And it all comes tumbling down…..

In late 2008/early 2009 the Nation was captivated by the judicial bribery prosecution of Dickie Scruggs, his son Zach plus the greedy stooges in Tim Balducci and Steve Patterson among others. In a way the genesis of Slabbed lie in those events as Team Insurance, through various shills such as Portland Oregon Lawyer David Rossmiller that took the opportunity to screw over folks down here on the coast whose only “crime” was losing their homes to a hurricane and expecting their insurer to honor their contracts.

There has been a  fair amount about the Scruggs prosecution documented on these pages, mainly by the now on hiatus Nowdy who used the term Just Us justice to describe the behind the scenes crushing of Zach Scruggs in particular and indeed before she departed she wrote of Zach Scrugg’s attempt to have his guilty plea overturned based on the case facts and an intervening Supreme Court decision.

I’ve never had much of an interest in the carrying on of a bunch of power lawyers 300 plus miles away in North Mississippi before the folks down here on the coast got used as cheap props in the Scruggs scandal and believe me I come not to defend Dick Scruggs as he represents the worst of the legal profession in how he conducted himself professionally. That said I’m now beginning to wonder how much company he should have in the federal pen because it is becoming very clear some of Scruggs’ loudest critics aren’t much better people and this includes the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Mississippi which even tried to eat its own young in the bogus prosecution of FBI Agent Hal Neilson last year.

I’ve been sitting on information about the Scruggs saga for well over a year.  Frankly with the revelations that the US Attorney’s office in Oxford seemed more interested in cashing via writing a book than doing justice in USA v Scruggs, the more recent revelations of prosecutorial misconduct in the case comes as no surprise. This is a topic that is beginning to call me, especially with news today that AUSA Bob Norman was disqualified by Judge Biggers from USA v Zach Scruggs for withholding information from the court salient to the case.

I personally think Zach knew about the bribe just as surely as the senior folks at Nutt and McAllister did, but I do not think the government had the evidence to prove it.  When things slow down a bit I’m going to review this case. It is becoming too compelling not to take a second look.

Edited 2/19/15

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  1. This is just awesome news for Zach. I don’t believe he knew anything about the payments to Lackey or Peters at all and he was bamboozled by jealous attorneys, prosecutors, and judges. No wonder he plead guilty. Ever since Jones who knew the only chance of settling with Scruggs was through arbitration, filed the suit against Scruggs with Tollison who hated Scruggs as a lawyer and got it in Lackey’s court who hated Scruggs while all along they were filing pleadings not related to the case to embarrass Scruggs so State Farm could get a hold on them and then months and months and months of not writing a simple order and trying to get a bribe and then when they didn’t get a bribe, they created the scenario where Lackey asked for the money, then the prosecutors lying to the court about what Zach knew after having been told that he didn’t know anything. There’s is a whole lot of misconduct on the part of all of these players and Zach who wasn’t guilty of a crime at all, spent time in jail. I believe this vindicates him. All of these prosecutors should be brought up for prosecutorial misconduct which Judge Biggers said he had not decided on yet.

  2. This 5th Circuit opinion seems to suggest some of Judge Porteous’ activities could have been alleged to have been illegal gratuities instead of Christmas and wedding gifts from close attorney families. Wonder why his attorney, Turdley, didn’t argue the same BS. Don’t we have enough federal judicial corruption with judges and their lawyer friends without judges trying to create more.

  3. I believe Balducci thought Lackey really needed the money and was trying to figure out how to get it. Balducci always told Lackey he did not want himto do something he was uncomfortable with.

  4. On May 9 2007 when Balducci asked Judge Lackey whether he thought the agreement required arbitration Judge Lackey responded It does It looks like that is what they agreed to. ..May 29 2007 call Balducci told Lackey that he only wants what Judge Lackey thinks is right saying I damn sure didn t want to do anything to jeopardize my relationship with you I didn t want to do anything in the world ever to do that relationship any harm. I want to make sure that you and I are ok and that it would break my heart if I thought I had put you in a bad position when you called the other night I could tell that you were troubled by it. That s why I told you do what your heart tells you. page 7

    1. Word I get is Balducci wanted Johnny Jones’ slot in the SKG.

      Alan Lange at Yallpolitics naturally isn’t very thrilled with the latest turn of events as it appears he has hitched his literary wagon to an ethically challenged loser in Tom Dawson. There is a price to be paid for not being rigerous in research and not considering other, more informed viewpoints. I think he is finding that out right now.

      Notice the term trailer lawyer has exited the lexicon of those who previously mocked Chip Robertson with the term. I imagine Chip hasn’t forgotten.

      Speaking of gone but not forgotten good ol’ Lotus, bless her heart, was last seen bagging groceries at the local New Smyrna Beach Walmart.

      I don’t know if Zach will be successful but if not for his efforts none of this behind the scenes shit house lawyering up in Oxford would have ever seen the light of day.


  5. Sop, I am not sure there was any slot left after Jones. Balducci was working with Langston, trying to build their own practice at the time.

  6. Nope I was wrong, he teamed up with Patterson to form a superfirm. They were going to use Scruggs in their bid to get the farmland subsidies suit.

  7. I see where Judge Biggers granted partial summary judgment to Zach Scruggs on 3 counts. Looks like the hearing will be limited to a single count of the indictment.

  8. Shhhhh…listen up Slabbers…I’m earwigging here…the legal system is broken…the bar on either side is morally and ethically bankrupt…and the judiciary is simply the most refined hypocrites of the very same bar…

    What a fucked-up profession … and JUSTICE ?…

    WELL…the bully’s win one for their resume; the whiner’s plead to keep their money; and the judges do time for their retirement…

    This whole Scruggs’ drama debacle is a perversion of the our Governmental Institution of Justice…a perversion driven by greed…greed for obscene amounts of money and the political power that, that same money can buy…

  9. Gate is right. There are no “innocents” in the Scruggs saga. And as Sop and Nowdy know, I am a little more familiar with this than your average bear. Even the guy who was least culpable and a victim of his surroundings is now a felon; a guy who never would have been convicted of a misdemeanor otherwise. But the money and power corrupt your vision as things that are really bad unfold. If the boss says it’s okay, then it must be. Next thing you know, prison, no more law license, and a ruined reputation.

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