3 thoughts on “And now a word from our sponsor…..”

  1. Sop, I have a confession to make:

    Having watched the videos you posted relating to Trout Point Lodge… had I been employed as a CCA on the tenth floor of the Yenni Building while Broussard was Parish President, or a high level Parish Attorney/Assistant, or any number of campaign contractor/consultant contributors getting contracts with the Parish, I would have bought all of the 2% shares I could have afforded…

    Just think… with a retirement package like Whitmer

  2. You nailed it in the first comment ‘Gate. So stupid. But…there were other area blogs that also had this material posted. *Poof* here today gone tomorrow without so much as a peep.

    Telemachus had this whole deal nailed. And now that we’ve taken a peeksie behind the door things have gotten much more interesting.


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