Jim Hood needs a whistleblower on BP claims: A politician running for re-election update.

The subject of the BP claims process is one that has been well blogged upon in this area though not necessarily here on Slabbed despite the natural fit given our origins as a blog devoted to the insurance claims process.  Our silence here is due to the fact that I think it is too early to make a call on whether the process is fair overall. On one hand certain elder statesmen type former politicians such as former Mississippi Gov William Winter think the process is fair and that Ken Feinberg’s heart is in the right place. OTOH several of my blogging brethren and Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood think Feinberg is a sorry piece of crap from Wall Street.  For his part Jim Hood is fanning the anti-Feinberg flames in his most recent call for a whistleblower to step forward so he can nail Feinberg.

He did such a shitty job shielding the whistleblowing Rigsby sisters from State Farm I guess he wants a second crack.

For my part my mind is still open to information on this topic.  One of my sources of information is from the professional claims adjusting community in Debbie at Dimechimes, who can be found on our blogroll. She is tracking some of the litigation involving BP, Worley etc and is back in the game after taking a short break from blogging.

My heartburn with plunging in on this topic stems from knowing the vast number of what I think are fraudulent claims the BP claims fund has paid, while knowing deserving folks such as the wait staffs at the casinos were summarily denied. It is also true the east coast media outlets like the New York Times has an unhealthy man love for Feinberg, who is from New York City and is making out like a bandit financially running the Gulf Coast Claims Facility for BP. For now I’m operating on the premise that Hanlon’s razor is in play on this topic to explain the BP claims dichotomy of claim payments made or not.

That said if you’re crazy enough to be a whistleblower given what happened to the Rigsby sisters give Jim Hood a call.


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  1. Don’t know if you have heard yet or not but the DOJ prosecutes whistleblowers now. Not the criminals but the whistleblowers. BP owns us and they don’t like us. Kill an entire sea and you make a ton of money. Get busted for MJ too often and you go to jail for life.(Yes, I now I am mixing my state and federal examples) Here is just one little example of how the DOJ and the lackies that are bought and paid for by the corporate structure work.

    Scott Horton lambastes DOJ

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