One thought on “Mister Piggy endorses Miss Piggy. A pigs love mud update.”

  1. And add this to the slop trough…Young’s intention to have Peggy Barton, the Parish Attorney felon, remain in his administration as Human Resources Director…and this after indisputable evidence that she not only was a principal in payroll fraud with her reprobate former boss Wilkinson, but that she also altered public documants in an attempt to cover up her roll in the payroll fraud is part of the public’s knowledge…and it would be tiresome at this juncture to go over Barton’s role in the illegal River Birch contract…

    There is something terribly wrong with this picture…and I’m never going to stop commenting on this travesty of Justice…both Connick’s and Letten’s failure and/or refusal to prosecute Barton for her criminal conduct in these matters…and that goes for Plattsmier’s lack of ODC action to have her disbarred !!!

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