind.

    1. Plaquemines Citizens my advice to you is keep plugging away. Educating the public on any issue takes time. Building a record of sourced posts will pay off for you in the long run. Take it from someone who has seen the payoff.

      We’ve been at this since late 2007 but it was 2009 before we started attracting a consistent readership. Persistence in this medium is rewarded.


  5. Thanks – I’m considering it. The tips and the documents I’ve received is unbelievable.

    Please keep the heat on Plaquemines and continue to let the rest of the State know what a thug Nungesser is too.

    1. The rest of the state? LOL Try rest of the nation. 🙂

      Trust me once we check a cockroach politician in the Do Slabb Inn few ever find a way out.


  6. I know “rewards points on his credit card” sounds benign, but just think about how many rewards points he gets for $500,000 of charges. He and his family personally benefit from those rewards points – hotel rooms, meals, flights, etc. If he used the SO credit card, those benefits would belong to the SO and cound be used for travel by deputies going for training, etc., resulting in a savings to the budget and the taxpayer.

    Remember how they got Capone…..

  7. “Remember how they got Capone…”

    Yes I do in fact, they got him by the balls. Carlos Marcello got Al’s cook (Mosca) and the rest is history.


  8. BTW – I see one of your Special Friends’ blog is Jim Brown’s blog – Jim Brown and Sheriff Jiff Hingle are brothers-in-law. Jiff is married to his sister.

    Wonder what his take is on all of this?

  9. The plot thickens like Jiff’s sausage-fingers. Ryan’s is a fine pub, but you don’t get to see the fish coming in, so I’d have to go with Delta Marina.

  10. Think about the dominoes falling after Hubbard started talking. Hingle has been around alot longer. After watching the St. Pierre beat down, I don’t think anyone is going to gamble on a trial.

  11. Hey PlaqCit…why are you posting the other stories and documents? Why hold back? If you got it, throw it out there! 🙂

  12. My hope is Hingle wants to come to Jesus and tells everything he knows about all of the crooked politics and politicians in Plaquemines Parish, including William “Billy” Nungesser. Hingle better get a good attorney and find a way to make this easy on himself, by spilling the beans. Remember, Nungesser is part of the video fiasco. Nungesser asked the Council to partner with Hingle. Nungesser had a $1million dollars in BP funds given to him last summer that could’ve cover the entire cost of the video. But for some strange reason, chose to partner with Hingle. Nungesser spent all of the $1million BP emergency funds on foolish stuff like REGULAR salaries – salaries that had already been budgeted by the Council. He charged Regular salaries and OT salaries to the BP $1million dollars. A lot of those salaries, regular and OT were for Parish goverment employees who never, ever worked a day on the spill or in connection with the spill. Nungesser’s regular salary was even charged to the BP 1million emergency funds – why is that? BTW, Nungesser even hired his own personal campaign CPA/accountant to provide an audit of the BP $1million dollars. He hired his campaign CPA/accountant for $14,000.00 and without a professional services contract and without approval by the council. – all against the provisions of the parish charter. And guess what – the local DA won’t investigate, because he is partners with Billy Nungesser. Someone should also investigate as to why the La. Attorney General also refused to investigate the allegations in last year’s Legislative Audit Report dealing with serious questions concerning possible violations of the Parish Charter AND State Law.

  13. I agree with you sop8. Several people I know brought all of this information and more directly to him – he “acted” concerned, but promptly forgot about it days later. And days later, he was photographed partying with Nungesser and Costner at the House of Blues. He also has to run for re-election and now that he’s a Republican, he can’t go after one of his own.

  14. Ah yes! The plot has turned into a very thick roux.

    Houghtaling and Costner’s group threw a very, very expense per person campaign party for Nungesser at Houghtaling mansion on St. Charles Avenue last fall.

  15. We have a reader question that likely has a very interesting answer:

    How much does the sheriff and his office get paid to arrest a ship in the Mississippi River for admiralty cases?

    One would think a lawman doing his job would be courtesy of the taxpayers but that is not the way this question came to me. Anyone have any ideas?


  16. I wish the feds would release the names of the patrons in the Canal Street Brothel’s little black book.

  17. Hell – I was an undercover DEA operative in Plaquemines Parish for several years and almost every officer in the Parish was totally bent!!

  18. Somebody needs to pay close attention to Bubrig too, he’s not only cut from the same cloth as Hingle, but he’s Hingle and the good old boys pick to continue the same old same old

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