Slabbed finds Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard together in the "Legal Department" at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview

Folks, Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard go wayyyyy back so it is no surprise that Broussard represented Abel in a suit public adjuster Earl Carr filed against Abel for legal malpractice. The suit made a few blawgs like this one out of Chicago but frankly my interest in the case is predicated on the fact that Abel and Broussard appear to be part of the “legal department” at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway. This case was decided by the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals just last month in favor of Abel.

In a hint of what is coming at Slabbed from the Trout Point gang, public figures all, Abel cross sued Carr and his lawyers.  Of course as we saw from Paulsen v State Farm Abel’s abilities as a lawyer are not what they once were as he resorted to trickery and deceit in the conduct of that case. He came up empty in his counter suit against Carr too.

In any event I have some great stuff on tap concerning the legal team in Paulsen which as a group appear to be quite the litigious bunch. For instance here is a picture of Shane (D’Antoni) Gates taken after he was pulled over with a BAC of over .270 from the related federal court case. Now to be clear Gates’ name has not come up in connection with Trout Point Lodge but he did surface as a long time Danny Abel crony that co-owned the house in Slidell that was the subject of Eric Paulsen’s suit against State Farm we covered a few weeks back.  Simply put this bunch of guys provide us with fertile ground for examination as their path of destruction through life gives us some clues as to some of the longer term players in Aaron Broussard’s professional career.

In other news the law firm of Stewart McKelvey was on our old Trout Point posts today, no doubt looking for pretext to file a ham sandwich defamation claim against us in Nova Scotia.


6 thoughts on “Slabbed finds Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard together in the "Legal Department" at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview”

  1. Of course!

    2421 Clearview is the Super 8 Motel.


    This is where Abel AND Broussard are working out of? Right between the do it yourself carwash and falling down taco stand? Wow.

    Apparently so.

    What a fine establishment. Room 106, not exactly a sweet “Suite.”

    “Legal Department”? For whom or what exactly? Skid Row, Inc.?

    The 70004 PO Box appears to be just off Airline though.

  2. You’re right about one thing: Abel, Broussard and D’Antoni are often a trio in litigation. For instance, D’Antoni just sued me for a cut of the royalties from a mediocre book I wrote with Abel’s help way back in 2001. Danny is a party to the suit and Broussard is the attoney who brought the action in Superior Court. Among other things, the suit credits D’Antoni (who was a college student at the time) with “organizing and editing” the final product: “Outgunned,” (my 12th book) released in 2002 by Simon and Schuster. (His only help involved processing interview tapes)
    Earlier, when he was still working for Abel as an assistant, he served as gopher on the project — which featured Wendell’s doomed suit against the gun companies. For that I gave him 3 per cent of the royalties. However, in the ten years since the book was released, it never earned a cent in royalties. Siince Abel is a co-author on the book, he could have merely checked with the book company to document the invisible earnings. Abel is also asking for 30% of the income from a so-called movie from the book — which was never made. Though D’Antoni claims to have received nothing, my bank survey shows we paid him more than $5,000. Abel and I shared the same agent on the project. And, though the agent reported to Danny that there were no royalties nor was a movie made, Broussard is proceeding with the suit. Peter H. Brown

  3. Peter H. Brown : Is that your real name or are you making a homosexual play on words here.

    Also, wait a NY second here, I don’t think Broussard is licensed in NY to be proceeding with the suit in Superior Court.

    Or are you talking about the make believe Superior Court on TV. Now I would believe Cryin’ and Lyin” Broussard could proceed there, as he is a hellava’ actor.

  4. Am sorry to have messed up the name of the court in my earlier comment over shane’s suit against my 2002 flop book, “Outgunned.” But the suit is real enough, and, despite notification from the book’s agent and the book’s publisher that it has not earned a cent of royalties, Broussard is proceeding with the suit. To date, “Outgunned,” the worst book i’ve ever written, has sold about 1,150 copies. The reality is that this is a waste of the court’s time. Though the book is carried by nearly all the online and e services but is flopping worse there — it’s below 49,000 on Amazon and below 50,000 on the Barnes and Noble sales list. In my opinion this is just another in a long line of efforts to get Shane D’antoni a chunk of money. Why was the book so bad? I was going through severe emotional problems at the time. It’s been almost nine years since I spoke to D’Antoni (i never knew any Shane Gates).
    And that’s my real name; i’d planned to use Gates as well, but the legal assistant beat me to it.

    Peter H. Brown

  5. Through reliable sources, was informed that Abel was Gates legal guardian (Parent). Also, that the reason that Abel keeps his office at the Super 8 Motel, was to run interferance for his owner/friends, because the JP’s, and Homeland security show up there for frequent searches. Hmmm! Wonder what that’s about? Is he a lawyer or a glorified bouncer? No telling what that’s all about with his frequent questionable friends and dealings. Guess that’s what you have to resort to when you are a scumbag lawyer.

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