Matt at Fix the Pumps finds woody debris in the new levees and a Fred Heebe in the woodpile.

Folks there are few more dedicated niche bloggers in Metro NOLA than Matt McBride over at Fix the Pumps.  Matt is a tireless advocate for properly constructed flood protection for New Orleans metro and in a 3 part series details the problems the Army Corps of Engineers is having with contractors delivering dirt for levee construction that is filled with woody debris, which is unsuitable levee material. Naturally my interest was piqued when the name Fred Heebe was mentioned in part 1 of Matt’s series Debris.  Here is a snippet:

And yes, the “River Birch” mentioned here is the same River Birch landfill that is the center of a wide-ranging federal investigation into corruption within Jefferson Parish politics. That investigation has already led to the resignation of three top officials within Jefferson Parish, including the parish president, Aaron Broussard. The Corps is approved to get borrow material from four River Birch-owned pits on the west bank of Jefferson Parish. We don’t know which one is supplying the dirt for this proect. What’s odd is that earlier SLFPA-W inspections for this project say that the borrow was coming from the Willow Bend borrow pit in Donaldsonville, LA. It is unclear whether WBV-14c.2’s contractor Phylway has switched borrow sources for this project, or if they are using two pits, or what.

Parts two and three are both must reads for those interested in metro NOLA flood protection and frankly I hope that is everyone in the metro area.


One thought on “Matt at Fix the Pumps finds woody debris in the new levees and a Fred Heebe in the woodpile.”

  1. How can all the organic stumps be removed when up to 38 truck loads are being dumped per hour at some levee sites ? Its just another federal chickenshit job waiting to fail like the too short piles at the end of the over dredged 17th canal.

    There needs to be a federal investigation to see if the inspectors are being paid to turn their heads. And like the BP oil spill who the hell is in control- the federal inspectors or the contractors ?

    Finally, I recall a smiling councilman Byron Lee introducing a resolution and proclaiming what a great gift JP received when a clay pit contractor ( Heebe?) gave permission to the parish to use a huge open clay pit as a public fishing lake. Funny, no one asked how much it would cost the parish to stock the lake and maintain it ( cut the grass and liability insurance), what it would have cost the contractor to fill the pit in and how much did the contractor contribute to Byron Lee’s campaign fund ?

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