5 thoughts on “Judge L.T. Senter has passed away.”

  1. May God give comfort to his family.

    Although our claims coming before this person once , we were never given half a chance to met. As with other judges he dismissed first and may have possibly asked of it later.

    Odd how the district court treats the non-lawyer types. Each and every dismissal from the district court were with-out any chance to amend, any useless reason for the dismissal. That in itself isn’t a lawful action. I would say however it does handle the self catch 22 which the courts dwell within. Kinda like holding our claims as pending with the things being done and saying. We can’t speak of a pending matter. Like wait till were through robbing someone blind then we’ll have a discussion. Who makes this stuff up? The Devil?

    These actions, there more about money then anything right? I mean the entire matter of fraudulent claims, class actions, bribry, etc….. Once revealed often times many are left to escape their criminal activities along with the money they generated from them. If it were about being known New Orleans as well as Jackson would have all sorts of government job openings.

  2. He was a northern district judge essentially on loan to the southern district. It was our gain to have him here as he was a good judge who called things straight in his courtroom.

    I’ll have more on this. Meantime the T-P has a very good AP story up on Judge Senter’s passing this morning.


    Anita Lee’s full story on Judge Senter’s passing is also now up:



  3. That’s right, being a senior judge he began traveling to the coast in 2000. But wait didn’t Katrina hit the coast in 2005? So does anyone have a run down on the problems of there being case loads needing his attention? I’m trying to recall a sudden out break of crime down there.

    Yep, the Sun reports he will be remembered for his work during the Kitrina litigation by its victims and his court family. And of of course I’ll recall the possiblity he was brought to the coast and in on the actions to direct or devert multi millions from certain victims of a pending action on behalf the state and possibliy his court family.

    It is what it is. Living, Dead.

  4. Anita Lee could tell you for certain Robert and she answers her emails so you may want to verify this but I think Senter simply moved down here for personal reasons after taking senior status. When the storm hit so many of the judges took damage and had to recuse themselves that Judge Senter was moved to filled the breach. If he had only had a competent magistrate that wasn’t a complete sellout in Robert Walker the MSSD’s handling of the resulting wind water litigation would probably make law school textbooks.

    Along those same lines the original judge in Branch, Judge Beers also came to the coast to help out with the work load from the LAED.


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