In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Slabbed takes a trip down memory lane and visits with Gauthier, Downing and a couple of the girls

Folks I’m thinking there is not much class in class action. From a reader (click the pic to get the 2 page pdf):

Here is a bit of analysis from another reader:

McClung was one of “the girls.”………Debbie Sulzer is a flake. I don’t know the specifics of (rumored) drug use, etc., but McClung was a lunatic-queen.

……..All of these lawyers panicked when Wendell died because the goose that laid their golden eggs was gone. McClung, Debbie Sulzer, Tuppy Dougherty (and others) all made several hundred thousand dollars a year fraudulently billing time into various class-actions. The truth is that they did not do much of anything and not one of them so much as took a single deposition.

McClung’s suit was one of many claims made by firm lawyers against the Gauthier estate, all of which I thought were scurrilous.

Something tells me we’re going to get a diversity of viewpoints on this, none of which will be kind to various factions of the local bar including the judiciary.


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  1. This is a perfect example of something I discussed in comments recently about the Zach Scruggs case

  2. I almost forgot… Judge Edwards was also a guest at Fayard’s wedding on Nantucket in September 2003. I would be interested in knowing if the Judge was reimbursed for his flight, hotel and liquor bills for that trip.

    Disclosure: I was instructed by Fayard to bill my airfare and dining expenses for the trip (Calvin paid the rent for the house in which I stayed) to a class action case I was working on. He and another lawyer attending the festivities had an expert come to Nantuckett from Boston for a brief visit so the expenses could be billed to the case.

  3. This is as bad as the letter sent to attorneys Kevin Camp and Beth Winsor from David Baira showing that an action to join all other actions to our cause would be automatic after the court accepted an $ 84 million offer on me. Joining the claims and awards money into hundreds of millions attorneys readied their class action cause before the court. Attorneys trial failed in showing any injuries to the class. Attorneys request to the court of agreement to settle regardless, failed. The official court appeal of the failed trial failed. It must to have become a stuctured settlement of extortion which is awaiting our death. huh? But guess what? >>>>

  4. Pardon me for being obtuse, but: (1) Why is Fayard still allowed to practice law in this CESSPOOL? (2) Why haven’t Edwards (a “Judge”, no less) and Fayard (and a host of others, including the providers of the drugs and the hookers) been prosecuted? (3) Why aren’t Edwards and Fayard behind bars? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. AROD: I know the answer to one of your questions – Judge Edwards is deceased and his soul wishes he was in a bar.

  6. More disclosure:

    The document above is a public record and was found in the NOTX files at the CDC.

    The information I discussed above, and more, was provided to the ODC. No charges were brought by the ODC, that complaint was dismissed, and the dismissal was upheld on appeals.

    AROD: Tom McClung now lives in New Mexico.

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