Jason at American Zombie covers the Mark St Pierre trial and highlights an interesting Mississippi connection to Chocolate Guy

Jason Berry aka Dambala at American Zombie has outdone himself with his account of Greg Meffert’s testimony in the trial of Mark St Pierre. For our upstate Mississippi readers Greg Meffert ran technology in NOLA for former Mayor Ray Nagin and the graft to which Meffert has now admitted is simply staggering.  This trial appears to be a prelude to the prosecution of Ray Ray himself as the revelations about St Pierre’s sex party boat pass into the realm of legend. I say all this because Jason’s post linked above is a must read for the entire Slabbed Nation as this snippet illustrates the stench with the Louisiana crime camera scandal extends to the Jackson Mississippi lobbying community:

The stripper sex on the boat act was hard to follow…unless Meff claimed he was fucking a mermaid or something.

Indeed the line of questioning then shifted to more mundane subjects like Lafayette CIO, Keith Thibadoux, and his wife. Meff set Thibadoux’s friends up with bullshit jobs in exchange for Netmethods’ contracts with the City of Lafayette. Some interesting facts were thrown out, including a name I didn’t quite catch that the prosecution referred to as a Mississippi lobbyist. That reference brought an immediate objection from the defense for leading the witness, the objection was sustained. I couldn’t tell if they were concerned about revealing the guy’s profession or if they were just trying to keep the prosecution in line.

I read Jason’s post this morning and after reading that I immediately called him. He later found out the name of the lobbyist and shared it with me.  The lobbyist is not a guy though. It is an organization, one which I have heard quite a lot about of late in fact: The Talon Group.

Talon is quite interesting because if you want to see their main web page you get redirected to the website of the Brunini law firm. Brunini occupies a special place in the Mississippi political landscape.  In fact Ed Brunini is a very close confidant to Boss Hogg and I mean close.  Based on the name dropping by the prosecution I am not sure what to make of Talon’s role in crime camera scandal but I’m equally sure there is lots of mookie stinks to go around here.

This subject bears digging into IMHO.

Those interested in the latest in the ongoing St. Pierre trial should check out David Hammer’s story for the Times Picayune here.


3 thoughts on “Jason at American Zombie covers the Mark St Pierre trial and highlights an interesting Mississippi connection to Chocolate Guy”

  1. If it’s Ok these attorneys have their names all over our legal claims and I’d like to freely comment on the relationship of those empowered by state authority.

    It’s sad, isn’t it? That is, to be the chosen ones. The ones who defy any assumption MS. actually has any civil justice or that any attempt is actually being made to improve the states corruption. One thing this bunch and we have in common via the Hinds County court is my family’s awards one day, just maybe we’ll all get to see where it is being spent.

    16 years and the envied hate of state corruption is clearly still being directed at us. With at least 14 years of accumalated interest on the following. And I’m not doing the math, but either $ 330 million or I may find in my up coming review of doc’s that it’s $ 2 billion $33o million any way. You would think either amount would surfice settling the one claim used for the crumbs requested just to end their involment. If it were a legal matter and not personal, attorneys could line up to take our claims just to drop us upon payment under the table. Ah, minus – my cut.

    HA, ha haaaaaaaaaa, fact is, more than likely the’ve all jumped the only money left for the whole scam. absent the $ 2 billion the $ 84 million or rather the Vicksburg defendant has just recently been listed to the actions of the failed trial or class or is it joinder. The request was for client and attorney fees, but of course. No need to file any objection we hold records here. Whats the chance of being a litigant of actions extenting 10 years and any positive action of plaintiffs pro’se cause is denied with no chance to dismiss.

    It’s been a hell of a ride even for the court. I’ve seen long comments here, didn’t mean to be one with the same old same old. For a little new, the court bless its heart has used 251-96-493 to handle the class per stall, and 251-98-1061 to the point of having to return 251-98-1061 hocus pocus 251-96-493 abracadabre full circle.

    And for those who dislike the action of pro’se litigators my grant to return to school for a law degree was denied for like of proof that I was a US. citizen. I’m talking a real rabbit hole here folks. That event came with an understanding of dead man walking. But thats a whole other story.

  2. The Talon group appear to be big on investing. They claim a close connection to the government. ie. a bunch of damn crooks investing money stolen from some poor smuck like me and people in state government working to aviod prosecution. No wait I’m all wrong Talon is a secret programm to help rid the world of other terrorist in other countries to promote criminal terrorist activity in this one. >>> http://youtu.be/7YwlYdiV23M

  3. “Matryoshka”

    Or: The Russian Nesting Doll:


    This works at least two ways:

    1. Contracts

    2. Campaign contributions

    Meffert, St. Pierre, Ciber, Imagine, NetMethods, etc., and all that.

    Heebe, the Wards, Butler, River Birch, Willow, Heebe Inc., and all that.

    It’s so bloody easy, stupid, facile [no, no, when I gave him the money I was wearing that hat and gave him this card, when I got the money I was wearing this other hat and held out this other card, totally different, totally!]

    This also works two ways:

    1. This allows such folks to hide behind multiple layers and facades which makes it difficult to trace. The American Zombie spent amazing time doing this for the public good. The guy should get an MVP of some kind…. but he never will.

    See the Wards for a prime example of this, how many separate do they have [that can be derived from the LA SOS at a minimum? 40+???]

    2. If all goes wrong, if some idiot like Anthony Jones or Derrick Shepherd or eventually a Greg Meffert or Aaron Broussard flips like a Marseilles crepe, then you have the separate entity defense.

    This helps if you have a lawyer, say a Drake or a Butler, who one can say said it was ‘ok’ all along.

    This St. Pierre fiasco should really put the word out that this is an extremely dangerous maneuver if taken to the final ultimate extreme. How dumb will it look to argue that one hand will not be aware of the other hand?

    This is called the international language (no, the other international language…):


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