Lets catch up on some coast news. Two high ranking and seasoned staffers tell Palazzo sayonara.

Career political hack Steven Palazzo was in the news this week as his top two staffers abruptly resigned. To these extent these two guys were highly touted after the election as being the guys who would help the coast bridge the gap from Gene Taylor’s 21 years of seniority to Palazzo’s zero the fact they abandoned the ship so quickly is highly meaningful.

Former chief of staff Erskine Wells and coms director Jonathan Samford were described to me as seasoned congressional staffers, Wells working for Roger Wicker  in both the House and Senate and Samford for Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.  Slabbed commenter Brian Martin described Wells, whom he worked with during his time on Gene Taylor’s staff, as a “straight shooter”.

Offline I’ve seen emails which detailed rumors of a 10 year non disclosure agreement etc as the rumors swirled surrounding the sudden departure of these two men from Team Palazzo. That said a new Slabbed commenter RebelWitaCause left some analysis that bears repeating:

Palazzo’s 2 top dogs (Chief of Staff Erskine Wells and Communications Director Jonathan Samford) bolted “unexpectedly” from the Palazzo camp this week. Note closely the wording of the e-mail Wells gave to the media as they contained not a word about Palazzo, the words only directed at his “colleagues”. Both of these 2 guys are trying to keep their noses clean to protect their futures in the Continue reading “Lets catch up on some coast news. Two high ranking and seasoned staffers tell Palazzo sayonara.”

One word folks: Ugly. Baudier, Leone gets their asses kicked.

I believe Jim Brown said in his column something along the lines that when he was getting started in politics an old salt told him there was 3 things he needed to know about the game. The first thing was you gotta have money and he couldn’t remember the other two.

I never saw an Al Leone commercial and though we were happy to debut Baudier’s excellent ad I only saw it in the media Friday.  And the sad fact is most folks make voting decisions just like they do many other decisions – based on a 30 second ad which in reality conveys nothing of substance.  And I imagine armed with accurate polling data Dubos at Gambit and the T-P folks endorsed an inevitability perceiving a self-interest.  Roberts is a particularly nasty ho for instance and he has media interests with which to use to snag legal ads, etc.

I do not question why Leone and Baudier decided to run despite the fact both had to know going in they would likely lose due to the huge campaign cash disparity.

Dubos had already interpreted the results of the election and as usual for a TeeVee talking head has over analyzed the results.  Support for the River Birch dynamic duo of Roberts and Capella may be a mile wide but it is also less than half an inch deep. The gang that fund these guys; the hogs at the public trough that are the reason your taxes are sky-high aren’t going away easily.  And hopefully no one expects Jim Letten to do a job the people who choose to live in Jefferson Parish won’t do for themselves.  Anything along those lines will be gravy.


To put things in perspective….

The judiciary is fairly uniformly bad across the south IMHO.  Tom Freeland up at North Mississippi Commenter has blogged on a particularly crooked judge in Hinds County (Jackson) and the bury the ol’ jughead up the ass attitude of the Mississippi Judicial Performance Commission on the crimes this man has committed. Well worth the read.


If this were a stock chart the pattern would certainly be considered bullish

It’s not the number of readers that is important, it is the quality of reader….. ~ (Sop, December 2007)

Quality naturally brings quantity.

In a very busy news week we are also very busy behind the scenes accomplishing the tasks necessary to form our business entity and move the blog to Slabbed.org.

We’re not certain what kind of response a donate button will generate but that is the initial route we’ll be taking.  Investigative journalism in particular isn’t cheap and to this point Nowdy and I have self funded this endeavor called Slabbed to the tune of 5 figures each through time and that does not count all the time we spend writing posts, replying to emails etc. Continue reading “If this were a stock chart the pattern would certainly be considered bullish”

Jim Brown's Weekly Column: March Madness Are Athletes Being Short Changed?

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Millions of rabid college basketball fans have been glued to their TVs over the past month as March Madness reached its crescendo this Monday night.  My North Carolina Tar Heels came close in an effort to win its second national title in the past five years.  And the big bucks have been rolling in.  There are lots of winners, with coaches getting big salaries, and colleges spiting up their percentage of huge TV and admission revenues.  But there is one group that is being both exploited and shortchanged. It’s the players, themselves.

There’s certainly not a shortage of income.  This year in the NCAA tourney, television income is estimated to be some $750 million, with an additional $50 million from ticket sales and sponsorships. The cost of a thirty second spot for Monday night’s championship game exceeds $1 million.  And college football is awash with the same increasing yearly income. More bowl games, and the ever increasing television revenue allows most college football programs to cover the cost of a growing array of minor sports. Continue reading “Jim Brown's Weekly Column: March Madness Are Athletes Being Short Changed?”