Citizens for Good Government updates the last Jefferson Parish Council meeting.

Chris Roberts evidently has a bad attack of IBS and attended the meeting using his laptop and Skype from his throne room…

Seriously, from the most recent CFGG email blast:

Supporters of Good Government:

A number of pieces of good government legislation supported by Citizens for Good Government were passed by the Jefferson Parish Council at its May 11th meeting. In addition, after almost two years of attending Jefferson Parish Council meetings, we actually saw a spirited Council debate without a unanimous council vote!

Citizens for Good Government was pleased that the Jefferson Parish Council voted unanimously for the following legislation which we enthusiastically supported:

1. Office of Inspector General Continue reading “Citizens for Good Government updates the last Jefferson Parish Council meeting.”

Jim Hood needs a whistleblower on BP claims: A politician running for re-election update.

The subject of the BP claims process is one that has been well blogged upon in this area though not necessarily here on Slabbed despite the natural fit given our origins as a blog devoted to the insurance claims process.  Our silence here is due to the fact that I think it is too early to make a call on whether the process is fair overall. On one hand certain elder statesmen type former politicians such as former Mississippi Gov William Winter think the process is fair and that Ken Feinberg’s heart is in the right place. OTOH several of my blogging brethren and Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood think Feinberg is a sorry piece of crap from Wall Street.  For his part Jim Hood is fanning the anti-Feinberg flames in his most recent call for a whistleblower to step forward so he can nail Feinberg.

He did such a shitty job shielding the whistleblowing Rigsby sisters from State Farm I guess he wants a second crack.

For my part my mind is still open to information on this topic.  One of my sources of information is from the professional claims adjusting community in Debbie at Dimechimes, who can be found on our blogroll. She is tracking some of the litigation involving BP, Worley etc and is back in the game after taking a short break from blogging. Continue reading “Jim Hood needs a whistleblower on BP claims: A politician running for re-election update.”

Palazzo Cuts $50 Million from Pascagoula Ship Project. Cuts Could Jeopardize Huntington Ingalls Contract

You’d never know that from the related Sun Herald headline on the topic but luckily for the coast Brian Martin is Johnny on the spot with the skinny to this reguritation of a Palazzo press release that attempts to spin a major funding cut of the LHA-7 amphibious assault ship into some sort of shithouse victory for Palazzo:

The truth is that Palazzo still voted to cut $50 million from what the Obama Administration requested for LHA-7. This is completion funding for a ship that Gene Taylor got into the procurement pipeline as the Seapower Subcommittee chairman. Obama asked for $2,018,691,000 for the ship. The new Republican chairman of the Seapower Subcommittee cut $200 million for the ship. Palazzo is on the subcommittee and apparently voted for the $200 million cut, since it passed by voice vote. Then instea of trying to restore the full $200 million he cut a deal with the Republican chairman to restore $150 million, then he voted for the bill that still is $50 million less than what Obama requested for LHA-7. So the headline should have said Palazzo supports $50 million cut for Ingalls ship contract.

And by the way, those other project requests are earmarks. When Taylor sponsored those projects they were called earmarks and he did not lie and say that they were not. If you are asking for funding for something that you know would be spent at Stennis or Camp Shelby it is an earmark. Don’t be such a hypocrite.

I thought Palazzo was against earmarks. I guess not folks.