Ronal you ignorant slut….

New Orleans police chief Ronal Serpas was on the tool man show this morning and frankly he was pathetic. The following embed is well worth watching.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.996010&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Mayor Mitcho is pulling out all the PR stops for his shoe shine boy but Serpas lost whatever goodwill he’s earned since coming to NOLA after his stint in Nashville cooking the crime stats there.


Angela at the State Farm Sucks Network sends word…

There have a new wikileaks type website up and going called WikiClaimsLeaks and their first project is sorting thru over 18,000 pages of claims documents from State Farm. Unfortunately I fear Barack Obama’s head is inserted too far up Ed Rust’s hiney for him to meaningfully engage this issue but hope, like routine denial of otherwise valid claims springs eternal.

Thanks Angela.


Jason at American Zombie covers the Mark St Pierre trial and highlights an interesting Mississippi connection to Chocolate Guy

Jason Berry aka Dambala at American Zombie has outdone himself with his account of Greg Meffert’s testimony in the trial of Mark St Pierre. For our upstate Mississippi readers Greg Meffert ran technology in NOLA for former Mayor Ray Nagin and the graft to which Meffert has now admitted is simply staggering.  This trial appears to be a prelude to the prosecution of Ray Ray himself as the revelations about St Pierre’s sex party boat pass into the realm of legend. I say all this because Jason’s post linked above is a must read for the entire Slabbed Nation as this snippet illustrates the stench with the Louisiana crime camera scandal extends to the Jackson Mississippi lobbying community:

The stripper sex on the boat act was hard to follow…unless Meff claimed he was fucking a mermaid or something.

Indeed the line of questioning then shifted to more mundane subjects like Lafayette CIO, Keith Thibadoux, and his wife. Meff set Thibadoux’s friends up with bullshit jobs in exchange for Netmethods’ contracts with the City of Lafayette. Some interesting facts were thrown out, including a name I didn’t quite catch that the prosecution referred to as a Mississippi lobbyist. That reference brought an immediate objection from the defense for leading the witness, the objection was sustained. I couldn’t tell if they were concerned about revealing the guy’s profession or if they were just trying to keep the prosecution in line.

I read Jason’s post this morning and after reading that I immediately called him. He later found out the name of the lobbyist and shared it with me.  The lobbyist is not a guy though. It is an organization, one which I have heard quite a lot about of late in fact: Continue reading “Jason at American Zombie covers the Mark St Pierre trial and highlights an interesting Mississippi connection to Chocolate Guy”