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  1. How did Mike O’Brien Jr’s apple fall so far from his father’s tree ? Mike, is that your first campaign promise for seeking the Councilship for District 1- that you won’t endorse any other candidates to prevent political pals from conspiring together on issues.Mike didn’t your father support Sheriff Lee for 25 years who in turn endorsed everyone he could who in turn supported him back creating a huge political machine which today still survives in Lee-Sheng and others. And Mike answer me this does Lee-Sheng not have part ownership in a casino on land obtained from your father. So Mike when you run are you going to seek or accept the endorsement of Lee-Sheng. And when you are elected will there continue to be huge tractor trailers parked on your dad’s car impoundment monopoly ( a gift from Harry Lee) and property endorsing candidates ,or will you change that practice too. Sorry Charlie, we would like to believe you but are reeling up our fishing hook as voters are not looking for more team council cronyism at this time.

  2. Speaking of truck stops, how many video poker machines are in that truck stop? How many variances did the Jefferson Parish Council grant when they approved the development plans for this truck stop? It abuts a residential neighborhood so I wonder if it met the set back criteria. Could they have built this thing in an other part of the Parish without there being considerable public opposition? I think not!

  3. Wow, I actually made slabbed! Lol I feel like a local celebrity. Even though those in my peer group wouldn’t see me as making slabbed a big deal, they don’t understand the significance. I really owe basically all of what I know to sources like you folks here at Slabbed, The Jefferson Report, ClickJefferson, Mr. Bennetti and others. If it weren’t for you all, I’d be just another part of the flock of sheep. Please don’t let Nola.com, the Times-Picayune, Advance Internet, or any other being or force stop you from exposing the truth to us. We already owe so much to you, but you need more exposure. You need to advertise this website on billboards, tv, the radio, etc. Whatever would get more people to go online and vote the thugs out. Sadly, I don’t know if we’ll ever see a change in Jefferson Parish politics, and with more “good” residents moving out, it has been speculated Jefferson has seen its heyday. Young has been speaking about the parish needing more “tax payers” and upon completion of the Huey P. spurring development West of the Harvey canal with more entertainment, housing, shopping, etc etc.. However, it may be too late for all that.



    As more and more people leave for neighboring parishes (St. Tammany) or out of state, it is becoming evident that JP will be nothing more but an abundance of low income apartment renters. It will become an extension of Orleans parish (think more of New Orleans East and the lower 9th Ward, not Lakeview or The Irish Channel) and both sides of the river are not immune…

    Regarding the O’Brien matter, I just wanted to give the man an opportunity to speak on what he thinks he could do. Fear not, I don’t fall for the smoke in mirror tricks, and as a completely heterosexual male, I don’t wear skirts lol. I’m well aware that once you’re involved in the JP Mafia, you’re in it for life, so I don’t expect the dude to become cleansed of anything. I wanted to see how he could defend himself. It was just interesting to present the facts to him and see if he could weasel his way out of it. You can’t run from the truth, and apparently he has become idle on the forums…that should tell us all something lol. I don’t want anyone who has anything to do with the JP Politico gang to run the 1st District, or any district in Jefferson Parish. I hear Mr. John Roberts is a great candidate, but hes’ remained quiet since his run for JP president.

    It would be great if you guys could contact him or other viable candidates to run for the ever-so important elections on October 22nd. There has never been such a great opportunity to clean house, at least not in my 21 years of existence and 3 years of being able to vote lol. With Parish President, council, house and senate seats, governor etc etc. now is the time to get all these JP residents out to remove these goons from raping the parish anymore. I want to remain here and have a family in this parish, but everyday that idea becomes more ludicrous than the day before.

    Keep up the great work, we’re counting on you! I visit this site everyday so keep it updated as you often do. Might wanna ease-up with the random country YouTube videos. Though I understand how they are relevant, you should add recorded interviews or hidden conversations from the elected officials instead. That would be great lol. Also, forward all this information to Mr. Letten so hopefully we won’t even have to worry about voting the goons out, we could just have them indicted instead. Thanks, again.

    1. Linking us on NOLA is often the kiss of death yet you managed to make it stick Bugmenot.

      The irony is that the younger O’Brien told you not to believe what you read despite the fact it was sourced to the owner of the forums where you had the exchange.

      It was my pleasure to link your posts on the West Bank forums.


  4. There has to be someone else who runs for 1st District Councilman because as of now, we really have no one to vote for. It’s still early, so I have my fingers crossed we’ll get news of a worthy candidate shortly. Just wanted to do my part and inform JP voters not to fall for another one of Roberts’ puppets. Enough is enough. Thanks for keeping us in the know.

  5. Ha! No offense, but those in municipalities under 200 residents (GI and JL) really have no clue on how to govern the more urban part of Jefferson Parish as opposed to the rural parts they’re used to. We need more economic development, entertainment, and recreation in Terrytown, Gretna, Harvey, and Marrero like our East Jefferson counterparts have and I refuse to let another recycled politician hope on the wagon. I doubt he’ll ever leave Lafitte.

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