BREAKING: More Mississippi lawyers added to the Louisiana Crime Camera Scandal. A Mark St Pierre-Chocolate guy NOLA fleecing update.

Hey Hammerman you keep the names coming dude. From this morning’s proceedings in USA v St Pierre:

Even before the prosecution got to cross-examine Drake, the Mississippi lawyer said he was advising St. Pierre and Meffert with the understanding that Meffert wasn’t using the credit card anymore.

But Nagin’s tech director was in fact still using it, and continued to until he left City Hall in July 2006.

In fact, in August 2006, Drake said he got into a debate with St. Pierre’s Louisiana counsel, Kent Lambert of the Baker Donelson firm, about whether St. Pierre ever told Lambert about the credit card.

Drake testified that a lawyer for national wireless provider EarthLink was nervous about the relationship between St. Pierre and Meffert, and therefore required that St. Pierre sign an affidavit in June 2006 swearing that his company, NetMethods, had never compensated Meffert and wasn’t contemplating doing so in the future.

Drake testified that he didn’t tell the EarthLink lawyer, Sandra Gardiner, that St. Pierre had given Meffert a NetMethods credit card.

Now lets see where do I know the name of the law firm Baker Donelson from. Hmmmm. (Rub chin rub chin rub chin…)

Oh yeah they represent State Farm and Lee Harrell, the former deputy commish for Mike Chaney at the Mississippi Insurance Department went thru the revolving door to Baker after whitewashing the State Farm market conduct study. For some reason whenever I hear the name Baker Donelson I smell of dog shit.

Danny Drake? I’ve never heard of him until today but here he is folks, meet Greg Meffert’s consigliere.

This is getting good folks. Stay tuned.


17 thoughts on “BREAKING: More Mississippi lawyers added to the Louisiana Crime Camera Scandal. A Mark St Pierre-Chocolate guy NOLA fleecing update.”

  1. Yes, what’s coming out in this trial is surpassing my expectations, which were already moderately high. This case seems embarrassingly one-sided. Can’t believe St Pierre’s defense didn’t firmly advise him to take a plea.

  2. He may not take good advice. Eddie Castaing is a good criminal defense attorney but he can’t work miracles. St. Pierre will need one to beat this wrap.

    Meffert was convinced Chocolate guy would protect him until almost the day he flipped. St Pierre may be in denial.

    Whatever the reason the peeksie we are getting now is validating literally a years worth of tips I could not independently source.


  3. Talk about a cluster fuck for the defense. This is bad…..real bad. And, one of the commenters remarked that the Feds really nuke you if you make them go to trial. So true! St. Pierre is going to the moon and back on this one.

  4. I have a case at the 4th Cir, right now where Baker Donelson and specifically Kent Lambert, took over the appeal after the prior attorneys lost the case in the trial court. Without going into too much detail, Lambert screwed the case up even worse on appeal. We are still awaiting a decision from the 4th Cir.

  5. IMA- In the TP today there is a story that Mark St.Pierre gave his dad, a member of the JP school board, several contributions from his many corporations amounting to an excess of $2,500 /year. Maybe Mark needs to take his dad to the moon with him. Seems like Mark may have learned a thing or two on his dad’s lap about public contracts and contractors.

  6. Matryoshka.

    Or: The Russian Nesting Doll:

    This works at least two ways:

    1. Contracts

    2. Campaign contributions

    Meffert, St. Pierre, Ciber, Imagine, NetMethods, etc., and all that.

    Heebe, the Wards, Butler, River Birch, Willow, Heebe Inc., and all that.

    It’s so bloody easy, stupid, facile [no, no, when I gave him the money I was wearing that hat and gave him this card, when I got the money I was wearing this other hat and held out this other card, totally different, totally!]

    This also works two ways:

    1. This allows such folks to hide behind multiple layers and facades which makes it difficult to trace. The American Zombie spent amazing time doing this for the public good. The guy should get an MVP of some kind…. but he never will.

    See the Wards for a prime example of this, how many separate do they have [that can be derived from the LA SOS at a minimum? 40+???]

    2. If all goes wrong, if some idiot like Anthony Jones or Derrick Shepherd or eventually a Greg Meffert or Aaron Broussard flips like a Marseilles crepe, then you have the separate entity defense.

    This helps if you have a lawyer, say a Drake or a Butler, who one can say said it was ‘ok’ all along.

    This St. Pierre fiasco should really put the word out that this is an extremely dangerous maneuver if taken to the final ultimate extreme. How dumb will it look to argue that one hand will not be aware of the other hand?

    This is called the international language (no, the other international language…):

  7. If your missing some folks who should be in the line-up consider this.

    If you’ll notice in the matter of young Scruggs the question and present actions before the court. 1. A claimed knowledge of a crime to bribe someone. 2. A lot of discussions as to weather or not that would be part of the actual trial. And in fact the subject of discussions on the matter are being argued. A clear knowledge no one wants to mention his [ the person’s ] name being dicussed. And the fact you have the government making the allegations and their not talking. Hum. If your looking for names to appear in this matter and they haven’t yet, chances are that someone is frying a big fish and the public hasn’t been invited. Where is ………..?

    The government and everyone in young Scruggs pow wow, danced all around BOBBY DELAUGHTER to get to everyone else. Even in the present action before the court Bobby’s name and hidden agenda remains hidden from being reported publicly as it has been rejected as a subject matter before the 5th, circuit joke. Mike knows, Hood knows other state officials know and as with the failed trial before judge Graves in 99 and [ about what Bobby was doing ] nobody wants it spoken of.

    When extorting on behalf of someone through the use of the state and its courts, how big does the fish fry have to be in allowing yourself prision time? At what point does the knowledge of corruption by the entire system give way to the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?

    Ha, its something how the entire matter is so selective as to stear the beast away from this to that. Zach could argue that the entire court has knowledge of federal criminal act, direct them to certain sites and ???. But wait, if Zachy wants to go back to lawyering he must show he can swing with the beast. I first saw this type of BS. when a trial was held in 1999 to show damages to the class action cause in-which the court [ protecting the corporate defendants ] didn’t want the actual chemical released, spoken of. With knowledge of whats really going on the court transcripts go over like a comedy. At one point a defense attorney asked the court just who did the plaintiffs attorneys work for the plaintiffs or the defense ?

    The court will issues several diffrent rulings and whenever a decision is made they pick the ruling most correlating in support. At the monment they are most likely going over the paper work in support, kinda like >>

  8. Robert- You mean kinda like the Court dancing around the Chocolate Tele Savalis, the well Tanned Eddie Price and the Ray Ray Camera Queen of New Orlean. I can’t wait until this two eyes up, scaleless and well camouflaged bottom feeding, flounder fish is barbecued.

  9. Nagin is on witness list per my sources. The defendants in the camsoft case must be soiling their pants right now with this criminal case.

  10. Nagin has been on the Witness List; it’s a matter of public record. That does not mean he’ll be called. Although it would be great to have him answer these questions (Jamaica, Hawaii, etc.), the Govt. obviously does not need Chocolate Ray to prove its case.

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