How ironic that on the day after the drive by shooting of the M&M sisters by the Times Picayune……

Those that live in glass houses should take care when casting stones. The news cycle is a target rich environment about now but that can wait as Slabbed will take Rich Rainey’s now retracted reporting on the Aaron Broussard/Nova Scotia connections to a new level. Steve left a huge hint last night in comments. My relative silence of late is not born of trepidation folks, rather information gathering and sourcing takes time.

Meantime ‘Gate excerpted from Val Bracy’s interview with Broussard on Trout Point etc from back in January 2010 that is also well worth reading.

We appreciate the messages of support and encouragement as well as the tips that have enabled us to move this subject forward.  While we continue to follow the trail please stay tuned.