Coast news miscellany: Vic Planetta in a world of hurt and idiocy at the Mississippi Gaming Commission

Sorry son, you were caught smoking a joint 30 years ago so your fired…..

Anita Lee details a bit of war on drug idiocy in her profile of Victor Hanson, a family man who lost his job at the Palace Casino in 2008 because he was caught smoking a joint in Biloxi over 3o years ago. The war on drugs is both a failure and boondoggle that flushes billions of scarce taxpayer dollars down the black hole every year to no good end. One day the powers that be will learn that treating social problems such as addictions as a law enforcement problem is beyond silly.

In other news former coast modular home builder Vic Planetta is in a world of trouble as he and his wifey are charged with defrauding the SBA after Katrina to the tune of over $1,000,000. This story is rich for me on a couple of different levels, none of which I’ll go into here on Slabbed. Greed kills Vic, greed kills……


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  1. Looking into the spiritual aspect of this. Genesis 1:26 God gives all vegatation producing seed and tells mankind it’s good. Nancy Reagan said no. Not taking sides to the stupidity of what is known. Go down to your local store and buy all the acohol you want or ciggarettes to the point of addiction. And lest we forget, if your going to have a drug war you need to supply the drugs, right?

    Additionally, a move for da NWO was also in the works via the use of FEMA.

    Just how damn stupid have we all become? How is it the Government that is screwing us is doing it with the very tax dollars everyone is paying into the system? Divide and Screw-em. Give me your money and I’ll put the hurt on your ass. Ha!

  2. Another decent citizen killed solely by the Mad Reefer Inquisition. THE RADICAL SUGGESTED SOLUTION FOR TRUMP : Bring all our foreign troops home, station 1/10 of them on the borders and at all suspected terrorists targets, produce and tax gov’t grown weed to wipe out illicit smuggling competition and sell that in place of the real proven killers like cigarettes.Then spend the trillion dollars (wasted yearly on the BS war on drugs & terror, war machine, foreign aid, border patrol and on needless health expenses like treating thousands of disabled soldiers, pulmonary cancer, emphysema and cardiac disease) instead on education, conversion of all gasoline engines to natural gas and our nation’s infrastructure . Then see terrorist attacks, disabled american soldiers, suburban murders, incarceration rates, unemployment, foreign trade imbalances, smog, needless pulmonary/cardiac health costs and energy expenses decrease dramatically. Besides, instead of bowing before the Arabs we could suggest they spread a little light virgin crude on a toasted, sesame seed bun with some open flamed, barbecued scorpion meat and eat it everyday on their prayer mats in their soon to be decaying, gold plated high-rise towers. GO TRUMP GO !

  3. Today, Planetta is still doing business as usual. A simple Judge will not stop him. He has too much hidden. Not to say about what he has not paid taxes on…

    1. I see we have more than one person that has the first name Tom as a login name. I have been aware all my life with that commonality certainly comes some anonymity however I do not personally know Mr. Planetta as the other Tom seems too, but agree he is a lucky shumk not to be on an extended FED holiday .

      1. well that goes to show that you shouldnt pass judgement without truly knowing the facts , dont you think that had he done all the things he was acused of that he would have be convicted !!!! maby you should walk a mile in this mans shoes !!!!

        1. You mean facts like he admitted to defrauding the SBA of a million dollars and that it involved his wife? I bet he did work hard to do that! And now he is a felon and that too is a fact.


    2. you seem to know or think you know something on mr planetta , if that to be fact then spell it out or better yet thoes that live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones …. see i do know this man his family and how hard he works,what do you know ?facts are the point at this point right ? or is it you just have a hard on for this man, you dont even know ????

    3. wow you speek as if you know this man on a personal level …. and yes he works 7 days a week he is a committed man to his work and his family and his cmomunity , he works for everything he has accomplished , nothing wes ever given to him … ( he works )please know your facts before you pass judgement or better yet walk a mile in his shoes !

  4. Shelia:

    Your grammar, spelling and syntax make the Bully very unhappy. Did someone switch the keys around on your computer keyboard while you were sleeping, or is Tim Kerner ghost-writing these comments for you?

  5. Although I do not live on the Mississippi coast or know the man I do know many before him has gone to jail for defrauding far less funds. Do we tell those who are presently serving a sentence in the FED motel 6 you should have been that lucky to have friends in high places to write letters and vouch for you too ? Actually very troubling .

  6. Vic Planetta is a schmuck. He collected the insurance money for my mom’s house after Katrina and has never fixed any of the damages that he was suppose to. It’s a bond for deed so my mom pays him the monthly ins. money for it. And now he is telling her she will lose her house if she doesn’t get it financed. She has been paying him for 12 years now and he wants her to refinance it for $5,000 less than what she signed for it years ago. And she paid $5,000 down. His paperwork sucks. Says everything she paid was interest for the whole year but she got an interest statement from IRS saying it was half of that. My mom is awidowed, 62 yr old and shouldn’t have to deal with losing her house now!!!

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